Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 4

Crescent Pov

“Happy birthday Crescent, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday.” I heard those all day. Almost the whole pack wished me, congratulated me except them. Despite living on their house for almost 24 hours, my two alpha friends didn’t wish me a happy birthday. It was already 11 o’clock but I had yet to see them or even smell them. Hurt- that’s what I am feeling right now.

Honestly, it’s better that they are avoiding me after yesterday’s incident at the dinner table. I don’t know why I felt sad after seeing Cassy in Alec clothes. But I did. They can do anything for all I care. Oh no, talk about devil and devils appears.

“Hey Crescent. Happy birthday,” Cassy said in an overly sweet voice. I only nodded in acknowledgement. I don’t want to do anything with her.

“Have you seen My Twin Alphas?” she asked. ′My alpha?′ since when? Why do I even care? I should only care about my mate. Talking about my mate, I don’t think I am going to find him today.

“No idea.”

“So did you found your mate yet?”

“Did your wolf talked to you yet?” She asked again.

Arg. Here I’m trying to ignore her and she keeps on firing questions at me. I never cursed anyone my entire life but I want to curse her right now.

“No.” I answered.

“Hey Cre, how is your wolf spirit.” Jason asked from behind. I sighed in relief when I saw her running away. She is scared of my brother. That's because Jason threatened her once in high school when she tried to bully me.

" I haven’t met her yet” I said. I’m a little bit worried. I should have met her by now. In fact, I should have sifted to my wolf by now. I really dreamed of shifting and running in my wolf since I was eight. I looked up and my brother seemed to be in deep thought. He was looking at me with concern. Then his eyes changed colour. He must be mind linking someone.

“Let’s take you to elder.” He said making me gasp.

Elders were old wolfs who has lived more than 80 years and have studied histories of wolfkind. They were experienced, skilled and respected by all pack people. They trained Alpha, beta and gamma to be a good leader as well as acted as a negotiator in times of need. But the real question was ‘Why did I need to see Elder?’

“Is something wrong, big bro?” I questioned Jason while following him.

“We’ll see, little sis” He said in a very serious voice. I am having a bad feeling about all this. I hope everything is fine.


I was sitting in front of a 90 years old man who looked not a day older than 50. He was looking at me as if I am his lap experiment rat. At my left, Aec and Xander were standing looking all serious and handsome. Alec-Xander looks exactly like a carbon copy of each other with the same pointed nose, strong jaw and sexy lips. They both are tall, have a muscular body and looked dangerous. My eyes drifted to look at their eyes that’s when I realize what a fool I am. Alec caught me ogling at him and Xander. Alec searched my face for something then mumbled sorry lowering his gaze. Is he saying sorry for what happened at dinner?

Elder coughed- probably to grab my attention.

Earlier, as soon as Jason informed others about me and my wolf, everyone came running. They asked me if I can feel my wolf spirit. When I answered their question with no, they literally dragged me here. My whole family are here along with former alpha and current gamma. I don’t understand what all this commotion is about.

The room was extremely silent. The air felt heavy.

“You haven’t felt your wolf present, my child?” Elder broke the silence with the same old question. I was getting irritated. I shook my neck in negative.

He turned and looked at Alec-Xander before saying “I have to perform hypnotization to try and bring her wolf spirit.” They nodded. Then he ordered me “look in my eyes”

Seriously, he took permission from Twin’s but didn’t ask me. Instead, he’s ordering me around. I was livid.

“Princess, please do as he says, I’ll take you to eat ice cream after this.” Xander cooed me. My anger vanished and I giggled. Xander always pampered me. Sometimes I wondered if he could read my mind because he always saw right through me.

Ever since I was a child, Alec-Xander always treated me like a princess. They made me feel so special. I used to spend all my time with them. In high school, every girl was jealous of me. That’s exactly why I don’t have any female friend.

“Look in my eyes, child.” The elder spoke again.

I hesitantly looked in his eyes. He said something then I felt dizzy. I couldn’t understand anything as the ritual continued. Soon darkness surrounded me and the last thing I heard was ‘she doesn’t have the spirit of wo-.’

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