Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 16

As they arrived Annabel handed Scarlett her bag and kissed her as Scarlett left the car then watching it leave. Annabel knew it was for the best that her wife received help they would have no contact until she was at the mental ward but that was fine for her. Annabel sighed wishing she had a friend to talk with then she remembered Jana must consider her something so she tracked down every hotel in the area, sure enough they were still around so she went and knocked on the hotel door. The door opened with big eyes as the young girl said,

“Mom,mom, come to the door.”

She heard rustling from the room as the door opened wide as the young boy and Jana stood there as Annabel spoke,

“I know I pushed you all away,children I’m sorry for being so mean to your mom. I hope you all can forgive me but my wife is getting help and I need someone to stay with me until she does. I will be sure to return you back here as soon as she is home but I need friends.”

Jana guided Annabel inside replying,

“Your apartment don’t look big enough for all of us, so how would it work out? Not trying to be mean but we are already struggling in this hotel room. Heck we can’t even go home because we are broke and trying to survive.”

Annabel shook her head in disbelief that they traveled without extra funds or however long they have been on the road as the little girl came up speaking,

“I am Avery and this is Jonathan and we are your kids too, you got us from the adoption Agency in Kansas City, Kansas. You promised to be in our lives for good and than you let Scarlett take you, we never saw you again. I am now nine going on ten very soon and Jonathan is twelve going on thirteen he’s a pre-teen now I guess.”

Annabel had no recall of the history but this little girl Avery did she seemed to remember every detail as Jana cleared her throat saying,

“Alright Avery enough sweetheart, I am sure Annabel has no recall of her past life gotta remember Scarlett has hurt this nice woman very badly.”

Avery sighed hating the answer as she looked at Jana replying,

“Mom, I really wish she was Angel or Momma again, I miss her and the bond we shared she was my best friend before meanie Scarlett took her away.”

Jana hugged Avery with tears then dried them up responding,

“Avery, I can’t change someone of whom they are at the moment it just doesn’t work that way, so we will respect Annabel and show her the same support she had before, Scarlett is getting help but only time can tell right now what happens.”

Avery let go of Jana than ran to the bathroom closing the door silently as she heard the girl cry and Jonathan just sat their with a somber look on his face as he stared at Annabel like he saw a ghost across the room.

Jana never thought Angel would come back into her life especially now seeing her standing at the door gave her chills but she knew it wasn’t Angel not now, not ever. Jana had face reality that Angel isn’t returning to herself for a very long time. So, Jana let her into the apartment as she explained the situation then Avery had spoken that’s when all the chills came back as her daughter had described the past but Annabel had no reflection of it. As Avery ran to the bathroom in tears, Jonathan looked like a ghost had haunted him. So now the question is...should they go with Annabel to her place or have her stay in the hotel for one night then have her go home in the morning?

Avery came out of the bathroom with red eyes and tears still wet down her face as she spoke,

“Annabel, I know you aren’t Angel but please stay here tonight for just one night.”

Annabel looked at Jana an Jana nodded yes and that was when Annabel replied,

“I will stay tonight as I have to return my wife’s rental car tomorrow any how, I was going to tonight but I have no energy.”

Jana clapped her hands bringing Jonathan and Avery to her attention speaking,

“Alright you two time for bed it is late as it is. So Jonathan you are on the floor of course, Avery you choose which bed you are on since you are a bed hog and Annabel you’ll be sleeping next to me. Let’s get settled in. Night kids.”

Avery got the bed close to the bathroom, so that left her and Jana next to one another. Annabel just went to her side of the bed and covered up in the blanket as she heard Jana stripped out of her pink blouse,pink lace bra,tight blue jeans and pink lace panties then laid next to Annabel in the covers as she leaned over turning off the lights as Annabel whispered,

“Please tell me you aren’t fully nude next to me?”

Jana giggled as she rolled over looking at Annabel replying in a whisper,

“Not that it is any of your business but I do enjoy sleeping in my panties to keep comfortable as my lover Angel once said “It is always nice to sleep half nude so the cool air keeps you comfy” so yeah this is my comfort, she used to sleep that way too.”

Annabel rolled her eyes as she responded in a whisper,

“I think it is inappropriate with kids in the room, you should at least have a nightgown on.”

Jana just shrugged and rolled back to her right side without another word. Annabel had sensed this is going to be a long night with a woman half nude next to her and she is so sick of hearing of this Angel chick...why is she so perfect on everything?

Jana sighed knowing her true love was next to her but didn’t dare touch her since she belonged to Scarlett and it had disturbed her completely. Jana looked over to her left seeing the Annabel was still awake as she rolled back over saying,

“I know you don’t like hearing about Angel but that is who you are, you were my partner,my fiancee,my best friend for two and a half years than when you went off with Scarlett due to protecting us from the nightmare of the constant fight it had tore us apart now it is three years later and you have no idea who I am an it hurts badly. I have loved Angel because she fought to be with me when I had no idea who I was and here you are several years down the road as Annabel Thomas when you were Angel Knight.”

Annabel sighed looking at Jana as she saw the tears stream down her face, Annabel reached over and wiped away the tears replying,

“I had no idea Angel was that great thing is I have no memory of my past life and no idea how to get back, I thought Scarlett had been my partner the whole time.”

Jana grabbed Annabel’s head to make her look at her responding,

“Scarlett abused you in high school when you were Angel and when you’re mom found out that you were with her she abandoned you leaving you with your grandma whom I never met but Angel told me the story and so when you found me on a date with this guy Gunther you were there to my rescue and any other time a ex of mine came around. Annabel, Scarlett has abused you so much that you can’t recall even the slightest memory of your past and it kills me.”

Annabel stared at Jana wild eye not sure how to respond except for the thought of making love to her for some odd reason even though she never did with Scarlett at least from what she recalls, Jana is very beautiful for sure with her short hair, beautiful grey eyes, Annabel licked her lips and feeling herself get moist down below which never happened when she was with Scarlett. Annabel couldn’t contain herself much longer but she had to for her wife as she replied,

“Jana, I may never be Angel Knight again but for some odd reason I am more attractive to you than my own wife. Did Angel have that issue to when it came to being around you?”

Jana blushed profusely responding,

“Yes, Angel had a way of making herself known she was attracted to me not sure what triggered it but when we made love once it was something that I would never forget. I am not going to make love to you as Annabel since you are married to Scarlett that is wrong in my eyes.”

Annabel nodded as she replied,

“I am going to take a cold shower then come back to bed, I am so sorry once again about Angel wish I knew how to bring her back to you.”

Jana smiled with a response,

“It is okay, go enjoy your shower.”

Annabel left the room to go into the shower as Jana knew the attraction would never fade but she just couldn’t make love to her it wouldn’t have felt right.

Annabel got into the shower that had led her to getting off in silence so she didn’t wake the young one’s as she had a gut feeling Jana was doing the same. In the back of her mind she wished Jana would just have kissed,made love or something to her, yes she is married but Jana gave her a strong affection that can’t be hidden. Annabel cleaned her hand off from getting herself off then went back to the main room seeing that Jana had turn on a light and was fidgeting with the sheets still half nude in just her panties as Annabel just only had on panties now too and Jana was right it was very comfortable as to how she slept in clothes for so long made her wonder.

Annabel sat down next to Jana on the bed saying,

“I am surprised you are still up Jana everything okay?”

Jana shook her head no as she responded,

“I miss Angel and the way we used to just hold each other at night without even making love or anything because she respected my boundaries. You are exactly like that even now by just taking a cold shower for the sake of keeping your marriage together. Before Angel went with Scarlett, my boss had kissed me and I did return it thing was when I got home I caught Scarlett having sex with my fiancee and it tore me apart. I admit I did wrong just as much as Angel but we forgave each other.”

Annabel saw the struggle that Jana was having as she reached over and hugged her as she spoke softly,

“Jana, you’re kids are lucky to have a strong woman like you even after everything. I am sure Angel misses you too and wish everything would be the same. I am not Angel as you know but Angel sure knows how to pick a good woman.”

Jana nodded then looked at Annabel replying,

“You just don’t realize that you are speaking just the way she would and everything. Annabel, I have no idea how to make you see that you are Angel.”

Annabel looked at Jana with deep eyes responding in a soothing voice,

“Make love to me...please...just take me like you would Angel.”

Jana shook her head no with replying,

“I can’t, I won’t....”

Annabel finally couldn’t take it and kissed Jana with passion that she didn’t know she had it took all of her to keep it together this long and as they kissed deeper and twined together Annabel could feel Jana’s hand slip into her panties as she moaned in the kisses as two fingers pressed deeper and more passion came between the two. Annabel had never felt sparks this good in so long that she wanted to just keep going but knowing they couldn’t so she slipped her fingers also in Jana’s panties as they both panted against each other rocking so hard that they both cummed at the same time and just breathed into one another skin.

Annabel laid down beside Jana whispering,

“That was fucking hot, who taught you to make that feel so good?”

Jana let out a deep breath whispering back,

“You, I mean Angel did, she had a way of making it feel relaxing.”

Annabel smiled then rolled over to cuddle with Jana and covered each other with blankets so the kids didn’t see them nude when they woke up.

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