Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 32

After several weeks went by going into Winter which made it very cold for Jana her memories cuddling with Angel would be the best. One late evening Tamera came knocking on Jana’s door as Jana answered it she saw Tamera smiling saying,

“I know it’s very late but I can’t help worrying about you out here. I know you also said that you had a girlfriend and kids it’s just that...I can’t stop thinking about you every chance I get. My dad has told me millions of times not to get to clingy with a customer especially when you barely know them but Jana I feel closer to you even changing you into Jenny. I guess what I am trying to say is I have a deep crush on you and I would hope one day you come back and be with me instead, hopefully your kids will like me.”

Jana hugged Tamera they’ve became good friends since the reporting happened even though it is still all over the news for her the cops have only been here once not finding her in any of the rooms. Jana badly wanted to give Tamera a chance but knowing leaving Martha would be even harder since they just worked everything to where Martha could meet her without being recognized either the law has been to their place several times asking for her even barricaded their home just to find her. The kids have called her at least three times a week through her new phone just to talk about school and everything.

Jana just decided to reply since Tamera was sitting there fidgeting waiting for an answer,

“Tamera, you have become a great friend in such a few weeks and I adore you for it. Thing is my girlfriend Martha will be visiting here soon, I just can’t be with you both and I am not ever going to be over my first love Angel since her ex girlfriend Scarlett had changed her into someone she’s not supposed to be. I am glad you have feelings for me it shows that you do like someone and my children would surely adore you.”

Tamera nodded responding,

“Didn’t you tell me at one point your kids didn’t like her though? So why be with someone that your kids don’t like?”

Jana held her smile replying,

“Because children can’t always pick and choose your life partners, this is where I am known to just stick to my gut. Martha adores my children even when they dislike her so much but I’ll never give up on her so easily she’s been there for me since Scarlett has been around and she is my support.”

Tamera took a deep breath responding again,

“But it is your children’s choice really not yours. Be with me for the time you are here and than you can let your kids decide who’s the better choice for them me or Martha? Come on please,please,please,please...”

Jana sighed heavily replying,

“Let me think about it alright because I’m not sure how long I’ll even be here.”

Tamera jumped for joy replying,

“You got it, this is going to be so much fun and don’t worry if we’re going out in public I’ll call you Jenny or Jennifer.”

Even Jana wasn’t sure she wanted to leave this hotel since the cops were out looking for her then she recalled that she could go live with the Wormwood’s depending on Harold and it’d give her a even further distance from Roseland. Jana decided to let her stay the night since it was really late as it was coming close to midnight. Tamera ended up on the other bed because Jana wasn’t going to have Tamera sleep next to her since she needed more time to think on this and needed to talk to her kids first to see what they thought.

Flashing forward from that night Martha never came around when she was supposed to claiming that business has picked or some excuse and as for the kids they thought the idea of her dating Tamera Wormwood sounded better than being with Martha Ballinger so she had to decide when it’d be best to cut ties with Martha for good because they didn’t even make love and every time she brought it up, she just wanted to wait for the year to come. Not that a relationship is completely based on making love but it helps the relationship become more stable.

After two months of being alone with her girlfriend not appearing at the hotel Jana finally cut ties with Martha calling it quits especially not even making an effort to see her with more and more excuses. By spring time she moved in with the Wormwood’s dating Tamera which had become more fun since the girl kissed her every chance she got and showed her the meaning of a true relationship. Jana’s mom would bring the kids over to see her and they all three got along.

Jana still was on the run with constant updates of her whereabouts not even Martha ever spilled though Martha has no clue that she’s moved in with the Wormwood’s. Tamera and her would go see movies and everything including hanging out with her friends introducing her as Jenny since it sounded better than Jennifer. One night out on a dinner date Tamera smiled sweetly saying,

“It has been so wonderful being with you and sharing our lives together, can I ask of you to make love to me once and for all this evening? I am not asking you to forget your first love for when you two did it but to make you feel the love between us.”

Jana blushed so hard that it made her thought Tamera was proposing though that wasn’t the case it was just to simply make love. Jana did truly miss making love to Angel aka Annabel but it is time to make a move on a better life until she can decide her fate with Annabel. Jana finally replied,

“Yes, we can sweetheart, thank you for not downing me because of my thoughts of my one and only true love wherever she may be.”

After that evening they went home in silence enjoying a nice quiet ride home they used her car more than the truck which she had her mom take back so she can stay hidden. Jana made amends on staying hidden for until she felt it was safe to go back to Roseland but it didn’t seem that was ever going to happen with Scarlett’s lie.

What will happen with Jana?

Will Annabel and Jana come together?

What is going on with Jonathan and Avery?

To be continued...

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