Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 27

So far, Nepal has been able to set an example of social and religious harmony in the world.

Xander’s Pov

I despised the fact that I was mated to my brother, in fact, I found it so shameful that I always denied it. But now I knew it was all a mere misunderstanding and finally I could take a breath of relief. Now, I would never have to lower my head in shame in front of other werewolves when they are discussing the perks of having a mate. Now I wouldn’t have to answer their disgusting question about how I feel to have my own brother as a destined mate because he wasn’t the one. He never was the one.

But again, if it’s not Alec then who is my mate?

Surely, I am not a mateless wolf nor my brother is. You could call it intuition or anything but my wolf strongly believed that we have our other half, someone who is made for us, somewhere close to us. So there was no way I was mateless. And as much as hoped it to be not true, Crescent couldn’t be our mate since she was mateless. Then that only leaves room to one thing. I had another mate somewhere, however, my wolf didn’t agree to this theory either.

“If so then who is our mate?” I asked the million-dollar question. There were so many possible answers to that particular question. Either Alec or I had a different or the same girl as our mate. Either we were mateless or our mate had already died. But we would have felt her death if that was the case. Right?

However, I dreaded the answer because none of the possibility had Crescent on it. And I wanted her to be our only answer to that question I asked. I wanted her to be our mate, be it destined or chosen. We had just started our relationship today with Crescent and now we were hearing about the possibility of having some other mate. Damn this Bad timing!

“Stop ranting! Crescent is our mate.” My wolf screamed in my head. Apparently, he didn’t like how I was thinking about the possibility of having some other girl as a mate. Well, it was just a probability whose value I wished to be zero.

“What does your wolf says?” The Elder fired the question back at us.

“Crescent” Alec stated confidently. “My wolf says Crescent is our mate.” That’s exactly what my wolf said.

“How is that possible?” Elder exclaimed in wonder. “She is mateless.”

Despite her being mateless, my wolf proudly claimed her as ours. And honestly, we also feel a deep connection with her. Although it wasn’t exactly a mate bond, however, there was, indeed, a strong and pure connection between us three.

“But we do have a connection with her” I stated the fact. “In fact, our wolf and we both twin’s share a soul to soul connection with her. And it’s been there ever since we first met her all those years ago.”

“It seems like your wolf has already accepted Crescent as your mate....” Elder went on the deep thinking mode. He was probably wondering how, why and what.

How was it even possible? Why would my wolf accept her as a mate? It was never heard of before. And what are we supposed to do now? Should we search if we’ve another mate waiting for us or just settle down here with Crescent?

They were just another addition to the pile of question whose answer I didn’t want to find out. The truth was I didn’t want another mate and if I did have one then it would be a mess. Because I won’t be able to accept any girl other than Crescent as my mate. Well, love only happens once in a lifetime and I already love Crescent. I only have one heart to give and it belonged to her.

Sighing I looked at Alec only to find his head hangs low and the facial features drawn heavy- moist eyes and downturned lips. He was anxious and deeply worried. It was always Alec who got more affected whenever things didn’t work out with Crescent. So, it wasn’t hard to guess that this information he got about mate thing had affected him badly. He must be agitated and I didn’t like to see him this way.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“What” Elder seemed confused?

“Already accepting Crescent as our mate... Is that a bad thing?” Alec clarified his question.

“Depends on if you have another mate or not. But I don’t think you have any because if she had ever existed, you both would have found out about her by now.” His words acted as a little ray of hope that brought a little relief in me even though it was only his assumption. “There is something else to this mystery that we’re unaware of. Something very important.” Elder added again.

Yes, there is definitely something we are missing out that is yet to be shed with some light. Last time, Elder talked about the similarity between Crescent and the first werewolf Queen who so happen to have the same name as her. That mystery was also yet to be solved.

“I’ll be going now. Have a nice day” Elder greeted us before going out.


“So who wants to train with me,” I asked eyeing my packmates. Everyone in our pack was required to train every day either in the morning or in the evening. It was mandatory for males while for women it was a choice. Women could choose if they want to train and be warrior or not. Normally, Kate and his mate would teach and supervise the training but today he has gone to another pack on a mission.

Well, I have sent him as a spy in the Silver wolf pack to get important information. The Silver wolf pack was a pack closest to the Council. Last time the Council came here, Adrian, leader of the council, threatened us. ‘Be ready for the consequences’ were his exact words. So I was trying to find out what they were planning to do. And the if they are planning something then Silver wolf pack was our best shot at finding any information.

I sighed as no one stepped forward to train with me. Since I was known to be somewhat harder on my apprentice so they were reluctant to be my partner while training. “I said who wants to train..” I stopped in mid-sentence as my eyes searched the crowd and landed on Zain. I smirked as a mischievous plan formed in my brain.

Yesterday night, he was hitting on Crescent. Since then my wolf has been wanting to beat the shit out of him. And I was going to do exactly that.

“Zain. Come train with me.”

Zain’s eyes went winder but he nodded and stepped forward. He seemed shocked to be picked but at the same time excited to show what he could offer in a fight. I chucked as I realized he had no idea what I was going to do to him.


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