Pushing His Buttons

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Abigail Jones is the thorn in my side. When I look at that perfect little body, I have images of doing unquestionable things to her, and then she opens her mouth and I have visions of my hands around her throat. Ok, Maybe I do that on both sides of the coin. . . Abigail is the best Designer this City has seen in a long time. The fact she is very easy on the eye also plays a contributing factor. Everyone wants to silence her, I just want to make her scream. * * * * * Brent Masters, CEO to Masters and Associates, spoilt Rich boy who has been given everything he ever demanded. Everything except Abigail Jones. * * * * * ** This is my original works, any attempts to recreate it will be reported accordingly. Unfortunately with the amount of stories that are being copyright it is sad we now have to put these disclaimers on our works for protection**

Romance / Drama
Luci Fer
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Character Introduction

Welcome to another read all! Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback as always.

Please remember for all updates follow my Instagram at Luci_Fer_Stories.

While I understand the Character selections may not be to everyone's taste, these characters have been chosen with the vision of the story I have in mind.

As always, I welcome any questions, feedback and comments. Where possible I will always try to answer them, whether on here or my Instagram.

Now let's meet the Characters.


Brent Masters

Age 29

Property Mogul

CEO at Masters and Associates

Single, but never lonely.

Abigail Jones

Age 27

Designer and Architect

Owner of Curve Design

Single and not looking to mingle.

Lara Andrews

Age 24

Executive Assistant to Brent Masters

Masters and Associates

Crushing on her boss - hard!

Richard Carva

Age 29

Associate Director

Masters and Associates

Relationship status unknown

Curtis Miller

Age 25

Junior Associate

Masters and Associates


Sophie Hinder

Age 24

Personal Assistant to Abigail Jones

Curve Design

De-Facto Relationship

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