Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 23

Crescent Pov

The doorbell rang, and my heartbeat increased. I hurriedly exited my room with the hope of talking with Alec-Xander today. It has already been three days since I last saw them and I missed them terribly. On my way to stairs, I got stopped by my brother. He gave me a stern look as if to tell me to go back to my room, so I dejectedly returned back.

After a few minutes, I heard my brother’s voice. “Crescent is sleeping Alpha. Please, come back some other time” Jackson has been giving the same lame excuse to Alec and Xander for past three days whenever they came to meet me. After the argument we had that day, I haven’t talked with Jackson at all. However, he had done everything in his power to ensure I didn’t get any chance to meet or even talk with Alphas.

“Apparently, she is always sleeping whenever I come to meet her for the past three days. What a coincident” Alec stated, voice laced with sarcasm. Just from his voice, I could tell how angry and upset he was.

“There is a meeting in packhouse this evening. Bring her with you Jackson” Xander ordered. Then, I heard the slamming of doors and loud footsteps coming towards my room. The door slightly opened and Jackson peeked in.

“If I saw you even looking at Alphas, then just remember, I will tell mom-dad everything,” Jackson warned me and disappeared. Instantly my mood was brightened, at least I could see them today.

It has been three days, I hadn’t seen their faces and talked with them. Three days since I slept properly or ate properly. I missed them both badly. The fact that I couldn’t meet or talk Alec-Xander made me feel restless and depressed. It’s funny just a few days earlier I was dead set on avoiding them and right now I was behaving like a girl who was forced to be separated from her love.

‘I am not in love with Alec or Xander, then why am I feeling like this?’ I wondered.


I entered the packed hall with my parents and brother, Jackson. It was full of pack members, who were greeting my brother but completely avoiding me. Some even openly glared at me. Women around me were whispering hateful things towards me. This is how my pack treated me after Alphas claimed me as a breeder. Before that, I was loved by everyone and welcomed everywhere but clearly, it has all changed now. Breeders were always treated badly in ancient times, I guess, nothing has changed much since then.

“Look at her. wolfless, mateless and breeder. Fate played her well.” One woman who was sitting behind me wearing a red dress, whisper yelled. Jackson glowered a little at her rude comments. In past weeks, I had heard those comments many times that I had learned to avoid them.

“All would have been fine if she had just accepted to be Luna. I don’t know why she chose to stay breeder.” Another woman, who used to call me her daughter, said loudly as if she wanted me to hear her words.

“If I was her, I would have committed suicide.” The women wearing red dress spoke again. Jackson growled loudly and threatened her to apologize. She quickly apologized and ran out of there. Her apology did nothing to lessen the bitterness caused by her words.

“See, this is why I don’t want you near Alphas. Because of what Alphas did, you are being humiliated.” Jackson said. He was about to speak again but the sounds of claps stopped him from doing so.

I turned at the stage and there I saw Alec and Xander. Both were looking absolutely handsome in their Armani suit. Their eyes found mine and my heart fluttered. Alec gestured me to come to the stage. Sadly, Jackson wouldn’t like that so I stayed rooted in my sit.

“This pack meeting is held to inform you all that Cashie is no longer part of this pack. She has been found guilty of passing pack information to enemies and hence, she’s banned from Crescent Moon Pack.” Alec announced without averting his eyes from me.

“The meeting is adjourned” With that, both twins stalked towards me, but before they could reach me, a familiar black hair man blocked their frame from my vision. That man was my childhood friend, Zain.

“Zain… you’re back” He had gone to Europe three years ago to study medicine. His dream was to become a pack doctor.

“First hug and then talk,” He said giving me a tight hug. A possessive growl echoed in the hall and Xander ripped Zain away roughly which made him stumble a little.

“MINE,” Both Alec and Xander said in unison while pulling me behind them protectively. This felt like De Ja Vu. They always behaved like this, all possessive, when we were in high school. They even had beaten Zain a few times because he always greeted me with hugs. Both twins were still growling at Zain so I held their hand and caressed it with my thumb. I could tell my touch was helping them to calm down by the way their muscle relaxed.

“Relax, Alphas. I just want to meet my old friend.” He said, raising his both hands above his heads and showing his neck in submission. Xander bluntly ignored him and turned around so that he was now facing me. A smile appeared in his face when he noticed I was still holding his hand.

“We need to talk, come with me” He tucked my arm. I was about to follow him when Jackson coughed halted my steps. I had absolutely forgotten he was here and I was forbidden to talk with Alphas. All the excitement I felt before vanished with that realization. Sadness replaced happiness and my heart started beating faster because of stress.

“Cre, let’s go home,” Jackson ordered while pulling me away.

“Don’t go” “Come with us,” Alec-Xander said with pleading eyes.

“Alec…Xander” I called them and their eyes captured mine. They were looking at me questioningly. They were waiting to see what I would do. Leave them or go with them.

“Good night” I pulled both my hands away from Xander’s tight grip and followed my brother like a good sister, which I was. Sound of footsteps came from behind me and I abruptly turned, hoping it to belong to Alec and Xanders. Unfortunately, it was Zain who was running behind me asking us to wait so he could come with us.

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