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She was keep hidden, locked up and lived in the background. Her existence became a secret that always be remained behind close door. With her books as her friend, herself to comfort at night and a mind too innocent of the fucked up world with not just rainbows, flowers and fantasies. She always dreamed to explore the other side of it and her wished shall came true but, not the one she’ll expected it to be. Daisy Swales was forced to leave her home to a place she could be finally live as a common, normal human. With a bad memories behind, demons that keep on haunting her down and an identity she chose to concealed. The only solace is to keep her inner thoughts to herself, never been spoken a single word not until he met a guy who’s persistent in unraveling and unveiling her secrets. Bryson Kingston oath to himself to solve the riddle of Daisy’s life, to peel off the screen one by one and find a key to her heart. She was lost. He was there. She was conflicted. He is the answer. She feel sinking. He dive in. She feel defeated. He saved her. She feel unwelcome but, she become his world. 🌼

Romance / Mystery
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HI ! Thank you for reading my story, it means a lot to me and I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to update it anymore nor continue my story here since I’m really having a hard time using the app considering I’m only using my phone to write it. I decided to just continue the remaining chapters on my wattpad account (https://www.wattpad.com/user/RGNPBTLV). So, please visit my account if you want to continue reading my story even though it’s kind of trashy. I also edited some of the chapters because I know it has a lot of typos or grammatical errors. Thank you for your understanding and have nice day! Stay safe and love lots <3.


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