Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 18

Annabel had another flashback appear as soon as she got homewhich had left her wondering the fate of the love with Scarlett as it went like this:

Jana was on a date with a handsome guy name Gunther he wore a lovely black suit with a red tie, he even had a Monte Carlo which is very expensive including the fact it was red with leather seats. Jana had started playing around the fountain when Gunther got all upset to her surprise Angel Knight came to her rescue and they headed back to her apartment since everything was closed. Angel had made sweet tea along with a sandwich for her and Jana they had a small argument before going to bed. That evening they ended up cuddling with each other and enjoyed one another company so much Jana had moved in.

After that evening Jana went back to her apartment the following morning to see her friend Destiny so she can move out to be with Angel as Destiny was jealous of her having a girlfriend so soon after one night even though Jana and Angel weren’t dating right away. Jana knew that Destiny would be happier with her husband and son.

Angel was by herself for only a hour when someone knocked on her door as she reached the door and opened it she saw Scarlett Thomas her ex girlfriend from high school that had abused her, sure enough Scarlett tried to rape her leaving Angel to hide in a corner waiting for Jana to explain what happened.

Jana returned back to find Angel hidden as soon as that had happened Jana made it official she wasn’t leaving Angel behind like that ever again. Even though Jana had been straight for so long she wanted to protect Angel then as soon as she got Angel settled down the doorbell rang again as Angel ushered over to answer to see it was some guy name Wallace wanting to speak with Jana.

Jana spoke with Wallace telling him that it was over and that she was a lesbian in love with Angel even though she wasn’t a lesbian still straight finding herself. After that Jana got back into the apartment kissing Angel with passion and they made passion love in their clothes which was only fingering each other but it was hot enough to keep Angel satisfied and Jana happy. They had truly loved each other and never giving up on one another.

Annabel was in tears completely seeing the history of this Angel Knight with Jana they had a sincerely passionate love history as for Scarlett she didn’t seem to get that Angel was in love and it bugged her. Though she loves Scarlett and won’t let her go just yet...the word yet is taunting though.

Annabel texted Jana explaining the flashback she had as Jana said,

“Annabel, my past with men were never good until Angel showed me that women can be gentle and loving, I didn’t have sex with any men and Angel was the first woman that I made love too. I am sure that didn’t pop up in your flashback but me and Angel had a great relationship.”

Annabel responded with a broken heart,

“I wish Scarlett would treat me the way Angel treated you she sounds like the perfect wife material compare to Scarlett especially seeing the abuse Angel went through and now seeing my own abuse it seems the same, though I wonder what happened to the gap between high school and now, I have never seen any details about that in Angel’s past or even my own.”

Jana took about twenty minutes to respond and when Annabel read it, it was hard to believe it read this:

“Annabel, Angel’s life wasn’t easy she worked her heart out with Windsong her beautiful bookstore/cafe, I had a job with her there in Michigan it was beautiful to have such a beautiful memory. Unfortunately Shauna went with her Gothic ways and named it Midnight Cafe.”

Annabel instantly replied,

“I know Shauna Meigs, she’s a smart young lady and made the cafe beautiful. I used to work there when me and Scarlett lived their for six months until Scarlett made us move out here to Massachusetts and now it looks like very soon will be moving near Scarlett’s mom Andrea. I am so sick of moving that’s all we have done since we’ve been married a couple years ago.”

Jana took a few minutes to reply again as the text read,

“Annabel, Scarlett doesn’t want you near me is why she keeps moving you, I have been tracking you down since Michigan when you left Kansas, I had to take the kids out of school so we could find you and I am still at a loss on what to do. My home is Kansas with my parent’s but I can’t leave without Angel.”

Annabel felt so torn on what to do with the situation she doesn’t know Angel at all and she loves being Annabel. So she replied to Jana,

“Jana, you tracked me down all the way across states to have a end result of Angel and turns out I’m not her since the change at least whatever it was for me to go through but would you even love Annabel too? She is close to Angel in some ways except for hair color and style along with eye color.”

Jana didn’t respond quickly as it took over thirty minutes for a reply as it read,

“Annabel, I am in love with Angel so I’m not sure if I could be in love Annabel who was my previous love Angel. I have no idea why or how we made love out of the blue like we did, I know in my heart you are Angel but on the outside you are Annabel and you have been in denial about being Angel.”

Annabel cried seeing that Jana couldn’t return her feelings as she decided to just shut off her phone. Annabel went back to her room sitting in silence and dread since she had nothing to do while leaving her phone in the living room knowing Scarlett was going to be mad about it.

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