The Soulmate Song

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Part 2

Hours later we were walking into our favorite store in the mall, searching for Lucy’s salesman. We finally found him, restocking some shelves, and Lucy pulled me behind a display.

“What are we doing, Luce?” I whispered to her. She peeked out from behind the display, snatching glances of her supposed soulmate.

“We need to be stealthy,” she said, peeking out from behind the display again. “Oh, no, he’s gone,” she groaned.

“Can I help you ladies with something?” a voice said behind us, and we jumped and turned around. Standing there was Lucy’s salesman, peering down at us curiously.

“Um, yes, we have a question for you, and it may not seem like a question you get very often,” I said, nudging Lucy in the ribs with my elbow.

“U-um, what is y-your song?” she stuttered out. Her face was burning red, and I had never seen her so awkward around a boy before.

He laughed. “That actually is a question I get very often.” But he didn’t hum anything after he finished speaking. I gave him a prompting look, and he cleared his throat, seeming to have forgotten the question we asked him. Then he started humming a song, one I had heard on a daily basis since Lucy and I became friends. Lucy clutched my arm excitedly.

“I found him, Morg! I finally found him!” I nodded excitedly with her.

“I assume this song matches one of yours, ladies?” He asked. I nodded and pointed to Lucy, who was so excited she couldn’t talk.

“One last question,” I said. “What are the lyrics of your song?” He started to sing, and Lucy and I deflated. Those weren’t the lyrics to Lucy’s song.

“Are those not the lyrics to your song?” he asked Lucy. she shook her head. His face turned downcast, but then his smile turned upwards and he called, “Hey, Jordan, come ’ere!” one of his friends came jogging over, and he introduced us. “This is Jordan. Jordan, these ladies are…”

“I’m Morgan, this is Lucy,” I said.

“Nice to meet you,” Jordan said. He had a charming Australian accent. He was the one in the group with blonde hair and blue eyes. “What did you need me for, Charlie?” he asked the tall dark-haired boy next to him.

“This may seem a weird request, but I need you to sing your song,” Charlie said. Jordan quirked an eyebrow, and Charlie went on to explain, “This young lady here,” he gestured to Lucy, “has the same tune of her song as mine, but the lyrics are different. I know your song has the same melody as mine, so would you sing your song?” Jordan nodded and started singing. He got through the whole song before Lucy squealed. I was surprised she had that much patience.

“That’s my song!” Lucy said. “Morg, I actually found him this time!” I nodded and smiled, feeling a bit depressed now that my best friend had found her soulmate.

“That’s your song?” Jordan asked, and Lucy nodded before starting to sing her song with an angelic voice. When she finished, Jordan asked,

“I get off work in half an hour. Would you like to get coffee or something?” Lucy nodded happily.

“If it’s okay with you, Morgan?” she asked me with pleading eyes.

“Of course,” I replied to her. “What kind of best friend would I be if I kept you from your soulmate?” she squealed and hugged me.

“Thank you thank you thank you!” I hugged her back, smiling at her enthusiasm. “We’re going to need to find your soulmate fast now. I promise, he’s out there somewhere,” she said. I smiled tight-lipped at her. “And we will find him,” she whispered in my ear, knowing my doubts. I smiled more genuinely at her now, knowing that she had my back.

“If your song has the same melody as hers, our third friend, Marc, has the same melody but different lyrics,” Charlie said. I shook my head.

“Mines nothing like hers.”

“Aw, too bad,” He said. I laughed along with them.

“Now, come on, Morg, let’s go shopping for a half hour. Meet you at Annie’s?” she said, looking at Jordan. He nodded and winked at her. I pulled her out before she could swoon over him.

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