Annabel's Fate Volume 1

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Chapter 9

Scarlett has been planning to kidnap Angel for a long time just to win her heart even though she didn’t expect her to fall in love with another chick especially this Jana woman and have kids to bond with that was her life now that they are engaged it has made it more complicated for Scarlett to get Angel so when they willingly came to agreement to let her go with Scarlett it was in the back of her mind completely.

Scarlett now has Angel and is glad to be willing to make this woman suffer the loss of her beloved Jana,Jonathan and Avery. Scarlett was super happy that Angel willingly gave in after they had sex and Jana caught them finally but they didn’t argue when they went upstairs which was odd, so now she has to wonder what them two have planned.

For now Scarlett is enjoying her sweet play toy, she hated beating up Angel but the woman wouldn’t stop bringing up that disgusting chick Jana that has stole her away. So now that they are on the way to Rose County,Michigan to relive their romance that shouldn’t have left them as long as Angel doesn’t steal the car.

Angel spoke softly,

“Scarlett, why must I suffer? I have stopped loving you when my mother disapproved of you abusing me and everything.”

Scarlett scoffed replying,

“Angel, your mom can’t stop who you love and neither can you, so now I am making you my wife and we will be happy together. By the way, I wasn’t abusing you I was showing you how much you mean to me.”

Angel rolled her eyes at that responding,

“I am not going to take this bullshit Scarlett, I am only willingly going to you is because...because I felt the need to show you that Jana is a good woman for me.”

Scarlett looked in the rear view mirror replying,

“You aren’t going to forget that woman are you? I mean seriously what does she have that I don’t?”

Angel tried not to laugh at the stupidity of Scarlett but knew to be nice so she responded,

“She treats me the way I should be treated even though we have only been together a year and several months.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes at that response as she replied,

“Only a year seriously? We were together all through High School and you disappeared off the world far as I was concern since I thought we were getting married.”

Angel had to laugh this time with a response,

“Scarlett you abused me how was I supposed to handle that with marriage.”

Scarlett drove for over ten hours and still had more to go before they arrived and she was ready to beat Angel over the head some more to make her forget about who she is an everything that involved her life before.

Though Scarlett came up with dangerous thoughts as time passed on as Angel complained about missing Jana and the kids it was getting to Scarlett badly that she was ready to just ditch the woman but she couldn’t because she wanted her to love her more than anything in the world even if it meant replaying history of their love life in High School.

Angel’s mother had ditched her when she was in her teens for being a bisexual and attracted to women the thing was that Scarlett couldn’t see Angel as much as she wanted so she always snuck over to be with her girlfriend at the time, she had tried to convince Angel to run away with her but she never did even when she had the perfect job too at her bookstore cafe before it had a name to it.

Scarlett would always sneak over to Angel’s grandmother’s to see if she could at least sneak her away every chance she got but Angel always had excuses for being around her grandmother though her and Angel’s relationship lasted through High School but soon faded with reality and this wasn’t going to happen again.

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