Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 20

Scarlett was so happy to hear the news that Jana was going back to where she came from, so she called her mother up saying,

“Mom, guess what?”

Andrea sighed replying,

“What Scarlett?”

Scarlett giggled with jittery responding,

“Jana is going back to Kansas with those kids of hers. I have won Angel over even by making her Annabel.”

Andrea just sighed again replying,

“Good to hear baby girl.”

Scarlett felt frustrated that her mother didn’t feel the same excitement as she responded,

“Are you happy mom? I got Angel just like I wanted many years ago.”

Andrea let out a frustrated sigh replying,

“No, I’m not happy with you Scarlett. You have taken a young woman’s identity and changed her into something she’s not also forced her to be with you when she was already in love with another woman. This will now follow me to my grave because you destroyed Angel of the nice woman she was.”

Scarlett wanted to hang up on her mother but she couldn’t so she replied,

“Mom, it is my choice of life on how I deal with Angel and she is Annabel always will be. I see no point in keeping her as Angel when all she complain about is wanting to be with Jana and Jana isn’t worth it for her.”

Andrea just took a deep breath responding,

“Scarlett, I will never understand why you are this way but you are it is your life not mine.”

Scarlett laughed as Annabel came in from work replying to her mom,

“Sorry mom, gotta go Annabel just came home and I have to get ready for work I’ll call tomorrow, love you bunches.”

Scarlett hung up as she placed her phone down then ran over to Annabel giving her a big hug and kiss saying,

“Welcome home my love, how was work today?”

Annabel shook her head no replying,

“It wasn’t easy today and I’m very sore everywhere, I’m going to get a bath to relax for the evening.”

Scarlett smacked her ass responding,

“Go ahead babe, I have to get out the door again before work calls to make it in for some meeting, I’m not sure when I’ll be home.”

Annabel kissed Scarlett then headed to the shower as she replied,

“Have a great evening at work because I’m probably going to crash once I get out of the bath.”

Scarlett nodded then got herself dressed in a work suit that was blue and came with a skirt also wore a blue bow around her neck and a white undershirt. Scarlett called out to Annabel saying,

“I am leaving, love you baby and get some good rest, I will see you in the morning.”

Angel shouted back,

“Alright babe, love you too!”

Scarlett left with a weight on her shoulder knowing she will most likely have to have sex with Jerry Huffington at Murphy Business & Financial Corporation she hated when he called late at night just for it but she had to keep her job.

Scarlett had arrived at her job in a hour within that time Jerry was five feet ten inches,two hundred forty pounds,dirty blonde hair,hair cut neatly with gel,white skin, and green eyes. Jerry waved Scarlett over saying,

“Don’t you look lovely Mrs. Thomas, hope your wife knows you will be “working” late? Because we are going to have fun again.”

Scarlett sighed replying,

“My wife knows I won’t be home until morning.”

Jerry nodded in agreement responding,

“Let’s get to our hotel room downtown, so you can be close to your home in case your wife calls.”

Scarlett let Jerry place his hand on the small of her back knowing she hated where this is going as they left the business. They arrived at the hotel within thirty minutes then got the room within ten minutes with Jerry signing the room. They reached the room as Jerry unlocked the room then Scarlett walked in the room sashaying her ass as she sat down on the bed.

When he leaned in close kissing her lips with passion as Jerry worked achingly slow he trailed kiss after kiss down her neck and onto her chest. His hot moist lips circled her right nipple latching on as his right hand tweaked and twisted her left nipple. With a load moan Scarlett leaned back against the bed frame.

“Oh god Jerry don’t stop that whatever you do!” she cried out. Switching to her left nipple in his mouth and her right nipple in his and he gave the other just as much attention. But Jerry had other plans than just teasing her breasts. With a little whimper from her throat he moved away from those seductive alveolars and started kissing down the center of her belly. Stopping for a moment to lick into her cute little belly button before he continued on his quest. As he approached her nether region he stopped just above her clit kneeling down to get a better look. Her head tilted forward to see why he had stopped. Jerry looked into her eye and began to kiss along her inner thigh swirling his tongue in circles and blowing on his saliva sending shivers through her. He moved inward but just before reaching her lower lips he veered off and repeated along her other leg. Still locked with her eyes he reached the center again opening his jaw wide and placed the flat of his tongue on her smooth outer lips. Scarlett’s body shivered a little from the small stimulation. Jerry kept it there and slowly began working the tip of his tongue into her soft soaking opening.

Scarlett’s head laid flat on the pillow again as Jerry worked his tongue in and up inside her sweet little snatch. Soon Scarlett was moaning quietly until Jerry lifted up to her clit electing a small squeak of pleasure form her. With his tip flicking back and forth across her tiny love button he slipped his index finger into her saliva lubed hole. Jerry pushed it in as far as it would but soon came against an obstruction.

With that she rose up onto he knees and with her right hand she reached back grabbing Jerry’s prick. Scarlett rubbed the tip of his cock around her labia spreading his precum over her shaved lips. She pressed his tip against her clit and with a little pressure slid it back between her lower lips. Once she reached her opening she held it there for a second seemingly mentally preparing herself for what was to come. Scarlett lowered herself over his shaft slowly until she reached her maidenhead. Jerry the whole while looking on in awe as she slowly teased him. With a decisive thrust down Scarlett forced Jerry’s manhood through her hymen. Scarlett bit down hard on her lower lip.

He had given each nipple a tweak. Scarlett grabbed his wrists forcing his hands harder into her tits. Scarlett began lifting up along his shaft and slowly back down. Jerry’s eyes were fixed on her tits but noticed the new sensation on his cock and looked between them for the show. He watched as his cock would disappear into her hot little box and then she would lift up again and see it reappear all but the tip. This was a million times better than Jerry had imagined, her pussy was so tight it felt like a boa constrictor was swallowing it whole. He was so glad she had given him that blowjob earlier because without it he would have blown his load the moment she had fully taken him in.

All she could do to answer was moan loudly rocking up and down. After a few minutes Scarlett learned that if she rocked back and forth instead of up and down the sensation was good if not better and she wasn’t exerting herself as much. Jerry laid back and enjoyed the ride while working her tits like a concert pianist. The twos moans got faster and louder as they fell into a rhythm of her riding and he thrusting upward. As their synchronized movements came closer and closer John felt that familiar tingle begin to grow in his balls.

Scarlett’s orgasm sent Jerry over the top as her quaking cunt contracted hard on his cock milking rope after rope of his hot seed into her. Scarlett felt it spray into her womb coating her insides with his warmth. The years of adult angst and desire for the two finally fulfilled in a moments of mutual bliss.

“Fuck!” Jerry exclaimed removing his hands from her docile tits to sweep around her back. Jerry sat up pulling her into another embrace holding her body to his. Their lips met once more sealing themselves to each other as the heights of their orgasms faded.

Scarlett looked over at the clock seeing that she needed to get home but needed a shower before heading home as she texted Annabel saying,

“I will be home soon, just got to get us milk, I love you.”

Scarlett turned over to see Jerry passed out so she went to the shower clean off quickly then left in silence hating that this happened every time especially when he had a wife so now she had to get home to her own wife before it got to much later.

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