Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 23

Jana got home to Kansas within two days a relief to be back and the kids still wouldn’t smile or anything so she took them to see Martha Ballinger her boss from the bakery. As they rounded the corner to the bakery she notice that Martha was standing outside waving her down as Jana parked by the curve Martha got in saying,

“I thought you were never coming back, anyways I need you and the kids to do me a favor.”

Jana gave a lopsided smile responding,

“Sure, what is it Martha?”

Martha’s hands were shook up as she replied,

“I need to move in with you guys until I can get my own place, I have been living in the store to save up money and move unfortunately since you left our customers have slowly disappeared and I’m losing service badly. So please Jana? I won’t do anything in front of your children and I’ll keep my space, I’ll stay on the couch.”

Jana knew this was going to happen so she had to ask one serious question to Martha so she responded,

“Your husband left you while we was gone right?”

Martha shook her head no replying,

“I left him because I am in love with you and you’re still engaged to Angel.”

Jana held in her though then just went on responding,

“Martha, I don’t think I’m engaged any longer to Angel. She’s become a different woman that I can’t change on my own and I got tired of trying to convince her of who she was, so I came back to my home.”

Martha reached over and hugged Jana replying,

“I am so so sorry it turned out that way. If anything I can help around the house, we won’t need to be a couple to do that and I know you need time to move on from Angel.”

Jana hugged back then let her go responding,

“Thank you, I would need help not sure what the house is like since we have left.”

Martha got all happy as the kids groaned together not liking the idea. Jana reached in the backseat smacking both kids on the legs saying,

“Be nice to Martha since Momma isn’t here or around, you will get who I choose understood.”

Jonathan and Avery nodded without argument as they drove off back home to settle down have dinner,go about their usual days. Jana had finally got into her bedroom to unpack as she saw the pictures of her and Angel still up as she walked around the room to take them down one at a time she heard on a knock on the door as she said,

“Come in.”

Martha peeped through then came in slowly as she just stood at the door replying,

“Jana, I was just coming to tell you that the kids are doing their homework before going into school tomorrow and house is cleaned along with dinner. Are you okay?”

Jana looked at Martha as tears started falling holding a picture of the family together during the summer months. Martha came up to Jana holding her from behind whispering,

“It’s time to move on darling, she has too. It had a good run for a while.”

Jana turned around in Martha’s arms whispering back,

“I don’t know how to let go of a lover, she was my one and only for the longest time.”

Martha took the photo setting it down on the nightstand as she held Jana listening to her tears fall silently, she didn’t dare kiss the woman after the last time which ended in hurt. They just sat on the bed holding one another. Martha lightly guided her hands through Jana’s short hair keeping her calm from the trembling shakes that vibrated them both. Martha wanted to hurt Angel from hurting Jana but thing is Angel has no idea what she has done either.

Jana sat up from the tears wiping them away saying,

“Thank you Martha for letting me cry I needed that. I do need to move on just like Angel ran off to her first love way before I came along even though she’s the only reason I am lesbian now.”

Martha smiled brushing Jana’s bangs out of her face replying,

“That I give Angel much,much,much credit for since you were straight long before realizing you were lesbian.”

Jana shook her head laughing responding,

“Actually I didn’t know if I was even straight before Angel came along that is the whole reason she made realize I was beautiful in my own way and that she made me believe in myself.”

Martha nodded replying,

“Now, I can see why you loved her so much, she had remarkable tributes about herself including helping another woman come out of the closet so to speak.”

Jana smiled and agreed as her thoughts finally went back to the first time she met Angel that night was very beautiful with her blonde hair blowing in the breeze,her smile,her beautiful figure, Angel was literally a angel.

Martha loved Jana’s smile but knew that had to get sleep so she got up from the bed to leave Jana grabbed her wrist saying,

“I know we started off bad before but can you please just stay and cuddle me tonight only, I haven’t been held since Angel left so I’d like for you to stay with me tonight please?”

Martha gave a lopsided grin replying,

“Sure Jana, what are friends for right?”

Jana nodded responding,


Jana got up to leave the room saying,

“I am going to kiss the kiddo’s goodnight I’ll be right back, go ahead and get comfortable.”

Martha nodded as she watched Jana leave the room though she was to nervous to even get into that bed it felt like she was invading her own coworkers space. Jana had never meant any harm to Martha and they had gone off on the wrong foot several times but managed to work it out. Martha just was very unsure as Jana came back in the room still surprised saying,

“Martha you didn’t have to wait for me, go on ahead and get into bed.”

Martha walked over to the side she assumed Angel slept on and got out of her clothes feeling her insecurities take over because she is a extremely big woman for her age. Jana didn’t look at her though so she climbed into the covers as Jana followed long an they cuddled until they fell asleep.

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