Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 26

Alec’s Pov

“Why the secrecy?”

I almost chuckled at the excitement in her voice as she said that. She was definitely thrilled by the idea of dating us in secrecy. That very reaction of her caused a hope to bubble in my heart. To be honest I thought she was going to protest and say she didn’t want to date us rather than ask us about secrecy.

I knew that yes she said wasn’t her honest confirmation to our question because we never asked her directly to date us. Honestly, we were afraid to ask her to be on a relationship with us so we kind of twisted the question, tricked her to say yes and then announced we were an official couple. She must be shocked but she didn’t object it.

“Such a jerk,” My wolf said making me roll my eyes.

However, the thought of secrecy irritated me. Everyone knew we love her, except her, since we never confessed our feelings to her. Everyone knew she was our girl, even she was aware of it. And, now we were making plans to date in secrecy, hiding from the society which already thinks us three to be dating. What an irony it was.

“Because of your brother,” I said, trying to carefully put the words together so that she wouldn’t notice how much I hated her brother, my best friend, for trying to keep us apart. I knew what kind of person Jackson is. He would waste no time to tell everyone about that one mistake we made if he so much as got a hunch that his sister didn’t follow his advice. Jackson would never forgive us, unlike Crescent. He wasn’t as kind as her.

“He’ll do everything in his power to separate us if he found out about us three. We can’t let that happen, not after you finally accepted to be our girlfriend.” Xander stated the truth.

I instantly noticed a slight frown appear in Crescent’s face. She was deep in thoughts and I could tell she was feeling guilty for having to hide something like this from her family. She valued moral, honesty and never had she ever lied to anyone, except that one time. But here she was going to lie to everyone in an attempt to keep our relationship a secret.

“Angel, what happened?” I asked her all though I knew what was bothering her. I wanted her to tell us what’s going in that pretty head of her.

“I don’t feel good about hiding it from my family. They will get hurt when they will know the truth.” She said avoiding my eyes.

“We’ll keep it a secret only for a month. Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to convince Jackson that we are the right man for you.” I said as I went near her and sat next to her. We were an Alpha wolf and we were very possessive of her. So it would be hard for us to keep it a secret and not show the world who she belonged to. Now that she had finally agreed to be our girl, we also wanted to mark her in order to keep unmated wolf, specially Zain, away from her proxy.

“Thank you” she said smiling at us. Her smile- it was a way to measure her happiness. It was priceless and genuine. I fell for her smile all over again. I couldn’t help but feel joy because I was the reason behind her smile. Well, I have also been the reason behind all the tears she shed in the last few days and I hated myself for it. Now that she has finally smiled, I wasn’t letting it disappear from her face ever again.

“Can I ask you one thing?” Xander said as he scooped her and placed her in his lap. She blushed but didn’t protest anything which was a good sign. It indicated she was getting comfortable with us and our touch.

“Ask anything.”

“Do you regret forgiving us?”

“Forgiveness is a gift for one who gives and the worst punishment for one who receives it. See, it works in a mysterious way. Forgiving you helped me forget it and heal. But at the same time, by not punishment you both, I took away your right to redemption- a right to save yourself from the sin you committed. By forgiving I gave you another chance to change, however, you’ll always carry the burden of your guilt around with you for a lifetime.” She said and inhaled the air peacefully.

What in the world did she just say?

She seemed at peace from the heart but I was feeling burn inside. My very soul was burning in guilt and regret ever since that day. I had never been able to forgive myself for what we did that day. We deserved to be punished but she didn’t give us any. Instead, she let us drown in guilt and feel the pain she felt. Can receiving punishment lessen our guilt? If yes then I wished for her to give us punishment rather than forgiveness.

“I don’t expect you to understand the meaning behind my words. I know it’s hard to understand” Crescent said. A freezing silence surrounded us.

I understood everything she said. She healed by forgiving us and we were the one suffering despite being forgiven. Indeed, forgiving did work in a mysterious way.

“Sleep now, Princess. It’s late.” Xander said and tucked her in the bed. He kissed her forehead and mumbled a good night. Then he jumped from the window. I gave her a lingering kiss on her cheek and then I followed Xander.


I stared outside through the window. Pink sky caused by rays of the rising sun, smiling Himalayas and the lush forest beneath it. The scene was magnificent and refreshing. The cold air brought a delicious smell of rhododendrons that covered the mountain like a red carpet. The territory of our pack was beautiful and we took a pride in it.

A knock in the door interrupted me from admiring nature. The door opened to reveal the Elder and his pupils. He came in and greeted us before sitting on the sofa. The presence of Elder could mean only one thing.

“I have information but it’s not about Crescent.” The Elder said. If it wasn’t about her then who could it be?

“It’s about you both.” Oh! What about us?

Alpha you both are not mates.” His word hit me with full force. It was totally unexpected and for a second, I doubted if he was telling truth or having a senseless talk with me. However, I wanted to believe him and his words even if it was baseless to save my sanity.

“But our wolf recognized each other as mate on our 18th birthday.” I voiced my thought hoping he would clarify it.

“Since you two are twins so you both share a special type of bond. The twin bond. I think both of your wolves mistook that twin both as a mate bond.” He explained.

Now his words were starting to make sense. It was just that one time that my wolf addressed Xander as a mate. After that, he never acknowledged him as anything other than a brother. It also explains why we never felt a mate bond between us. We didn’t feel anything because it wasn’t there in the first place. He was never my mate but…wait! If he isn’t then who is my mate? Who is Xander’s mate?

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