Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 10

Riya woke up groggily and blinked several times to adjust her eyesight. She yawned and felt awkwardly awkward, if that even make sense.

"That was craziest the dream of my life!" She mumbled to herself in disbelief. Lord! How embarrassing, she behaved like an idiot in that dream, asking from your boss to marry you and kiss fudging scene was crazy. She never in a billion years want to dream something like that.

She slowly got up from her bed, shaking her head to forget that embarrassing dream and went into the restroom for her morning routine. She did her business and showered.

She changed into new set of clothes and came out of her room to met with delicious aroma of food. Shifa is a pure blessing. "Bring my breakfast honey?" Riya mused happily making Shifa to turn around and give her a look.

"What honey?" Riya mused making Shifa to roll her eyes as she placed the breakfast in the lounge and came along to join Riya in breakfast.

"Are you alright Ri?" Shifa asked concerned making Riya's brows to furrow. "Why won't I be alright?" Riya asked confused while munching on her food.

"Don't tell me you don't remember anything?" Shifa asked in exaggeration making Riya to be more confused.

"Remember what?" Riya's voice was low this time as her mind starts to work, and she prayed to her lord that it is not what she's thinking.

"You were trying to be a superhero yesterday, remember you used to tell me about that organs and black marketing stuff, you doubted Dr. Moiz and yesterday you kinda raided his office for evidence, but he found you, injected you with anesthesia and left with all the evidence." Shifa states everything.

"Then?" Riya asked with shallow breathing. "Then what? Dr. Salar found you unconscious in Moiz's office and Dr. Zaroon came, he carried you to his office." Shifa spoke in exaggeration.

"Then?" Riya asked gulping. "Then, I came to fetch you back home and let me tell you! You were behaving like a drunken idiot so Dr. Zaroon helped me and gave us a ride, and he carried you all the way up to your bed." Shifa informed.

"Thank God!" Riya spoke flustered, really happy and relieved that her sister didn't know what exactly transpired in Dr. Zaroon's office.

"What, thank God? Have some shame! That boss Zaroon of yours is such a nice and caring person and here you are always saying bad about him from past months!" Shifa scolded her as if she's a child.

"And, you dare try to be a superhero again because then I'll kill you with my own hands!" Shifa warned making Riya to chuckle lightly.

"It's not funny Riya! Take care of yourself girl, you are the only one I have." Shifa spoke softly making Riya to gave her a side hug, knowing that she worried her so much.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again." Riya spoke softly, making Shifa to hug her back.

Her appetite was long gone after this horrendous news, which she thought to be her dream just an hour ago. How in the world she'll face her boss now?

"I can't believe this shit!" Rehan spoke angrily with clenched jaw as the gang sat on the lunch table all tensed and sad.

Currently Riya is sitting with her friends in cafeteria. And they all were sad and shocked at the news of Moiz being an organ seller.

"I thought I knew him." Kiran spoke sadly and Saudah was silent as if hurt deeply and Salar was deep in thoughts.

"What if you got hurt?" Rehan spoke little angrily looking straight at Riya and it took her off guard and now the other three set of eyes were on them. She gave an awkward smile.

"I'm fine! Don't exaggerate." Riya spoke calmly trying to make it feel normal. "He's a criminal, he could've hurt you. What if it was a dagger, instead of that anesthesia injection?" He put forward his thoughts making her want to chuckle at his concern.

"Moiz was once our friend, I kind of knew he won't hurt me." She spoke softly making the other three to nod but Rehan wasn't convinced.

"Stop thinking so much. I'm fine now!" She spoke little annoyed now, she didn't like the attention which Salar, Saudah and Kiran were giving her along with Rehan.

Nobody said anything further as they changed the topic to something else and after lunch everyone left to their duties, last ones to leave the table was Rehan and Riya.

"I need to talk to you?" Rehan spoke little flustered while rubbing the nape of his neck. Riya faces him with raised eyebrows as if asking him to continue.

"W-will you go on a date with me?" He asked with nervousness and Riya was shocked to hear that, she really wasn't expecting that. "I-I always liked you but stayed quiet because I thought Moiz likes you and you also kind of likes him but I cannot hide my feelings anymore." Rehan stated.

Rehan is tall with tan complexion and lean body, his features are good and overall he looks handsome with those brown curly hairs. He belongs to a middle class family and is also a doctor. Perfect match for her, but is she ready? No!

"That's so sweet of you Rehan. I didn't like Moiz in that way, in fact I don't like anyone in that way but about the date, I'm not ready for this." She spoke softly, trying her best not to hurt his feelings.

Rehan let out a soft smile. "It's completely fine Riya, take all the time you want, I'll wait for you and I hope my confession won't affect our friendship?" Rehan asked little concerned.

Riya gave him an assuring smile. "Don't worry, it won't." With that said they both went to their work, not knowing that someone was drilling holes in their heads with his intense gaze.

Riya was doing her last checkup rounds when she bumped into someone. The corridor was almost empty. And as soon as her eyes met with that person's her mood soured, and she immediately tried to walk past that person but him being a perfect bastard hold her arm making her to jerk her arm away from his hold harshly.

"Oh! Little fire cracker, what a pleasant surprise?" Hassan spoke, who is none other than the ex-husband of her sister.

"Don't fucking touch me!" She hissed at his face, her eyes spilling fire and cursed purely this time, not using her own cursing words.

"Fire cracker is angry? Tell me how's your infertile sister doing? Still, childless or is she seeing few guys to get herself pregnant!" He hissed, his face was good but his heart was full of dirt, she wanted to claw his heart out.

"Don't fucking talk about my sister like that or else I'll rip your eyes out and play table tennis with it!" She hissed at his face, even tho he's tall, but she wasn't affected by him at all.

Her words infuriated Hassan, and he holds her upper arm in a seething grip and pulled her to him. "Leave me you bastard!" She hissed, and he raises his hand to shut her mouth but in next second he was away from her body like a flash and on the floor.

"What the fuck-" Before Hassan could complete his sentence, Zaroon hovered over him and start punching him like crazy.

Riya was shocked to the core. Zaroon was continuously punching Hassan and if he didn't stop he would kill him.

Riya immediately came and held Zaroon's shoulders to stop him, but he won't budge and when Riya heard the cracking sound of Hassan's jaw she cried out. "STOP! You'll kill him!" That is when Zaroon came out of his trance.

His red angry eyes looked at Riya's scared ones which were stuck at the bloody face of Hassan. On cue the security came and Zaroon orders them to throw this guy out.

Next thing Riya knows was Zaroon dragging her into his office and the closed the door shut, bolting it.

She stared at him shocked and scared. Why he bolted the door? The way he was beating Hassan was racking her mind again and again. It was as if someone possessed his body.

Her eyes were stuck on his bloody hand and Zaroon noticed it, he went to the attached restroom and washed his hands while breathing deeply. He needs to calm his fucking anger down.

He came out only to find her trying to open the locked door in a hurry. "Did I tell you to leave?"

His deep voice felt gruff, and she didn't want to face him at all. First because the intense things that happened yesterday and second because the thing that happened just minutes ago.

She took a deep breath and slowly turned around facing him. He was leaning on the table casually with his arms folded in front of his chest making his biceps to bulge out.

"Come here." He says calmly and motioned at her.

She breathed deeply again and took few steps forward now standing in front of him with two feet distance. His calm voice made her calm as well. He's not in rage anymore.

"Who was that guy?" Zaroon tried to sound as normal as possible but the way that guy was holding her close to him with her arm was racking his mind again and again, and he just wants to kill him.

Riya could easily say that it's her personal matter, and he didn't have to interfere in it but the sensible part of her brain tells her to elaborate the reality to her boss, and she did just that.

"He's Hassan, my elder sister's ex-husband. He was saying bad about my sister and I couldn't stand there and listen, so I cursed at that ridiculous man, and the rest you know." She told him calmly.

"Hmm." Was his plain reply as if he's deep in thoughts and decided to take that as a chance to leave but before she could take a step back, he spoke up.

"Stay away from Rehan!" He spoke sternly making her eyes to widen through those squared spectacles.

"Excuse me?" She asked little annoyed making him narrow his eyes. "You aren't excused!" He mused and next thing he holds her wrist and pulled her to him.

The force was so much that she came crashing on his chest. She gasped horrified and immediately tried to move away from him, but he immediately turned them around and now her hips were pressed against the table, and he was caging her between himself and the table.

"W-What I-is this behavior?" She asked sternly with her arms on her chest like shields so his chest won't touch hers.

"Few months ago, I told you that I like you Dr. Riya. I think I gave you enough time to ponder on my words." He mused making her breathing to labor because at that time their position was exactly similar and at the same place, like right now.

So he didn't confront her all this time regarding that issue because he thought he was giving her time to ponder on this matter, for what?

"Y-you needed t-the psychiatrist." She blurted out immediately, her heart was thudding in her ears.

"Oh, yes! I've consulted with the psychiatrist, he says I'm in love." Zaroon mused making her eyes to broaden even more if possible. Those gray eyes looked mesmerizing to him.

Zaroon was closer to her face, just inches away. "What's say, let's complete our yesterday's stunt. You were about to kiss-" She didn't let him complete his statement and pushed him with all the force she has, and he stumbled back while chuckling.

She was blushing red as she ran towards the door and out of his office as if struck by lightening.

She immediately finished her work. Her mind was thinking of the two proposals she got today. Oh, lord! She's on demand, but she cares? Nah!

But she can't deny her vital signs. When she was with Rehan she was normal but when she was with sir, her brain stopped working, her body felt fuzzy, there's that excitement and anticipation that racked her form, his damn intoxicating cologne, that powerful personality and that dominating alpha aura.

"Shut it Riya!" She scolds herself walking in the parking lot towards the bus.

"Now, I think it's me who needs a psychiatrist!" She spoke to herself angrily, while walking.

Then, all of a sudden an arm wrapped around her stomach and a cloth was placed on her mouth, making her eyes to widen.

She knows it's chloroform and tried her best to keep holding her breath and struggled but when her lungs started to burn, she in reflex action took in a large gulp of breath and her consciousness started to loosen.

Her spectacles fell on the floor, glass breaking as the person placed the limp body of Dr. Riya in the van and speeds away.

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