Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 5

After several long weeks Jonathan got his room, both kids are enjoying school with their new teachers and friends that they have made. Angel snuck off a few times leaving Jana with the kids as she went ring shopping which excited her more to find something that would melt Jana again with officially engagement then within a year or so get married. It would make her and their angel’s happy for sure. Jonathan and Avery have started calling them both mom’s or momma depending on who they spoke with either way it made them both happy along with seeing that the kids have warmed up to them.

Angel did find out their birthday’s one is coming up very shortly August 24th that is Avery’s and Jonathan’s is June 15th. That made her happy to see that their birthday’s were in Summer months which meant more fun in the sun not unless in school of course fact being Avery’s.

Avery is a well behaved six year old that loves to color,paint,play with dolls,go outside, and all around fun little girl. Jonathan is more advanced he loves to draw anime from like Dragon Ball Z,Pokemon and such anything that thrills him, he does love riding his bike in the evening when Avery is in bed, go to his buddies houses over night,gaming is his specialty especially since they got him a Nintendo DS to play personally with headphones, and he is a great kid all around.

Jana and Angel loved the kids and what they did to make them happy. Angel told the kids in private that she was going to engage Jana without her knowing so they had to keep a secret.

The day went on searching for that perfect ring that would make Jana in heaven when she came across a unique jewelry shop downtown that read Bud Benelli Jewelry Store it had all the latest rings inside and she wanted to find one that fit Jana’s personality too. So she walked around each glass case seeking the one would be right when a gentlemen came up saying,

“Hello Miss, Can I help you find something?”

Angel looked up scanning the gentleman seeing that he wore a suit and tie that he had his hair styled with gel, it made her squirm a bit but she just kept calm replying,

“Yes, I am looking for a ring for my partner I plan on proposing to her soon.”

The gentlemen backed away a bit then stable himself against the counter responding,

“So you are the lesbian’s in this town that has everyone curious and parading around with two kids.”

Angel lifted her head from looking at the rings then stood up firmly replying,

“Yes we are, your point um...John?”

John stood still against the glass giving Angel a pissed off look responding,

“Just leave my store Miss, you have no business being in here.”

Angel just shrugged and walked to the next jeweler she could find after that prick gave her a go around for being with a woman and so called “lesbian” with being Jana seriously...what happen to no label’s an being ourselves.

As she kept walking she found a jeweler that had rainbow rings in it that seem to catch her eyes and should symbols of two women and love it made her happy to see them but they were wedding rings not engagement so she moved to the next section that had even more beautiful rings that were singly placed which meant engagement rings so she saw a lady come up saying,

“Welcome to Love Is Define, how may I help you today?”

Angel felt very welcome by this woman as she lifted her head to take a peek the woman was dressed in a rainbow shirt and tie with black slacks and black shoes, she had light makeup on and beautiful blonde bob cut that stood her out as a lesbian but she wasn’t to rude as she told the woman,

“Yes, I am looking for a engagement ring for my girlfriend?”

The woman smiled responding,

“I am Grace by the way, I am sure I can find something just hold on, what is your girlfriend like?”

Angel went into daydream replying,

“She loves our kids,loves flowers,has the most beautiful soft skin a woman could touch, her lips are soft against mine, her eyes shimmer when we look at each other, she is just amazing.”

Grace came back with a gorgeous blue sapphire stone in the center of the heart it was a small heart but just enough to make it stand out and with white stones around the heart it was perfect in every way imaginable just as close to the promise ring she gave last year. Angel held the ring close to her looking at the stainless steal and every little detail as she replied,

“Grace this is perfect, how can you figure from what little detail I gave to that ring?”

Grace winked responding,

“Because she sounds like the woman I would want to be with. Let’s go purchase this so you can get ready to propose soon at least I hope you are very soon.”

Angel gave her a wink in return replying,

“Very soon actually by next week is the estimate since we will be two years together at that point, this year has flown by so quickly in our lives.”

Grace patted her hand responding,

“Well it must be the best to have you come in and order this for her. I hope you will bring her in next time for the wedding ring sets along with your kids.”

Angel smiled replying,

“I will for sure, thank you for helping me.”

Grace nodded watching Angel walk away as she knew that, that woman won’t be back any time soon to buy something else.

Angel walked back happily to the truck as soon as she reached it she saw markings all over it spewing get out of town,no gays allowed,hated for life and it just got worse as Angel texted Jana saying that she’ll be home soon that she had to clean the truck again due to hatred. Angel got to the car wash and cleaned the truck all the way around in tears feeling the hurt from other people getting to her.

Angel finished cleaning the truck as she headed home to go see Jana and the kids, she needed to see her family badly after a bad day from ignorant people. That was when she came up with a plan to surprise Jana when she pulled into a liquor store to look at what she could find that would be proper for the engagement while the kids slept. As she wandered around Angel found white wine that would taste good from Sutter Homes.

After she paid for the wine, she went quickly to a flower shop to find blue daffodil that Jana loved so much it was her favorite flower to see blossom in a white vase. She paid for the flowers and headed home to see Jana as she was anxious to engage her that evening, she wanted to hold off but knew that she had to get it done now or she’d hate herself for not doing it sooner.

When Angel arrived at home she could see that she had to sneak the flowers and wine inside without Jana knowing so it doesn’t spoil the surprise since she had to do it in the backyard to get a table set and such that was when she had a idea to go put the flowers and wine through the back stashing in a plant to keep them cold until she got a cooler from their kitchen.

Angel did just that then walked inside like nothing is going on as she kissed Jana then called her kids to her bedroom before Jana climbed the steps as the plan went Jonathan and Avery distracted Jana until everything was set up then to head to bed after guiding Jana to the backyard for the surprise engagement.

After having the kids distract Jana with anything they could come up with Angel got to work setting the surrounding with flowers,candle light and chilling the wine in a bucket as she could see Avery peeking out the window to see the progress. Angel grabbed the ladder and set the streamers they had around the yard then rushing inside to grab her small boombox that holds Cd’s and grabbed her Cd’s then hurried outside to get that set up on a chair with extension cord to keep the music playing that was when she realized their wasn’t much bright light to show the area that was when she found Christmas lights in the attic then getting back on the ladder setting them up around the square she made with the streamers.

Angel gave Avery the thumbs up as she quickly put a blindfold on Jana than her and Jonathan left her in the kitchen until Angel was ready to get her, her nerves were already on set from earlier but she stayed calm as much as she could, she decided it was time to bring Jana outside so she went inside the house to the kitchen and heard Jonathan reading Avery a book to get her to sleep. Angel stood Jana up whispering,

“I hope you are ready for your surprise my love?”

Jana relaxed then whispered back,

“You know I hate surprises but it must be important to have our children distract me this evening especially way after their bedtime.”

Angel had a sly smirk on her face knowing the kids did a good job as she whispered,

“I am slowly guiding you to the backyard so listen to me as I guide you babe.”

Angel slowly guided Jana to the backyard as they went through their back door then Angel sat Jana down by the table removing her blindfold as Jana gasped saying,

“Sweetheart, oh my goodness this is beautiful and you got us white wine for what occasion may I ask?”

That was when Angel brought out a small black box getting down on one knee in front of Jana reciting the words she has prepared for them both saying,

“Jana,my one true best friend,love,mother to our children and more, I want to know out of all the love in my heart if you would be my wife?”

Jana had tears well up in her eyes as she replied,

“Angel, YES,YES,YES!!! I will be your wife.”

Angel placed the ring on Jana’s left finger then stood up to hug and kiss her with passion even more than they thought could happen. Angel called out Jonathan and Avery that was when Jana showed them the ring they hugged both their mom’s with excitement then went back inside to go back to bed to know celebrating comes tomorrow with them.

After they tucked their children into bed, Angel and Jana went to enjoy some slow dancing together then drank a bit of wine as Angel shut down everything and they went inside to go to bed to make love until their bodies couldn’t anymore.

Jana woke up to see a beautiful ring on her hand couldn’t believe her and Angel are engaged now she just had to figure out if she could tell her parent’s that they are engaged and is finally feeling able to come out as a lesbian since she got with Angel, she never could see herself with a man again and thankfully she didn’t lose her virginity to one.

Jana kissed Angel on the cheek then got up to get her morning started since she had to be at work though it wasn’t Windsong it was a wonderful wedding bakery that she enjoyed selling massive wedding cakes for people to enjoy. They did agree that Angel would be the stay at home mom until the kids got a little older even though they are in school and take a bus back an forth to save her the time to get to work on time, Jana couldn’t be happier with the way life worked out.

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