Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 25

Crescent’s Pov

As I passed my brother’s room, I heard some whispers. Curiosity got better of me and I stopped to listen, what they were talking about.

“I know you like her a lot. Don’t you, Zain?” Jackson was questioning Zain. His voice was slurred indicating towards his drunken state.

“Yes” I heard a voice lashed with confused, which I assumed belonged to Zain.

“Will you claim her as mate despite everything that happened?”

“If she agrees to it then Yes,” Zain said. Who were they talking about?

I guessed, Zain was talking about his mate, maybe he found her and was going to claim his mate. Realizing I was eavesdropping again, I scolded myself and went to my room.

I went to the bathroom and got on the shower. Under the hot shower, the events of today danced in my eyes. I had hurt Alec-Xander immensely but it wasn’t my intension. It was what situation pushed me to do. I hoped they aren’t upset with me for avoiding them.

I wore my undies, wrapped towel on me and got out of the bathroom. A cold breeze entered through the wide opened windows, I stalked towards it and closed it shut. I slide under the cover and tried to sleep. The guilt of hurting two alphas was eating me so I knew the sleep won’t come to me tonight.

A knock on the door startled me. Before I could say anything, the door opened and Zain walked in. I guess nobody taught him it wasn’t appropriate to barge in a girl’s room in the middle of the night without properly asking. Although he knocked, he should have waited for my permission since it’s night time.

“What do you need, Zain?” I asked him rather rudely.

“Jackson snores in his sleep, so-” His eyes trailed down to my body and stuck at the exposed part of my shoulder. I hurriedly pulled the blanket to cover it and cursed myself for only wearing lingerie to sleep. I held covers as if it was my lifeline, it was hiding my naked body from his eyes.

“So can I sleep with you?” He said as his gaze returned back to my face. “Beautiful” He added.

Two loud howls echoed right outside my window which was soon smashed, pieces of glass flew across the room. I was astonished to see Alec-Xander jumping through the broken window, the cracking sound could be heard as they stepped on the broken glass. Their face was red with raw anger directed toward Zain, who shaking right now.

Alec-Xander's eyes were pitch black indicating their wolf has taken control. Fear crossed through me as I remembered what happened last time when I faced their wolf.

“What are you doing here?” Zain, being the stupidest of all, asked that to the two angriest Alphas.

“You tell me, what are you doing here in my girl’s bedroom asking her to sleep with you?” Alec’s wolf growled.

Zain seemed scared as he said, “Forgive me, it was kind of tongue sleep- I mean slip.”

Xander’s wolf punched Zain a few times, giving him a black eye and a broken nose. He stared at Zain’s bloody face as if he was proud of his work. ”I think it’s enough to remind your tongue to not slip next time. Now get lost.” Zain wasted no time to get out but not before turning around to look at me.

Once Zain left, it was only me and both alphas in the room. They both looked at me intently as if they had missed me dearly. Suddenly Alec removed his t-shirt and I forgot to breathe. The events of the past were flashing in my eyes. Alec came close to me and grabbed my both hand lifting it above my head. I started panicking but it quickly disappeared when Alec put on the t-shirt on me which he had just removed. He was actually protecting my dignity not taking it away as I had assumed.

“Relax Angel, we are never going to repeat that mistake again.” He whispered in my ears. I noticed both of their wolves had given control back to Alec and Xander. I relaxed a little as I realized I still didn’t trust them fully even though I had forgiven them. ’I guess, trusting them isn’t easy as forgiving’. It was going to take time.

“You are scared of us” Xander spoke sitting on the bed beside me. “Is that why you are avoiding us?”

I shook my head no.

“Words Angel” Alec commented.


“What’s the real reason?”

I contemplated whether I should tell them the reason or not. It wasn’t as easy as it looked like. If I tell them about Jackson and how he had forbidden me from associating with them then Alec-Xander will certainly lose control and snap at my brother. As a sister, I wouldn’t want that. Then again, if I won’t speak out now then the solution to this problem won’t come in light. I was once again trapped in the turmoil of what to do and not to do.

“Princess, please tell us.”

“Jackson forbade me from talking to you both because you two force umm mark umm. He threatened to tell mom and dad and I obliqued.” I could see they were already angry which was bad. “Please don’t do anything to Jackson. He is only worried for me as a brother. After what you did anyone would be. He doesn’t understand why I forgave you both. So please don’t hurt him.”

Xander sighed heavily. “If sparing Jackson makes you happy then I won’t do anything.” His reply brought relief in me.

“But, we are not going to stay away from you. Never. Whatever the reason, we need you in our life even if your brother doesn’t like it. We don’t care. You are the only one who got a say here.” Alec groaned. I could tell, it was hard for them to not beat Jackson for trying to keep me away from them but they were trying because I asked them. They were putting my wishes before theirs.

“So tell us, do you want us both in your life?” Alec and Xander asked simultaneously.

The answer was easy. “Yes,” I said it without thinking.

They grinned and happiness twinkled in their eyes. “Good. From now on we are officially dating but in secrecy.”

Dating? When did they ask? Was that a proposal they asked earlier?

It definitely was a proposal which I agreed to without thinking twice. I cursed myself for that. Anyway, my answer would have been Yes irrespective of the question so it didn’t matter much. I was already their chosen mate, technically breeder but...they said it was the only title.

But they used the word ’secrecy”, that means we were going to date and keep it secret from the world. Interesting!

"Why the secrecy?" I asked.

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