The Soulmate Song

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Part 10

The next day the four of us along with Robert and Linda went to the furniture store. We ended up buying everything we needed for the kitchen, which included all the kitchen tools. We bought a three-seater couch and a large matching beanbag for in the living room. For the girls’ room, we bought a large dresser and white-framed bunk beds and two mattresses, along with two sheet sets and two pillows. For Asa’s room, we bought a queen-sized bed with large box springs and a bed frame. We also bought him a small dresser. At the end of the day we finally found the perfect bookshelf to go along one of the walls in the living room. We didn’t know what it would house yet, but we knew we needed it.

In some sort of miracle, we managed to have everything shipped to the apartment either the next day or the day after. We decided that we would use the remainder of the day to start painting the girls’ room, and finish it early in the morning.

We found the perfect colors of paint for the girls. For Ellie, a pastel pink and for Lizzie, a pastel yellow. They were beyond excited to paint their room, and they were being extremely distracting the whole time we were trying to paint. Each of us was assigned a wall, me and Linda doing the pink ones while Robert and Asa did the yellow ones. The girls insisted on the boys painting the ‘boy colors’, and the girls painting the ‘girl colors’.

By the end of the day we were exhausted and we made our way back to my house, plopping on the couches when we got there. Ellie and Lizzie were sitting on top of my step-parents on the big couch, while Asa and I were sitting, leaning against each other on the loveseat.

“We’re going to need food,” Robert said. We all nodded but none of us moved.

“Pizza?” I suggested.

“Perfect,” Linda said, before fishing out her phone to call the pizza place. It arrived ten minutes later and we tore into the food ravenously. The three boxes of pizza were gone by the end of the night.

The next morning we woke up bright and early, getting ready to begin moving the Gallaghers into their apartment. We rushed over and finished the painting before the movers got there, and we were ready for them when they did. First to arrive was the living room things, and Asa and I got the couch and beanbags set up while Jordan (he and Lucy had come to help the move) and Robert put together the bookshelf. Lucy and Linda were in the kitchen, organizing the appliances and tools. The girls, I assumed, were in their room, dancing to their heart’s desire.

At around 2:00 in the afternoon, the table and chairs arrived, and we set those up, before sharing an evening meal at the table. After we ate, we all dispersed to our own houses with a promise to come back in the morning.

The next morning excitement filled the house as we got ready to finish moving the Gallagher’s into their house. They would sleep at our house tonight, then that would be the last time they ever slept at my house (except maybe for sleepovers). We took the long way on our way to the apartments, picking up breakfast from McDonald’s on the way. As soon as we got to the house, we finished eating and then moved the beds inside. We had a team (Asa, Robert, and Jordan) working on setting up the bunk beds, while Lucy, Linda and I set up the bed in Asa’s room.

“Asa?” I called, after we had argued for twenty minutes on where to put the bed.

“Yeah?” he asked, coming into the room and draping an arm over my shoulders.

“Where do you want your bed? Linda says we should put it on this wall,” I pointed to the wall on the right of us, “I said we should put it on the other wall,” the wall on the left, “and Lucy said we should put it so that it’s sticking out in the middle of the room. Which one should we do?” Asa seemed to contemplate it for a while.

“I think I want it where Linda said it should go.” I pouted my lips. “Don’t worry babe, I just think it’s the most practical,” he said, kissing my head.

“Fine, fine. Now you go finish your sisters’ bed!” I pushed him out the door.

“Okay. I know where I’m not wanted,” he said, and I could hear him laughing from the room down the hall. When he left Linda and Lucy and I moved the frame we had put together to the corner of the room where Asa had directed it, and then we put the box springs on, along with the mattress. We then stretched the sheets over the edges and made the bed. We positioned the dresser where it would look the best, and stood back and surveyed our handiwork.

“Asa!” I called again, and he came into the room after a couple of minutes. “How does it look?” I asked when he entered.

“Perfect,” he said. “Now, we could use some help with the bunk beds.” he showed us into the girls’ room where the bunk beds were standing lopsidedly.

“Oh no,” Linda laughed.

“It’s kinda a wreck,” Jordan said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s not our fault. These instructions don’t make any sense!” Robert said. Clearly he was frustrated.

“Let me see them,” I instructed, holding out my hand. He gave them to me and I began directing them and telling them what to do, and soon the bunk beds were standing, no wobbles in sight. The guys sighed at being outwitted by a girl, and I just smiled at them. I left the room, but I was soon being pulled back by the twins.

“Come see our room!” Ellie said, leading me into their room. It wasn’t much different from when I’d left, except for the fact that the beds had been moved and the dresser was now standing in one corner.

“It looks amazing,” I told the girls and they beamed up at me.

“Thank you,” Ellie said shyly.

“For what?” I asked.

“For helping us,” Lizzie said.

“Well, you’re very welcome,” I said, crouching down to their level and bopping them on their noses.

“Let’s go home and have one last meal together,” Robert said. This time, Lucy and Jordan accompanied us to the house, and we had a delicious last meal all together.

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