Finding Love

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The butterflies in the belly

Hey beautiful and handsome readers.
Well, before you start reading the book I'd like to mention few things.

This is my first ever novel I'm writing and publishing.
So, don't hate me if I make some mistakes and please do mention all the mistakes I make through my story in the comments below.
You're suggestions will help me improve myself alot.




I was ready to face the world that was new to me. Going to school felt like being at home only, nothing interested me to get up and look forward to.

School was like a routine to me just like brushing my teeth. So yeah, there were like millions of butterflies flying inside my stomach at the thought of meeting new people at my college (which was for my intermediate studies), make new friends and yesss finding love.

My dad dropped me in front of my college.
After done with all the formalities, I was there taking deep breaths, ready to face this new stage of my life.

My classroom was at the first floor. So, I used the stairs and reached the door to my classroom and slowly opened it thinking there would be so many people who'll greet me.


As I opened the door and I was the first person to occupy the classroom.

I know I was always on time but really do I have to reach a place so sooo before that I have to sit over there for around 30 minutes staring at the blackboard and fidgeting my fingers for tge arrival of people, before a girl entered the room.

I thanked god for not making me wait any longer.

"Hey" I said as soon as she entered.
"Heyy" she greeted me with a warm smile.

And then slowly the classroom started to fill up and I was happy to be greeted by warm smiles. I even made small conversations with some girls.
I was kinda shy around guys so, I just waited to get a chance to talk to them and make friends.

I did have guy friends from my school. But back then, people were kinda scared to talk to me openly.
Maybe, that's because I was so damn silent all the time and was not free with people until I felt somewhat comfortable.

So, this time I made sure I made people comfortable around me which would make it easy for me to make friends.

Everything was going fine till now.

But still I was waiting for something or rather I'd say someone.

I don't know, but my subconscious told me to wait for someone and then fuck happened.

Small note for you all.
I'm not describing any of the characters in this book.
I want you to imagine anyone in that character.

If you feel the chapter went pretty long, then I'll try to reduce it next time. Please do comment down your views.

Lots of love.

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