Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 2

Alec Pov

“Alpha someone broke our defence and entered our territory.” I heard my beta Jackson saying.

But I didn’t respond. I wasn’t interested in doing anything today. I glanced at Xander. He wasn’t paying any attention either. He seemed to be deep in thought and somewhat depressed like me. I could also feel his sadness through our freaking twin bond.

Yesterday I caught him crying again, looking at Crescent picture that he stole from her room. And guess what, I cried with him. After all, tomorrow is Crescent 18th birthday. That means she will find her mate and leave us alone... forever. Shit, my eyes are moist again.

'I hate this mate shit. Don’t get me wrong. I used to love the idea of mate until ‘My Mate’ happened to be my own twin brother. I don’t even feel attracted to him for god sake. No sparks, no increase in heartbeat, nothing, nada. Moon goddess must have made a mistake in my case.'

“Umm, Alpha Alec, two of our guards are seriously injured, while five have minor injuries,” Jackson said in louder voice in an attempt to grab our attention.

Idiot. How dare he raise his voice in front of us- his alphas. My wolf hissed angrily.

“Tell me, you were at least able to catch that rogue.” Xander growled. His wolf ready to surface.

Loosing Crescent affected Xander a lot. He was short temper and always ready to erupt like a volcano. He doesn’t talk and laugh anymore as much as he used to. He stopped enjoying his life that day.

“No, he outran us. And he isn’t a rouge.” Kate spoke. When did he come into the room? Gee, I need to pay more attention.

“He is….”

“Beta of arc moon pack.”

I jumped off my sit causing my chair to fall back. That pathetic excuse of a beta dared to enter my pack and hurt my people.

Xander growled again. “Who is guarding Crescent? Mindlink her Guards immediately.” He said. The fact that she is being guarded is the only thing keeping me sane.

Her brother Jackson scratched his neck and said, “Umm---actually--- she dismissed all her guards this morning.”


A gush of air passed me and I knew Xander was already running toward her house. I followed him as fast as I can. My wolf is getting agitated inside my head. Oh god please keep her safe. I hope she is safe. Or so help me. I was interrupted from my thought when I saw Xander shifting in his wolf.

I was going to shift too but then some idiot interrupted me.

“Why are you both running?” Kate my gamma asked.

“Because Lucian, the beta of arch moon pack is the same fucker who wanted to make Crescent his chosen mate”, Jackson said angrily.

Xander Pov

As soon as I heard about Crescent being alone in her home when that Psycho Lucian is here, I lost my mind. I need to be near her. Protect her. Take care of her. And kill that fucker, Lucian. She was my life even though she was not my mate. I can’t let anything happen to her.

“Let’s shift, that way we’ll reach faster.” My wolf shouted. I immediately shifted in my midnight black wolf.

Within a minute I reached her house. Wait, what’s that sound?



I kicked the door open and what I saw made my blood boil. Lucian was hovering over my girl with his canine extended. My princes had her bloody hand wrapped around her neck. Oh no.

Did he mark her?

I saw red. My wolf carved blood. His blood. My wolf attacked him immediately. He shifted and jumped at me. I aimed for his neck but he moved so I ended up biting his left ear. I extended my claws to kill him but what he said next made me stop.

“I marked her. Now if you kill me, she’ll die too.” He said with a smirk.

“Fuck.” I can’t. I can’t let her die. I turned around and looked at her. She was crying profusely lying on the ground. I can’t bear to watch her like this. I quickly ran toward her. I engulfed her trembling body with mine as gently as I could. She cried even more and tried to fight me. A sigh escaped my mouth. She mistook me for him.

“Hey, hey. It’s fine. It’s me Xander.” I said slowly in low voice letting her grasp my words.

She lifted her eyes to looked at me. I saw fear in them then it turned to relief. She hugged me and cried like a baby. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Lucian running away. I didn’t stop him. There was nothing I could do to him without hurting Crescent. Because he marked her.

“Xander h-he……r-ra-rap….”She sobbed violently.

“Sh sh sh. You are safe. I’m here.” I tried to comfort her placing her head on my neck.

Listening to her cries broke my and my wolf heart. The guilt I am feeling right now is killing me. I failed her. Failed to protect her.

Because of that ‘He marked my princess forcefully’.

“I’m sorry, I came late. Princess, please forgive me.”

She looked at me and weakly smiled “No, you came on time. You saved me Xander before anything could happen.”

“He didn’t mark you or ra-- touch you?” I didn’t want to mention the R-word in front of her.

“No, nothing. He was going to do that-” She said with disgust “- but you attacked him before he could.”

Relieved that’s what I felt. Thank you, moon goddess, for keeping her safe for me. She is safe and untouched and unmarked. I gently rocked her back and forth and picked her up.

“Don’t worry princess, I’ll protect you with my life.” I promised her. She is mine to protect, love and cherish.

“What happened?” I heard Alec. I turned around to find him staring at Crescent with concern.

“Let’s go. I’ll tell you once we reach home.”

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