Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 24

Xander Pov

“I want to see her. Go to her” my wolf ordered me once again inside my head. He has been continuously demanding to see her for the past few hours. Apparently my wolf was furious and hurt because she left us and went with her brother after wishing us good night sleep. What she failed to understand was it couldn’t be a good night for us without her. We even pleaded her and it only fell on her deaf ears.

It had already been three painful days of separations. For three fucking days we hadn’t seen her, heard her and touched her. We even tried visiting her but every time her brother, Jackson would send us away giving a lame excuse that she is sleeping. We knew everything about Crescent and that includes her sleeping habits. And she never, I repeat, never sleeps at day so that only meant one thing. Avoiding- she was avoiding us. But why?

To figure that out we needed to talk to her so Alec came with a plan to schedule a false meeting. Pack meetings were compulsory, meaning she’ll have to attend it no matter what. It was a good plan so we executed it but it didn’t turn out like how we hoped it would.

She came to the meeting but didn’t talk with us. Even after we pleaded, she didn’t spare us a minute to spend with her. She managed to avoid us even here. Alec was devastated because of her open show of lack of interest towards us. He had asked me countless time if we had done anything to upset her. We indeed had upset her but that was all in the past. She had already forgiven us for that so it couldn’t be the real reason. Right?

“Are you listening, Xander?” Alec shouted really loud making me winched a little.

“What,” I asked wondering when he entered the master bedroom. This room was recently prepared for Crescent, Alec and I to spend time together, that is if she agreed.

“I am going to meet her”

“It’s 12 pm. How do you plan to do that in the middle of the night?” I said in a duh tone. She must be sleeping right now. I swear Alec can be really stupid sometimes.

“Crashing in her room through the window.” I shot up at his response. For a split second, I thought he was joking but his determined expression said otherwise. I glowed slightly in protest. I didn’t need to tell him how wrong it was because he already knew it.

“I know it’s a bad idea but it’s the only idea we’ve got. My wolf is going crazy and I miss her.” He started talking. From his voice and his look, it was clear how desperate he was just to be around her. And I and my wolf were no different.

“So, are you coming?” Alec said raising an eyebrow at me. I wanted to say yes, but one thing was stopping me. I was worried how Crescent would react to us barging in her room through the window like a creep. She had already forgiven us many times in the past so I didn’t think she would forgive us again if we did anything wrong.

“Shut up overthinking and let’s go. I want to meet her.” My wolf again started screaming in my head. Wanting to do anything to stop his chanting, I agreed to go. I hoped for it to not be our another mistake.

“Let’s go” I blurted out noticing Alec was still waiting for my response. He wasn’t phased at all by the response as if he knew I would agree. With that, we headed toward her house.


We reached her house in no time. Her room’s light was lit up indicating she was still awake, which was good. Her room was on the second floor so it wasn’t that high. We could easily climb it.

Alec gave me a look and I rolled my eyes as I bend on my knees and hands. I hissed when he stepped on my back and jumped a little to reach the railings of the balcony. Then he pulled himself up using his strength and successfully climbed it.

Now it was my turn. I climbed a tree and its branch that was close to Crescent’s room. Then I jumped in the air and twisted my body to grab Alec’s hand which he had extended for me. Thanks to the balcony, it was easy for us to climb.

We both reached to open the window to her room but unfortunately, it was closed. I glared at Alec and he mumbled sorry. Right then the door of the room was open and I heard a male’s voice that sounded familiar but I didn’t recognize it. Rage instantly clouded my eyes at the thought of some guy being in the same room as her in the middle of the night.

“What do you need, Zain” Crescent soft voice fell on my ears. Hearing Zain name made me angrier as he was a threat to us. He had a big crush on Crescent since high school and on top of that, he was always too touchy with her. The fact that he was in there with her and we were out here was only adding fuels to my anger. What was he doing here instead of going to his house?

“Jackson snores in his sleep. So” There was a big pause before I heard his voice again. ”Can I sleep with you?” What!

"Beautiful," Zain finished his sentence.

That was it. My wolf instantly took control of my body hearing his word. Likewise, Alec lost control to his wolf. We were still in our human form but it was in control of our wolf for now. We howled loudly in the moonlight, threatening Zain as we announced our presence.

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