Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 3

Crescent Pov

I was sitting near the lake. It was a beautiful sunny day. Suddenly, a dark cloud hover above me and it started to rain heavily. I heard a growl behind me so I turned around. Lucian was standing there looking at me silently. ‘Oh no not again’. I was chanting that constantly in my mind with fear.

He walked towards me. “I’m back baby.” He said. He extended his hand and lightly touched my lips with his finger. My body froze. I felt numb. A scream escaped my mouth.

“Angel, wake up.” A voice echoed. Suddenly Lucian vanished, the rain stopped and I felt peace.

“Open your eyes, princess.” A voice echoed again. This time I obeyed and open my eyes only to be met with two pairs of glassy sea-green eyes. Alec and Xander were standing beside my bed in work clothes.

“Are you guys crying?” I asked.

“Ahm” Alec coughed “No Angel, you were screaming in your dream so we were just concerned.”

Dream? More like a nightmare.

“Are you fine?” That question brought me flashbacks of that horrible event. I felt like crying. Xander hugged me providing me with comfort that I needed so desperately. Alec also hugged me from behind petting my head. It felt so good. I missed this, their care, their love.

“Your mom is outside with Jackson. We haven’t told them anything. I thought maybe you want to tell them-” Xander was interrupted by my brother.

“Alphas, you called us. Oh Crescent, you’re up.” Beta Jackson said looking confused. I immediately got out of the embrace of Alec-Xander. My brother gave me ‘what are you doing sandwiched between two alphas’ look. I blushed.

“What are you doing sleeping in Alpha’s room, Crescent” my father asked getting inside. I looked around the room and only then my slow brained started to realize that, it indeed was not my room.

Oh no, I’m in twins room, sleeping in their bed and worst of all hugging them both in front of my family. My cheeks started to heat up. I was extremely embarrassed.

“She was almostrapedbyLucian but Xander saved her and bought her here.” Alec spoke as fast as he could. Xander instantly punched Alec’s shoulder. Alec looked guilty.

“What!!” My brother and father roared together. Jackson instantly hugged me.

“I’m sorry, Cre. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t there to protect you.” He said with sincerity. He always made fun of me, annoyed me but he loved me a lot.

Dad cursed and thanked Xander. It looked like both my father and brother were struggling to control their wolf. I went and hugged my dad next.

“Cre, why don’t you get ready and eat something.” Dad asked me, I only nodded in reply. Everyone else seemed dazed probably mind linking each other. They never involve me in anything. Ha! Typical werewolf men. I felt disappointed to be left out.

Alec seemed to notice what I was thinking. “We were just mindg linking about meeting, Angel. Take care.” He kissed my head before leaving. How does he always knows what I’m thinking? Sweet.

Soon everyone left and I instantly get scared. What if Lucian came back? I locked all windows and doors. The room smelled like Alecxander. It was extremely comforting. I grabbed some of the twin’s cloth and went to bath.


I was in the kitchen eating ramen noodle when Alec-Xander’s mom entered. She is a very good Luna. Since Alec and Xander are mates, we don’t have any luna. So Mrs King still has our luna position.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry. I heard what happened.” She came and hugged me.

I remembered it again. His hands, words, the feeling of being violated. I shivered in disgust. What happened today was something that was going to haunt me my whole life. I don’t think I can ever forget it. But I can’t let a horrible incident hold me back. That’s why I decided to keep that all in the back of my mind and live in present. But I’ll make him pay one day for all this.

“Luna, I-” I opened my mouth to reply but got interrupted.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. She didn’t actually get raped. Or did she? Anyway cut the drama.” Someone said in high pitched irritating voice. Here comes the bimbo of the pack, Cassy. But I call her classy because of the way she acts. She literally thinks she is better than others because she has a golden colour wolf. Well, the golden colour wolf is rare but that’s all. Why does she act like a queen bee just because of her wolf colour?

“What are you saying? Say sorry to her.” Mrs King said with anger. How can Cassie say something like that being a woman herself?

Ever since she moved to our pack from full moon pack, she hated me. I don’t know why.

“I am going to be future Luna so I don’t have to say sorry to her.” Wait, what!! “Once I’ll be luna, I’ll banish you.” She said making a disgusted face. She and LUNA. Her dreams are impossible.

She is so stupid. Is she trying to pick a fight with me or what. I am too lazy to even respond.

“That’s never going to happen Cassy.” Mrs King defends me. She grabs my hand and drags me out of that room


I was sitting in between Xander and Alec. We were having dinner with our families. Mrs King requested me to stay here today and I agreed. Honestly after today’s incident, I didn’t want to return to home. I am still scared. Being here with Alec-Xander makes me feel safe and protected.

“Crescent, we want you to stay home tomorrow.” Dad told me.

“But it’s my eighteen birthday, I have to shift and possibly meet my mate” I protested.

“It’s for your safety. Princess.” Xander spoke. He seemed hurt. I turned toward Alec. He seemed hurt too. Maybe talking about finding my mate wasn’t a good idea. I was going to apologize but I was interrupted again by non-other than Cassy. What is she doing here.....wearing Alec’s cloth?

“Hello, my alphas. Thanks for amazing se- set of cloth. They are very comfortable.” She said batting her eyes at twins. Did she.... Did Alec and Xander..

Alec Pov

She was talking about finding her mate. I felt pain. Unbearable pain. But she is not our mate so we couldn’t do anything. Xander was struggling to hide his emotion too. I could feel through our mate bond. Earlier when I found out what happened with Crescent, I was livid. I was angry at Xander for letting that baster go without killing him. But when he explained that he thought Lucian marked her so that’s why he didn’t kill him, I forgave him. He just didn’t want to harm our angel.

“Hello, my alphas. Thanks for amazing se-, Umm set of cloth. They are very comfortable.”

What the fuck! Was she going to say sex in front of my family? She is wearing my T-shirt and boxer which I’ll burn after this. I would have punished her already if we didn't need her.

“What the fuck Alec” Xander mindlinked me. “You made her cry.” Xander pointed toward Crescent. Oh no, Angel. I looked at her. Her head was hanging low. She slowly lifted her eyes to look at me and I saw tears.

“Idiot, Fix this.” My wolf hissed. “If her wolf doesn’t talk with me tomorrow because of you then I’m not talking with you either.”

“Hey-” Oh great, my own wolf blocked me.

My pack mindlink must have been open because everyone laughed at me. Crescent stood up and went upstairs. Before I could follow her, my dad stopped me.

“It’s time to leave her alone Alec. She might find her mate tomorrow. So learn to live without her.” He told looking at me and Xander.

“But living without her is worse than death itself” Xander whispered looking devasted. I couldn’t agree any less.

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