Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 15

Jana had got back to the hotel with Jonathan and Avery knowing that they were all broken heart to see that Angel is now Annabel an in love with Scarlett totally forgetting her true love. Jana took a deep breath sighing saying,

“Jonathan and Avery I’m very sorry, I have no idea what has happened to your mom...she had the best memory out of any woman I have met through the years this has been the worst and I know she doesn’t look like your mom either. I shouldn’t have kissed her...the woman I love is gone, thanks to one lying bitch.”

Avery eyes went wide knowing her mom had rarely cussed as she went and hugged her mom replying,

“Mom, we tried that is all we can do. I think our best option is to go back to Kansas because we have no chance getting Momma back.”

Jonathan didn’t like the words Avery spoke as he stood up from the bed responding,

“Sis, listen to me, we are going to get Momma back, we aren’t going home until we get her from Scarlett. Momma may have willingly went three years ago but that doesn’t mean we traveled all the way out here to not get her back. We are a team and we will do our very best to get Momma in our arms again.”

Jana hugged Jonathan and Avery as tears streamed down her eyes replying to both her grown kids,

“Jonathan and Avery, we will get your Momma back but we must work together this is going to be a challenge in the meantime I am going to have to get a job to pay for staying here and keep food in our bellies. You kids should have plenty of homework coming from your principal and if you have ran out just call her with our location to send the work here.”

They both nodded in agreement and that was the time everything settled that they were staying in Bristol, Massachusetts until they got Angel back.

Scarlett got on the bus all the way to Kansas to track down Jana for sure, she wasn’t going to have that bitch get in between her and Annabel whatsoever. It was a very long ride to Kansas but she didn’t have much of a choice and Annabel well she will either survive or die by the time she returned home.

Jana couldn’t believe that Annabel had no memory of her past when she admitted it to her that day. As it had happened predictably because of Scarlett couldn’t stand the same repeat of hearing about Jana and the kids. Despite all the qualms of getting Annabel to be who she is today has taken a lot of work and daily beatings it has worked for the most part.

Scarlett had arrived in Kansas after the long two day trip from changing routes and everything, she had to start the trek from Boston, Massachusetts to Kansas City, Kansas and now she had to find her rental car to get all the way to Cherokee County to get to Jana’s home.

Sure enough it took Scarlett another two hours just to get to her location and when she arrived the home was empty as if the dust build up have never left. A woman came up standing beside her saying,

“Looks like you are confused about something here.”

Scarlett looked at the elder lady replying,

“I was hoping to see a good friend here turns out her and the kids haven’t returned.”

The woman just shook her head responding,

“Unfortunately, her fiance Angel went with a woman and never came back, I knew she loved my daughter Jana so much that they adopted two beautiful children and it has broken my daughter apart. When she told me that Angel had change to some woman name Annabel a few days ago it tore both of us apart, I knew Angel was a wonderful woman with the brightest future. You can’t control whom you’re kids fall in love with and I have had my husband walk out on me because of it, Jana has had it so hard....”

Scarlett stood there uncomfortable seeing the fragile lady explain everything and that Jana hadn’t come back at all which means Scarlett had to find a way back to Massachusetts before Jana got Annabel. Scarlett cleared her throat replying,

“I am sorry Miss but I must go, I can’t talk at the moment, thank you for the wonderful story.”

The lady patted Scarlett on the shoulder then walked away towards her home. Scarlett had rushed to her car then bolted to the airport knowing she wouldn’t need the bus ticket this time she had to hurry home so a two hour flight was the best option and she had to get Annabel out of that shed along with getting her back home in the apartment also cleaning her up and everything.

Scarlett arrived in Massachusetts then got in her rental car that she had borrowed for a few days which is enough time to get Annabel back home and settled then return the car back to the rental car place in downtown. Scarlett kept tapping on the steering wheel waiting on traffic just to get back in Bristol County she had to get back before Jana had taken her wife.

Scarlett got across town within several hours to check the shed sure enough Jana hadn’t figured it out so she unlocked it to see Annabel still in there whimpering from eating everything,drinking every ounce of water and worn all the clothes. Scarlett opened the cage and sat down next to her wife saying,

“Annabel, I am so sorry! I need to get you home and cleaned up so we can get settled for the evening including ready for dinner.”

Annabel looked at Scarlett with sunken eyes replying,

“You are sorry? YOU ARE SORRY! Look at me Scarlett, I’m a disaster because of you and I can’t even imagine all the batters and bruises I have. I will not accept the apology and I am damn sure not going back home to you. All you do is hurt me over something I have no recall of like this Jana Johnson chick and her two kids that love me but I don’t know who they are.”

Scarlett sighed picking her wife off the ground along with the supplies and taking her home for comfort.

Scarlett got Annabel cleaned up, settled for everything that evening even fed her a marvelous steak dinner. Though Annabel still looked pissed as she said,

“You have no right to keep treating me like this every chance you get. I have been married to you for three almost four years and I am still getting treated like a damn dog. Scarlett, if you were that jealous of my past that I have no recall of then how come you still treat me like garbage? Why do I always get hit? What is so bad that I get this bullshit?”

Scarlett knew her wife had every right to be pissed she’s abused Angel aka Annabel since they got together in ninth grade. So she took a deep breath with tears replying,

“Baby, I have no idea why I hurt you but I am going to get help to figure out what is wrong with me. Just promise me that you’ll stay, I need you in my life.”

Annabel raised her eyebrow then slid off her ring responding,

“I am sorry Scarlett even if you got help again I have no idea what would happen to me. I am surprised to even be alive now...I am now starting to wonder if Jana was the right one for me and being this Angel chick did better my life in the end. Since we are married though and haven’t made love once since we have been together, I am going to see to it that you do get help and proper one for that matter. As for now I’m staying in the guest room that we set up for your mother until then you will not be anywhere near me and I am going to listen to the voicemails to see if their is any job that has accepted my offer.”

Scarlett saw the ring on the table knowing she didn’t deserve Annabel at all, she’s pushed her memories of Angel so far that she has no recall. Scarlett hates herself completely but she is willing to do anything for Annabel to keep her as she replied,

“You do that sweetheart and I’ll call for a therapist in the morning.”

Annabel laughed at that one responding,

“Oh no babe, you are packing up and going to a mental ward for a while, I’ll take you this evening to the Emergency Room and you will tell them everything that you have done to me.”

Scarlett felt a lump in her throat she hated mental ward but she knew she had no choice. As the evening became later Annabel cleared her throat saying,

“Are you packed and ready to go time is ticking.”

Scarlett nodded her head yes as Annabel dragged Scarlett out the door and they were on the road to the Emergency Room than Annabel spoke,

“By the way, I am returning this to the rental place since you are going to mental ward and I will buy us a proper vehicle when I get money developed so that way I am not using our little savings that we have left.”

Scarlett knew Annabel had become a fierce woman and is now standing her ground on everything.

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