Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 6

Nepal is the first country in the world to achieve “Zero Poaching of Tiger”. It is also the first country to be close to doubling Bengal Tiger’s population.

Save the Tiger____________________________________________________________________

Crescent Pov

“You are mateless since you don’t have your wolf.”

Xander’s word echoed in my head.

‘Are they joking?’ Yes, that must be a joke. I searched their face for any sign of dishonesty but I didn’t find any. Slowly the reality penetrated my mind- words by words- sentenced by sentence.

I was mateless. That meant I didn’t have a soul mate. Moon goddess didn’t make me my other half.

A whirlpool of emotions engulfed me. I couldn’t breathe. By reflex, my hand went to clutch my chest in futile attempt to calm myself. Instantly Alec started rocking me back and forth like a baby.

It was impossible. A werewolf without wolf- as far as I know, that never happened. But still, it happened to me. Suddenly a question popped in my mind.

“If I don’t have a I still a werewolf?” I asked, my voice sounding broken even to my own ears. My question must have taken Alec-Xander off-guard. They didn’t respond for a minute.

“I’m sorry, Angle. We don’t know.” Alec said finally breaking the silence.

Tears started to fall down my eyes. I didn’t want to cry. I really didn’t but they kept on falling down my eyes like a river stream. Those tears were telling the stories of what I was feeling. There was storm going inside me but from outside, I looked like a statue.

‘Is this my fate?’ ‘Am I sad because I am wolf less and mateless?’ ‘Am I broken?’ ‘Is there any hope left for me?’

I was drowning in the river of unanswered questions. It wasn’t just about having no wolf or mate. My identity was ripped from me. I am no longer werewolf. So who am I? What am I?

“Princess, if you are worried about being mateless then don’t worry. Alec and I-” Xander was saying when he abruptly got silent. I looked up, he was mind linking someone. After a second Alec growled behind me. Both excused themselves and ran out. They looked angry.

What could have happened to make them run like that? They never acted like that.

As soon as they went out I felt alone and abandoned. It was overwhelming.

“Hey”, My father said while entering the room. I extended my arm for a hug. He instantly came to me and tightly hugged me. We stayed like that for a long time.

“You know that you’ll always be my little wolf, right?” He asked me. My father always called me his little wolf when I was a child. I wanted to go back to those days. Just to escape this cruel reality.

“Yes, papa. I know” I replied.

" Where are Mommy and Jackson?” I asked. They were always there whenever I needed them. “I want to see them.”

“Alphas called a meeting which they are attending right now. I couldn’t leave you alone so I sneaked.”

“Is that meeting about me? Is pack going to accept me even though I am wolfless.” I knew the answer but still, I wanted to hear it. Something flashed in the face but it disappeared before I could read.

“They all love you. You are one of us. Nothing going to change that.” He looked tensed. Something was not right. Maybe I was just being paranoid.

“Do you remember what you used to call Alec and Xander?” His question distracted me from everything. I smiled as I remembered those beautiful memories.

"My two big bad wolves" I replied.

Flashback( Third Pov)

“Papa, what is wolf spirit?” A 10-years-old girl asked her father

A 35-years-old man was taken aback by the sudden question of his daughter. He turned around and looked at her angelic face. His daughter was truly beautiful like her mother-same deep blue eyes, black long hair, and symmetric face. His pointed nose was the only gene his daughter got from him.

He closed the werewolf book she was reading and kept it at the dining table. He carried her small frame in his big arm and went to her room. Her room was filled with toys and books of werewolves. Looking at her room, anyone could tell how much she loved them.

“It’s bedtime, my little wolf, I’ll tell you some other day”, He said as he looked at her. Oh, big mistake! His very cute daughter was pleading him with a puppy face. He sighed.

“Ok, Ok. My little pup. Every werewolf has another part inside him/her. We call them werewolf spirit. They are the spirit of a wolf that is merged with the human’s spirit. Both spirits are separate but resides in the same body.” Noticing her confused face he sighed again. “Should I explain it again?”

She giggled. Her father didn’t know she knew all these things already from the books she read.

“No papa, I understand. I’m intelligent.” She said while raising one eyebrow. She was daring her father to contradict her last statement.

Beta Jason chuckled. “That you are. I am your proud father.” He liked the way she beamed hearing his response.

“What it’s like to have a wolf spirit inside?” She asked again. She was born curious.

“It’s like having a best friend who knows your all secrets but won’t tell anyone. A friend who will love you no matter how you are and never judges you. One’s wolf will protect you at times of dangers and support you at times of need. They will hear your rambling without any complain and will follow you wherever you go”. He stated exactly as how he felt having his wolf.

"That’s exactly how I feel when I am around Alec-Xander. Maybe I don’t need wolf spirit because I already have ‘my two big bad wolves’ with me” She said like it was nothing. He was left stunned.


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