The Soulmate Song

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Epilogue (Pt.1)

Six years later

I adjusted my dress, looking in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. I checked my makeup, my hair, and my shoes. Perfect.

“Morgan, are you ready? Everyone’s waiting,” I heard Linda call.

“Yep!” I called back. I heard Linda’s footsteps recede and I looked at Lucy beside me. “I’m gonna cry,” I said, looking at Lucy who already had tears in her eyes. She pressed a tissue into my hand, not able to say any words. Suddenly I heard music start and Lucy picked up her dress and hurried out of the tent we were in.

“Gotta go, I’ll see you at the altar!” she said, sending me a wink. All I could do was smile in return; I was a bundle of nerves. But what girl isn’t a bundle of nerves on her wedding day? I took a deep breath, calming myself down. Soon I heard the music change and I readied myself to walk down the aisle. Robert was waiting at the beginning for me; I took his outstretched arm and let him lead me down the aisle. As I walked, I studied the people that had come to the wedding; old college friends of mine and Asa’s, family friends of my parents. There were even a few distant relatives of mine, and some relatives of Asa’s that we had been able to contact.

I got to the end of the aisle and looked into Asa’s eyes. The ceremony was a blur to me. All I remember was staring into his eyes, getting lost in the greens and blues and browns. When it came my turn I said my vows, and then the minister finally announced me the wife of Asa.

“You may kiss-” Asa kissed me before the minister could finish. It was the best kiss we had ever shared, full of passion and love and promises.

“I love you,” He whispered to me after we had broken the kiss.

“And I love you,” I responded. Suddenly two little bodies squished between us.

“Hi, mom,” Liz said, looking up at me sweetly. I smiled down at her with tears in my eyes.

“Hi, sweetheart,” I said.

This is perfect, I thought. Absolutely perfect.

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