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Ava has finally fallen in love but what happens when she realises it's too late... get ready to witness the crazy rollercoaster of emotions with Elijah and Ava.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1


Knock knock!..

I wake up by the sound of someone knocking my door.

"good morning sleepy head , get your ass down.... Mum is calling you ".

I groan at the voice and sit up on my bed. I blinked my eyes a several time to adjust to the bright light.

"good (yarns) morning asshole ".

I say in a sleepy voice. "I'll come down in ten minutes ".

I walk into the bathroom and stare at my reflection in the mirror.

Ops... I forgot to introduce my self.. I'm Ava Winters and I'm getting married tomorrow.

Yes you heard it right. I'm getting married to man I barely met.. I mean I haven't even seen him before . Even when his parents came to met me he didn't come along. They said he is on some overseas bussiness trip.

I'm not a fan of this love marriage and all. Ever since the accident I had put a rule that I would never fall in love.

Because I lost my parents in that car accident when I was ten years old. They were coming home after work but never reached their destination.

My mum died on the spot. My dad couldn't live the fact that his love of his life died. It was all to much for him and he died with that pain. My parents were high school sweetheart.

It was tough seeing my father like that. A man who I thought was strong had broken into pieces that day

Love makes you do crazy things but it always comes with a huge cost.

And then I was adopted by my uncle. I was treated like their own blood. My aunt was the only motherly figure after my mum in my life. I got a big bro who is one day older than me. Who is overprotective on me.

I splash some water on my face and look at my self. I'm no longer going to be the same Ava. Everything is going to change from tomorrow. I'm gonna live in New York.

You may think why I'm getting married if I don't believe in love.. You now I doing this for my familys happiness. They want me to settle so, why not... Any ways I'm not going to fall in love and all. So.. I can at least make them happy. Moreover my to-be-father-in-law is a good friend of my uncle. So you know how it works?

I get shower and get changed into some comfy clothes and head down.

I see my small family gathered in the dining room.

"hey baby girl, you are becoming more beautiful everyday. " my aunt says as she sees me. I hug her.

(blushes) "why thank you! ". I say as I sit down. "I can't believe my princess is getting married tomorrow! Time runs fast".

My uncle says as he sees me sitting down in front of him.

"ha! Finally I can get rid of the devil in my life and have this whole house for myself ". Jade says giving me his foolish smirk.

I look down and pout at him with sad face as if I'm hurt. "you won't miss me? ". I say in an innocent voice. He looks at me and immediately came to my side and hugged me and kissed my head.

"I'm sorry princess.. I was just joking.. How can I not miss my baby girl my princess ". I look up at him and give a develish smile.. And I laugh.

I repeat his words in baby voice and mock at him. My uncle also joines me and we laugh at him.

"A-ha. Ava your impossible and I hate you". I hug him from the waist and look at him. "I know love me". I wink at him.

The rest of the breakfast goes with chatting about my big day . They are really excited for me.

"come on, Ava let's go out and met up with some friends ". Jade says has he pulls me up on my chair and we head out.

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