Past Life

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Riley Harper thought that she was moving forward in her life. She graduated college, had a supportive best friend, and had a job with a boss she adored. One night, her past comes back and slaps her in the face - she might not be as okay as she seems. Can Riley move forward and save herself or will she succumb to the pain and torment from years prior. [ongoing, slow updates]

Romance / Drama
JT Taylor
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Character Profile

Below is what the author envisioned the Characters to look like. These models are in no way related or did the acts that the story portrays. This story is also currently on Chapters using these models as well.

*I do not own these images*

Riley Harper, 23
College Graduate in Business Administration
Foster Child, best friend is Krystal
IRL Model: Lacey Claire Rogers

Krystal Sommers, 24
College Graduate in Psychology
Overprotective, Best Friend is Riley
IRL Model: Emma Ward

Liam Conners, 28
Owns his own Architectural Firm.
IRL Model: Valentin D’Hoore

Scott Jones, 29
IRL Model: Charlie Winzar

Smaller Characters in the story do not have a picture reference.

Thank you guys for checking out my story! This one was hard to write at times and will have some difficult themes - Due to this, there will be slow uploads as I am adding more than what is on chapters and it does take a toll on my mental health. Remember that I am here to talk of you need someone! Again thank you and we will see you in Chapter 1!
JT Taylor

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