Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 22

Crescent Pov

A new day, a new start. That’s what occupied my thoughts when I stared at the rising red sun. I could only see half of the sun since the other half of it was covered by the snow-covered mountains. It always amused me to see how the ray of the rising sun would add colours to the black and white mountain peaks.

My magical moment was disturbed by a sound of footsteps coming from behind me. I knew who he was without even having to turn around.


“What” I replied, still not turning around since I didn’t have in me to face him right now. I acted clueless despite knowing very well what he wanted me to explain.

“You easily forgave both” Jackson grabbed my arm, too tightly making me wince at pain, and spurned me around roughly before completing his sentence. ”Alphas, who nearly forced ma-“ He grunted and kicked the railing. Clearly he was still badly affected by what happened that day. “Did you forget, Cre?”

My brother was angry at me. He has never behaved like this before, at least not to me. He had never raised his voice at me prior to today. He was always sweet and caring to me so witnessing him blind in rage was frightening, especially since it was directed at me.

“No, I haven’t forgotten any of that.” How can a girl forget such a horrible incident? And, to ask me that question was unethical and immoral. The fact that my own brother was the one asking me that made me want to scream at his face.

“So what the fu*k were you doing with Alec-Xander, getting close with them, hugging them? Don’t you have any self-respect or character?”

Those word coming from my brother made me feel sick, my vision got blurry due to tears. It was hurtful, he was hurting my feelings. He was accusing me, his own sister using such disrespectful words. He was talking about my character. How dare he!. Does forgiving Alec-Xander make me 'a women with no self-respect and character'?

“Or don’t you-“

“Shut up. Don’t you dare point fingers at my character.” I rudely cut him up before he could humiliate me even more with his painful words. Till now the respect I had for him was the only thing stopping me from shouting at him, but it was gone now. He had lost all respect I had for him. He didn’t deserve it.

What Alec-Xander did was absolutely wrong and I loathed them for even thinking of doing that. It still traumatized me. I hadn’t forgotten how their touch made me feel violated or how powerless I felt that day. But…

I witnessed them emotionally breaking down because of the burden of their guilt. I felt their pain in every tear they shed. They were suffering in pain, burning in guilt, and grieving in their own way. They truly regretted their action and they hated themselves for it. All of that was enough for me to forgive them and so I did.

“I am sorry,” He said before sighing heavily. It seemed like he had just realized what he said. “I said it at the heat of the moment.” I nodded in acknowledgement of his words.

“I hate Alec-Xander. You don’t know how it felt to see my baby sister curled up in the corner with red eyes and all bruised up. You were shivering with fear Crescent.” His expression hardened as he remembered it all. “You didn’t talk, eat nor sleep for days. I was so worried.” He paused. An uncomfortable silence surrounded us. “And today, you were enjoying their embrace as if nothing happened.” I was starting to understand his perspective now. He was very concerned for me.

“You forgave them too easily.” Did I?

“Twins are not good for you. As your brother, I don't like you getting close with them so you are never going to meet them ever again.” He stated. His overprotective side was talking right now. He has excised his right as my brother to take decisions for me.

“You can’t do that” I tried to retaliate. If he thought I would do as he says then he has another thing coming.

“You will stay away from them or I will tell Mom and Dad what Alphas did and I’m sure Mom- Dad will never let you meet them again once they find out.” With that, he quickly walked out of my room.

My morning was no longer beautiful. I was hit with the aftermath of the heated argument as soon as he left. He had ordered me to never meet Alphas which was impossible. They were my Alphas, and as much as I hated it, I was their breeder. There was no way Alec-Xander would ever stay away from me unless I say so.

I was angry at my brother because he has taken the liberty to take a decision for me and also made me comply with his decision by threatening me to tell Mom -Dad everything. On the other hand, I couldn't blame him for what he did since he was only doing what he thought was best for me.

So is it best for me to stay away from Alec-Xander?

Whatever the answer is, I didn't have any option but to follow my brother's order otherwise Jackson would tell Dad what Alphas did.

So, from now on I will never talk to Alphas again.


Alec-Xander and Crescent have to face so many challenges for Love.

As a writer, it is torturous to not know what my readers are thinking about my story.

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