Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 3

Several weeks went by Jana’s ankle healed and they got to go to the adoption agency together to meet their caseworker. Turns out the caseworker Natalie Lancaster is a tall red head full of spit fire, with green eyes and white freckles on her skin that made her look gorgeous in the knee length red dress that brought out her thin features.

Natalie was all for Jana and Angel to adopt unfortunately the news got worse as the paperwork went on for hours. They couldn’t adopt children around the age of six to eight without siblings they wanted a kid or two but some had as many as six siblings or more it tore them apart. Because they didn’t want to split any family up including kids with all they had and having that many would cause of havoc.

So when they got back home Jana and Angel sat at home discussing if they should split kids up even if it is against their own wishes or not adopt until a lesser of children became available for them to have because they desperately wanted kids as much as pets but they couldn’t do either at the moment.

Jana got called into work as soon as Angel sat down to have coffee with just writing in her notebook. Jana found work at a Wedding Cake Bakery called Sweet Designs Bakery which is in downtown so she had to always use the truck and she worked all hours of the day. As for Angel she got to sit at home taking phone calls for advice columns in the paper that she did to keep busy since they only had one vehicle. It was called Morning Sun Newspaper she was kept extremely busy and missed working in her bookstore cafe Windsong back in Michigan this life has been a challenging when she is used to be in a dead town.

They were still waiting for Natalie to get a hold of them on any children being available but it seem to be a lost hope for either one. So after about a six month wait with working and what not they decided to drive to Kansas City and pick out two children that they thought would be perfect for them.

Jana was so excited she couldn’t sit still to meet the children that are in foster care waiting to be taken home, she called off work just so they can get it done. They have done cleared the spare bedroom making it clear for the two kids to be welcomed and hoping they enjoy their new home with two mom’s.

Angel looked over at Jana saying,

“Baby, you have to calm down, we don’t even know what these kids look like.”

Jana couldn’t contain herself as she replied,

“I know I just love kids so much and we have been waiting forever to meet any this would be amazing just to see what they look like.”

Angel agreed responding,

“I just hope these kids aren’t going to rebel to bad on us since their parent’s left them.”

Jana knew that was a heart breaking point for her but this was the opportunity to meet some amazing kids who might have the same interest as they do and might be able to carry on their bookstore cafe when they get it reopened in Roseland.

Natalie told them that she was meeting with them at one of the foster care center’s right in downtown Kansas City since that is where most are located at the moment not very many outside of town. So when they arrived at Crittenton Children’s Center, Jana and Angel couldn’t wait any longer to get inside to see the kids but the lawyers and Natalie wouldn’t let them see the kids yet as they had to file out custody for whichever children they took and knowing it was going to be battle if parent’s got involved later.

Finally, they were done with paperwork as some chubby lady with black hair,dark reddish eyes,pure white skin and had worn all black named Stella Blackstone called for two kids Avery Bowman and Jonathan Bowman as they came through the door both kids looked shy and unresponsive. They took a seat across from Jana and Angel as both ladies tried to greet the two young ones but neither gave into greeting and held each others hands tightly expecting the worse.

Avery was a little brunette child around six years old she had hazel eyes stood about three feet seven inches tall and weighed about thirty-eight pounds, Jonathan was also a brunette child looked to be about eight or nine years old with brown eyes stood a bit taller than his sister at five feet two inches tall and about forty-six pounds. They were petite children for sure but very beautiful as Jana and Angel both said,

“We will take these two.”

Natalie spoke first,

“Wouldn’t you like to see the other children before just deciding on these two.”

Angel and Jana looked at each other as Angel spoke,

“No ma’am we want these two, they are perfect.”

Natalie nodded her head and Stella heaved a sigh of relief as if she was glad to get rid of them that was when Jana stood up saying,

“Stella, why did you just relieved a sigh?”

Stella looked around then whispered in Jana’s ear,

“Because these two don’t mind me and keep to themselves, hopefully you two will have a better luck.”

Jana whispered back,

“Do I care to know their history or is that for us to find out?”

Stella looked at the children then back at Jana whispering in return,

“Best for you to find out because they don’t talk to us, as far as we know they’ve been abandoned on the street.”

Jana nodded as she told Angel in whispers the same thing and they both smiled at the children then Angel spoke up,

“Okay, Jonathan and Avery you are coming home with us go pack your clothes and such.”

Jonathan held Avery’s hand a little tight as he struggled to speak replying,

“Miss, how do we know you are taking us to a better home and not separating us?”

Angel walked over to the boy kneeling down on her knees as she looked at both innocent faces responding,

“Because me and my girlfriend believe in you two having happiness as well.”

After that response both kids left to get their things in and came back quickly with their stuff. That was the happiest moment Jana and Angel could live for is two wonderful children. They drove home discussing how the rules work and that they will be sharing a room temporarily until they can make room in the basement for Jonathan since he’s the oldest and deserves his own room just like Avery will once they get situated.

As they all four got home Angel realized she was wrong they didn’t have a second bed in the spare bedroom so she looked over at Jonathan saying,

“Sweetie, I hope you don’t mind being on the couch until we get your room downstairs ready? It won’t take us long to remove the books and everything that we have down there it is already practically a room just without a bed and no closet or bathroom.”

Jonathan shrugged replying,

“It’s no worries Miss, I can manage on the couch.”

Angel knelt down to Jonathan responding,

“You can call me Angel and she is Jana, we are pleased that you treat us well for being new to us, young man that is true gentlemen like.”

Avery came storming down the hall racing to Jonathan saying,

“Bubba, come look at my room it is a pretty purple my favorite color.”

Jonathan smiled replied,

“Okay little sis I’ll come look.”

They both went off to the purple room as Avery called it and Jana looked at Angel saying,

“Well they are full of energy, Avery especially.”

Angel smiled replying,

“That she is and he is going to be one tough cookie just like you.”

They both laughed as Avery and Jonathan came out to see what was funny. Jonathan walked over to Jana saying,

“ is huge.”

Avery nodded in response,

“Yes it is. Oh, I am six by the way so this is going to be cool growing up here.”

Jonathan nudged his sister whispering something to her as he replied also,

“I am nine, our parents wanted us close in age not sure as to why, I liked being an only child but Avery is special to me as a sister.”

Angel and Jana smiled as they hugged them both then Angel replied,

“We are just happy to have you both as our children and in time you can call us mom or momma or whatever you choose we will be happy.”

Jana agreed then she saw both kids yawn after a very long day knowing they needed to be cleaned and rested up as Jana spoke,

“I can give Avery a bath if Jonathan can manage to get his own shower before we put them to bed also brush their teeth, thankfully we fed them on the way back home.”

Angel helped Jonathan get ready for his shower adjusting the shower just right for him as she heard Jana and Avery giggling and carrying on for bath time. Jonathan tapped on Angel’s shoulder saying,

“I am a little embarrassed but can you help me get out of my pants the last place really tightened them and I can’t get out of them on my own.”

Angel nodded feeling a little shy as she helped him out that was when she went to the kitchen grabbing a pair of scissors to release the pants from the young boy seeing as she felt that she could cry seeing the red marks all over his waist line from the strangle he had. After that she took the scissors back to the kitchen and left Jonathan to cleaning himself off and getting ready for bed.

Angel heard Jana call for her as she went to Avery’s bedroom seeing that the little girl was already tucked into bed then Jana pulled her over whispering,

“Time to start doing hugs and kisses goodnight for our new little angel’s.”

Angel agreed as she gave Avery a kiss on the forehead and hugged her then whispering,

“Sweet dreams little darling.”

Then Jana did the same as they both left the room with the door cracked open then heard little Avery start to breath at a good pace with small snores every now and then.

Angel and Jana headed to the living room to wait on Jonathan to come down the stairs but he never came as they went up stairs to their room and into the bathroom to see Jonathan crying saying,

“I am sorry Jana and Angel, none of these clothes fit me and I’m too embarrassed to come out of the bathroom, do you have anything I can wear?”

Angel looked at Jana as Jana replied,

“No sweetheart, we don’t have any boy clothes for you, what is your size? And I’ll go to my parent’s a few doors down to see if my dad has any spare clothes until we go to the store tomorrow.”

Jonathan had Jana kneel down to his level as he whispered his sizes to her that was when she whispered to Angel it and nodded, Angel sat with Jonathan until Jana returned with some over night clothes thankfully it didn’t take her long to get any from her father since the little boy was freezing just sitting there with a towel wrapped around him.

They let Jonathan get dressed as they went back downstairs to wait for him as they heard him come down the stairs Angel and Jana got up from the couch to give him his space to lay down and as he did, he looked at them both saying,

“Thank you for taking me and my sister in, we have had a rough road including with many other foster parent’s. Avery always ended up abused even from our own parent’s and our parent’s tried to get me high on drugs with them when I was her age and I wouldn’t have it, that was when my dad killed my mom and almost killed us too if it weren’t for someone calling the law we would have never survived. My dad had found a gun in my mom’s drawer and used it on her then himself. We have recovered from those days but as it is me and Avery are going to be handful some days due to being scared though we mean no harm. Anyways, thank you again.”

Angel and Jana sobbed a bit then kissed Jonathan on the head and hugged him for comfort knowing he trusted them. Angel and Jana headed to their room just sitting quietly without saying a word as to how they adopted kids who could have been killed by even a single parent including being high on drugs this was the worst case they both have heard and they haven’t even made a dent into the kids of who they are besides Avery loving purple and adoring her big brother, Jonathan is just a young boy trying to care for his sister when others wouldn’t.

As the evening went on they could hearing small whimpers from Jonathan that was when Angel took lead and went downstairs to wake Jonathan up as she did he hugged her and cried then released himself that was when Jana could hear Jonathan explaining the nightmare of everything that he went through as a young child. He settled down with some warm milk and went right to sleep then not long after Jana and Angel were too exhausted to handle themselves and went to bed.

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