Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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"Where do you think you're going?" He asked seriously pining her down with his intense gaze. The girl turned around glared at him through her squared big spectacles and large eyes. Looking oh so adorable. "I'm not telling you!" She huffed out. Her small nose scrunched up in distaste as she made a face at him like a child. He laughed out loud as his eyes twinkled with mischief making her glare at him with a poker face as she left him while mumbling names to him under her breath. ********* Zaroon Jawaid a 28 year old, hot sizzling doctor, not just any doctor but a cardiologist and not only that, he's a Mafia. A descent, calm, manipulative, cunning and charming man, who's a self made millionaire. Riya Adeel a 24 year old beautiful nerd with large squared glasses that cover half of her cute face. Her life revolves around books and duty. She became a striving eye specialist at such young stage. She only has an elder sister as a family. Her sister is a divorcee. *********

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“Just ten minutes." The girl mumbled groggily in her sleep as she was so tired to even notice where she just dozed off.

"Girl wake the hell up you're drooling on my shoulder!" Came the sharp voice of an unknown woman. It was so loud that girl jolted up instantly. She squinted and blinked her eyes several times to adjust her sight.

Her slender finger touched the middle of her spectacles as she adjusted that on the bridge of her tiny nose and then looked at the woman who was sitting beside her.

The girl gave a sheepish smile to the middle aged woman who just glared back. As soon as the woman looked away the girl dramatically rolled her eyes at the woman.

"Peace! I need you!" The girl spoke loud enough for the woman to hear. The middle aged woman glared at the girl. "Did you said something?" The woman asked annoyed.

The girl was looking outside the moving bus and then she abruptly shouted while standing up. "STOP!"

Everyone jolted on their places at her shrill voice. Aged people stared at her annoyed while young men stared at her amused.

"Stop the bus!" She shouted again moving out of her seat towards the bus's exit door as the aged driver glared at the girl for making him stop the bus at the point which is not the bus stop.

As soon as the bus stop, she came out of the bus huffing in irritation. She freaking missed her stop and now she’s two stop ahead of her destination.

Face palming her forehead, she yelled at her own self for falling asleep in a moving bus. What would’ve happened if that woman hadn’t wake her up. She would’ve ended on the other side of the city.

Shaking her head as if not wanting to imagine, she started walking back to reach her home. Her legs hurt and her body aches. She was continuously working last night non-stop due to her night shift.

Even tho she’s an eye specialist, she still do all the duties of a doctor with newbies. Which leads her in hectic duty and tough schedule but she’s happy about it. It’s her passion and her goal, which she’s leaving to some extent she thought.

It took her an hour of walking to reach her building. The sun was just pouring fire on her head all this while making her sweat furiously. Panting she made her way towards her apartment on the second floor.

The building is not that good but it’s not bad either. It’s fine for rental. The area is also fine. Which she could afford after all of their expenses. She wished to change their home when she’ll start earning more.

Panting she reached the door and ring the bell like a child continuously. A loud yell was heard from the other side. “Coming!” And then the door flew opened.

The girl literally barged in her apartment like a dying buffalo while getting rid of her shoes and popped herself down on couch. She threw her bag on the table, and removed her lab coat, placed her stethoscope on the side and open her almost wet sweaty hair from the bun as they cascaded down the couch on the floor as they were so long.

“Api? Api I need ice cold water.” The girl mumbled as she thanked Allah for the fans that provide air.

After few minutes her Api gave her a glass filled with normal cold water as the girl gulped it down slowly, not having much energy to quarrel why the water isn’t ice cold.

“Why are you panting as if you had run a marathon?” Asked her Api confused staring at the girl who just did indications and exaggerations with her hands not saying a word.

Api whose name is Shifa made a confused face at her younger sister’s odd behaviour. “Words Riya.” Shifa told her sternly making the exhausted girl to scrunch her nose in annoyance.

Riya adjusted her large squared spectacles. “I slept in the bus and woke up when the bus was already ahead two stops from my stop.” Riya told softly as she ready herself for the scolding and advices which started just as she predicted.

Shifa kept on scolding her at being careless, and then scaring her about all the what ifs and outcomes that could’ve happened just by her falling asleep and Riya silently took everything in.

When Shifa breathed in deeply. Riya smiles staring at her elder sister. Where as Riya is twenty four. Shifa is three years elder then her being twenty seven, but yet she looked like Riya’s twin.

“Are you done?” Riya asked smilingly, showing her perfect white teeth, making Shifa to shake her head at the girl.

“Api please make lunch, I’m starving.” Riya spoke with a pout to emphasise on her hunger.

Shifa smiled at her softly. “Go shower first. You smell like sweat!” Shifa told her with scrunched nose making Riya to glare at her sister.

She stood and went to her room. Took out her t-shirt and pyjamas from her cupboard. She went to the tiny attached restroom. Took her bath and felt refreshed and light. She came out of the restroom and dried her hair with her towel and then let them loose on her back as they cascaded down her hips, long, thick and beautiful with light highlights.

She loved her hairs and she loved to keep them long.

She wore her spectacles and went into the small lounge in which kitchen was attached.

There apartment was small two room apartment. Both sister had each room to themselves and there’s an open kitchen in the small lounge.

Only one couch is placed in front of small old looking TV which was of their mother’s dowry.

Riya sat on the floor where cushions were placed as she waited for Shifa to come. With in minutes Shifa came holding a tray of food filled with two club sandwiches and two glasses of mango shake.

Both the sisters ate in silence. As soon as they finished eating Riya performed her zuhar prayers, she told Shifa that she’s going to sleep and as soon as her body touched her single soft bed. Sleep consumed her into the world of peace.

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