White and Innocent for him

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I am 18 years old. My name is Ocean Hall. I live in a city that is blocked off from any humans. We don't have a name, but how I can explain it is that we have wings. I am the only one in our whole city that has pure white wings. The king of the city is going to retire soon so his son, Luca, will take over. Luca is the only one in our city that has pure black wings. What happens when dark and light meet?

Romance / Drama
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"Ocean! Wake up it is your birthday!" My little sister Mia said while jumping up and down on my bed. I groaned. "Ok fine I will be up in a minute."I said.

She left. I unfolded myself from my wings and looking at the time. 8am. I got up and put on balck leggings and a white crop top. (Idk how they would put on shirts. So just pretend)

I went downstairs and saw my grandma cooking breakfast. "Morning sweetie." She said as I smiled. I sat down and ate my eggs.

I went outside and flew into the air. I don't do much around here. The only thing I want to do is explore the humans.

I am turning 18 today. So I can do whatever I want.

I flew to the forest and landed down. I greeted the creatures. I walked down to the stream and stared at my reflection. My waist long brown hair. And my violet eyes. My tab skin. And my huge white wings. I sighed and flew back up and walked around for a bit.

I saw everyone walking and doing there things. Every one has two sides of me. Thet think I am cursed or they think that I am a angel. Because my wings are all white.

I always get stares but it doesn't bother me.

Later that day I went back home. "Ocean, there is a ball tonight so Luca can pick his wife. The king ordered everyone to go." My grandma said. I groaned as I walked upstairs. I went to Mia's room. She is 8 years old. She has yellow wings. "Mia, I won't be here tonight. So don't give grandma a hard time" I said and she nodded.

I went back to my room and dressed into a white dress. It was tight until my torso and than flowed down to my feet along with my white heels. I let my brown hair flow down in curls.

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