The Not so new Norm

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Naomi was just an average black teen in an all white environment, if "pretty for a fat girl" was a person it would be her. She was constantly in her mind battling her race and her size until a new super hot white male student came along and changed her whole perspective of herself

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It's just me.

"I'm a normal human being" are the words I utter to myself every single day, trying to convince myself that my size or race isn't bothering me just as much as it was bothering the other kids here at school. I barely made friends since I transferred two years ago but then I met Ashley in Geography and I'm glad I did.

She's literally the cream to my coffee, the pinky to my brain and the ring to my bell. I've always felt comfortable around her and she never judged the way I spoke, dressed or ate which most people tend to do to us 'big girls'. Did I mention that she protects me from the meanest girl group in school, the "fab five".

Since I started here they've tortured me in ways only one can imagine. I've been body shamed about the 175lbs I carry around I've been called fat, beast, the fat pretty girl and worse. But, if I didn't defend myself Ashley sure did. Ashley was one of the prettiest, slim, model-like girls in school and oh yeah she's white. But the fact that we're total opposites confused people about our friendships but in reality that's what makes us love each other so much.

"Hey girl you look fire in that top!", said Ashley as she greeted me, "Thanks baby g!", I replied. We always compliment eachother when we meet up.

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