Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 7

Jana had trouble concentrating at work that following week knowing Scarlett could come around again just to get Angel wrapped around her and which it wouldn’t be long for sure before their engagement falls apart because of Angel trusting Scarlett so close but she knew she had to be strong to keep the engagement going and show Angel that Scarlett isn’t a friend she wanted.

Jana felt a tap on her shoulder as she saw it was her boss saying,

“Jana, you know daydreaming on the shift isn’t allowed you need to focus on our costumers.”

Jana nodded as she saw Martha walk away. Martha Ballinger has blonde curly hair with deep dark hazel eyes also white skin, she is a bit heavy set for being five feet two inches tall and two hundred thirty pounds.

The wedding bakery has been amazing and she can’t wait for her an Angel to order a cake from it too. Jana loved working it’s just she was so worried about Angel and having trouble with discussing the kids with a last name change so they all share the same one since the kids parents died several years ago leaving them in this crazy world.

Martha has told Jana that she could own the bakery some day just to give her something to keep focus on but in Jana’s heart she really missed Windsong that her an Angel made a living with before coming out here to start over.

As Jana sat the last cake in the window for opening her phone went off as she looked at it, it wasn’t a number she had seen before so she picked it up saying,


The voice spoke in reply,

“Hi, is this Jana?”

Jana didn’t recognize the voice at all then replying,

“Yes it is.”

The voice shook as the person responding,

“Good, I am Jonathan and Avery’s grandmother, you are probably surprised to hear from me in which I understand completely but I am calling to ask how my grand-babies are? By the way my name is Sandra Bowman.”

Jana cleared her throat knowing this was going to happen eventually as she replied,

“Um...yes, Jonathan and Avery are doing great, loving school,making great friend and loving me and my fiancee to pieces.”

Sandra struggled to speak as she responded,

“Good to hear, I miss them babies but I couldn’t take them in, I am in bad shape as it is and I knew they deserved better than what I could give them. So glad you and your man have taken them babies.”

Jana tried not to laugh at the lady assuming she was with a man so she replied,

“Yes, we love them and have shown them love that no other could. Oh yes, I am with a woman not a man but thank you anyways.”

Sandra on the other breathed a heavy sigh responding,

“I am sorry didn’t know my grand-kids were with lesbians the paperwork didn’t say when I got a hold of them. I am hoping you and your fiance can come to Maryland so I can see them again, I truly do miss them.”

Jana had to hurry up with the phone call as she replied,

“Sandra, I am sure me and my fiance can make arrangements let me speak with her but I must go I am at work and need to get back since it isn’t even break time.”

Sandra sighed again responding,

“Of course, thank you again and have a great day.”

That was Sandra clicked off as Jana placed her phone in the back pocket as she turned around Martha raised her eyebrow saying,

“You need to come to my office.”

Jana bowed her head as she walked behind her boss then as they got to the hallway she felt Martha nudge her some more as they reached the office Martha had to unlock the door then had Jana sit down in the leather chairs.

Martha placed herself in front of Jana with her structure leaning against the desk seeing her legs revealed with smooth grace upon them and the heels perfectly around her feet as she cleared her throat saying,

“Jana, quit staring at me I am not here to be seduced to this somewhat attraction you have towards me from what your co-workers are saying...anyways why were you on the phone during your shift? Sweet Designs Bakery takes a lot of hours to prepare for morning and you know this.”

Jana couldn’t get her mind off the fact her baby’s grandmother had called and didn’t get to know the woman well so in the back of her mind she knew to save the number later. Jana then focused on Martha with those hazel eyes and her busty breasts that looked gorgeous every day as she replied,

“I am sorry Martha, I do love working here truly I do, I had a surprise call from the kids grandma that lives in Maryland so i wasn’t expecting it and picked it up. The only reason I have been daydreaming is because my fiance’s ex girlfriend Scarlett Thomas is in this town and has made it hell for us, she wants Angel and Angel loves me.”

Martha walked closer to Jana then placed her hands on the chair and leaned down staring at Jana with deep look of curiosity as if kissing Jana would solve anything that was when Martha stood straight up an adjusting her skirt replying,

“So, this isn’t about me at all as I see. Okay, you are clear on that. For Scarlett harassing you both, I am sorry but work comes first and glad the kids grandmother got a hold of you but please don’t answer your phone until break or call that person back later this shop means a lot to me and I can’t have everyone texting,playing or answering calls during shift’s it is important to be ready for customers.”

Jana nodded in agreement as she stood up to leave Martha grabbed her arm turning her around and then planted a kiss right on Jana’s lips as she try to shove Martha off, she wanted her boss yes but not this way. Jana pushed Martha back harder then took a deep breath saying,

“Alright you kissed me, are you better now? because I would like to get back to work since this job is what keeps my family going and yes I find you attractive but I can’t be involved with you since I am going to be married eventually.”

Martha lowered her head then responded,

“Yes, yes that felt amazing and I am sorry for doing that I just had to know, you are the only lesbian in this job at least I assume you are the way you prance around here. But go, get out of my office before we end up doing a lot more that might leave me regretful.”

Jana walked out without a word as she quickly went to the bathroom to clean off her lips from the lipstick that wasn’t hers and place on hers along with some dab of perfume to hopefully get her bosses smell off after she was done, she went back to the main floor then opening the shop seeing customers lined up.

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