Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 5

Xander Pov

“What’s gonna happen now?” Jackson asked me. “How are we going to break this news to her?”

“Shhhh, you’ll wake her up.” I said.

Crescent was sound asleep in our bed. She looked peaceful. The last couple of days has been so chaotic for her. First Lucian and then this devastating reality. Thinking about Lucian makes my blood boil. I have already filed a complaint on the council. He’ll be punished soon- probably castrated.

Yesterday, Alec and I slept in the same room with her- but she doesn’t know that. Not in the same bed though. I miss that so much. We used to have sleepovers when we were kids on her birthday. We would gift her anything she asked for. However, today on her birthday we avoided her. Well tried to avoid her. But when Jason informed me about her wolf, I instantly ordered him to take her to Elder. I was concerned.

“Leave it to me, I will tell her.” I said. But I don’t know how I will break this heartbreaking news to her. She has always been a strong woman. So I hope she can cope wit-

“Tell me WHAT?” Oh no she is awake.

“Hey, baby. How are you feeling?“I quickly asked hoping to distract from her initial question. It feels so good to be able to call her baby again. I stopped addressing her with baby after my 18th birthday. As soon I said that Jason coughed. He is the overprotective brother. I only glared at him as a warning. No one can keep her away from me now. Not after what Elder told us about Crescent.

“I am having a headache.” She said holding her head. I could tell she was in pain from her facial expression. I gave her painkiller then gently messaged her head. She looked shocked. My open display of affection must be the reason behind her shock face. I had stopped doing all this since one year ago. Get used to it baby. I plan to do much more than this. First, let’s send her stupid brother away.

“Jackson leave us alone and send Alec” I ordered still messaging Crescent.

“I am NOT leaving you two ALONE.” He said stressing alone word more than necessary. “You can mind link, Alec. He is your mate after all.”

I growled in a warning.

“This m*therf*cker dare to disobey me.” My wolf hissed in my head. ”Alec is no mate of mine. My girl is.”

I never considered Alec as my mate nor did my wolf. We had no mate connection. He is my twin brother and nothing else.

“Calm down” I tried to calm my wolf from killing my beta. He doesn’t take disrespect lightly. My wolf spirit is dominant, dangerous and in love with Crescent like me.

“NOW, Jackson” I said in Alpha tone. He gulped and ran out like a man running for his life. I love how they react to me and my wolf. I thrive in their obedience and fear.

Alec walked in with gloomy face which soon turned into happy once he saw Crescent. That’s the magic she has on us.

“Angel, come here” He said and got in bed with her pulling her body to his. It looked like she was sitting on the armchair. And the armchair was Alec’s body. I instantly felt jealous. I want to feel her too.

Alec always was a naughty kid. He has stolen Crescent first kiss when she was sleeping. She was only 12 at that time. She has no idea about that kiss till this date. I met Alec’s eyes and gave him a questioning look. He winked in reply. Arg!! Sometimes he makes me so mad that I just want to beat the shit out of him.

‘Stupid twin brother’

“Umm...what..are you do-doing?” My princess questioned. She looked flustered, her cheeks looked red. She looked so angelic with that blush.

“Relax, Angel. We have something to tell you.” Alec said. His voice changing from playful to a serious one. She nodded and looked right into my eyes.

Ok here goes nothing!

“The reason you can’t feel your wolf is because you don’t have one.” Finally, I said straight away. I should have sugar-coated it but I don’t know how. I searched her face for any reaction but I found none. She was in a state of shock. Alec was whispering comforting words on her ear plying with her fingers. He seemed to be enjoying this. I wish I was the one doing that. Her curvy body pressed against mine. Her round ash on my lap. Fuck, I am getting hard.

“You are also mateless since you don’t have your wolf.” I informed in a sad voice. However, I was feeling anything but sad. Since she being mateless was exactly what gave us hope. We could finally pursue her to make our Luna. She will be Twin’s Luna Crescent.

10 minutes and 45 sec passed. She was sitting there like a statue. She gave us nothing- not a single reaction, not even a word. Is she going on a depression?

“Angel, please say something.” Alec pleaded in a soothing voice.

“If I don’t have a wolf.....Am I still a werewolf?

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