Twin's Luna Crescent

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Chapter 7

Himalayan wolf of Nepal. There is a debate going on about Himalayan wolf being a different species.


Alec Pov

“You said you have information about Lucian. What is it?” Xander asked Kate in a very controlled voice. His eye’s colour was flickering between black and sea green. He was struggling to control his wolf as I was. I took a long breath trying to control my wolf. Hearing Lucian name has made both of us grumpy and aggressive.

I turned towards Kate, our gamma. He was one of the best warriors we had but still, his body was shaking with fear because of us. How amusing!

“Speak” I demanded. I must have frightened him more because he kneeled and showed his neck in submission. This gesture instantly calmed my wolf. My wolf loved loyalty and show of respect.

“We need to call a meeting.” He stated without looking at our face. I could tell he was avoiding looking at us as if he had something to hide. My patience level was running low but Xander had lost it all already.

“Answer my question first. Tell me the information about fucker Lucien before I kill you” Xander threatened. Panic was visible clearly on Kate's face. Normally he never acted like this but today was an exception.

We were with Crescent when Kate mindlink us claiming that he had information related to Lucian. He said Lucian was planning something big. Because of that, we had to leave Crescent alone in such a venerable state. She was devastated, broken, and I wasn’t there to hold her- to provide the comfort she needed.

Since my 18th birthday, I had prayed thousands of times for some miracle to happen so that I could pursue her. Now that miracle had happened, I was feeling guilty. I needed to clear my concise.

“Meeting will start in ten minutes” I replied before walking away to pray once again. But this time I’ll be praying for forgiveness.


(Meeting room)

Someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw Nancy standing there. She was our helper. I had asked her to take care of my angel earlier.

“Crescent is fine. Don’t worry. She was talking about her ’two big bad wolves. when I went to see her.” Her words brought peace to my heart. Back in high school, Crescent used to call us her big bad wolves whenever we beat any human boys that asked her for a date. Only Xander and I could take her to date.

“Is everyone here?” Xander asked.

“Jason is not present here. He went to meet Crescent.” Mr Black answered me. He was Cassy’s father. I absolutely hated him. A few days ago he came to me and Xander with a mate proposal. (Marriage proposal in human word). Of course, we refused. Since then Cassy has been trying to seduce me and my brother. Xander literally threatened her to stay away from him.

“What’s the purpose of this meeting, Alphas?” Someone asked.

Xander singled Kate to explain the purpose. After all, he was the one who called this meeting.

“We have a big problem.” He took a pause before speaking again. “We have a traitor among us.”

I growled at the mention of someone being a traitor. Werewolves were extremely loyal. On top of that, our pack was known for its loyalty and skills.

“What is the proof” This time it was Xander, who asked. His tone was a clear indication of how pissed he was. It was obvious how much he hated to be here right now. This meeting was not going to end well.

“Someone leaked the news of Crescent being mateless to Lucien.”

I abruptly stood up from my sit. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Xander doing the same. We both were livid. My hands were itching to kill the traitor.

“How could you fail to conceal this news from spreading? Don’t you remember what happened to the last girl who was mateless.” My wolf shouted. He was as livid as me.

Everybody knew the story of a mateless girl. It was horrible what council did with her. She was forced to mate with a wolf 10 years older than her. It was a rule that mateless girl and boy must accept each other as mate no matter what the circumstance swere. Lucien was the only mateless wolf alive right now. That means...

Crescent will be forced to mate with.......

“Lucien, the beta of Arch moon pack” Kate spoke again. “Has already met the werewolf council and asked for permission to organize the mating cere-”

A loud bang was heard. I looked at Xander, his hands were bloody. He was causing rampage on the room, breaking everything he could find, throwing wooden pieces at everyone. He looked feral.

Xander was furious. But I wasn’t angry or anything. My body was shaking from fear. I was scared- scared for Crescent. I was frightened that I won’t be able to protect her from Lucien like last time. I was worried that my angel’s happiness was once again in the hands of the devil.

“Alpha” a guard came running and calling our name. “Lucien is here on the border with the council and his whole pack.”

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