Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 11

Riya groaned out in pain as severe headache racked her mind. It was as if someone was digging mines inside her head. She tried to massage her temples to ease the pain but her hands felt restricted and that is when her eyes shot opened in shock and confusion.

The first thing she was met with was utter darkness and a light bulb was swinging above her head. Nothing was being seen beyond the small light of the bulb in which only she was visible where she was sitting on the chair and her wrists were restricted with ropes on the chair, practically digging ropes in her flesh. Even the slightest of struggling was painful.

The flashes of that strong hold on her form and the fact that someone drugged her and kidnapped her was horrific making her thoughts to run a millennium per second.

She sat there for lord knows how long. She didn't have the courage in her to scream like an idiot and inform her kidnappers that she's wide awake now, and they can proceed with the processing of her ransom or whatever they want, only if she knows.

She decided to sit quietly there, waiting and thinking with all the scenarios which can help her in escape but sadly there wasn't any good plan at her sleeves right now.

She looked for her bag all around her and sadly her bag was also missing, she could've used her pepper spray but that was only possible if her hands were free.

The room was so cold, her legs were also tied, but she took off her shoes with utter struggling and touched the floor. It was cold which means she's in some sort of basement and it's nighttime. She was out cold for so many hours.

Shifa must be hell worried about her! And her friends would've been searching for her only if they got to know that she's missing.

She was struggling once in a while with her ropes, but only ends up hurting herself. Her skin became tender and red as if any moment the blood will start leaking out from her skin. She was still hissing and struggling with the roads when the door from the far corner bursts opened making her jump in her place as she still on the spot.

She saw few men coming inside but there was so much darkness that she can't see their faces, she can only make out their form and sadly her glasses were also missing, but that didn't mean she can't see.

The first person came to stand in front of her while four other men came and stand in each corner of the room, far away from light so won't see them. The door was shut closed and her heart starts beating faster. The person who was standing in front of her just few feet away was facing her.

She took in a deep breath and mustered up her courage to speak. "If you want ransom then I'm sorry to say this I'm really poor instead of being a doctor. So there's no use of keeping me as captive. You can kidnap my boss. He's hefty rich, he even has an Audi." Riya tried to be calm but her nerves were wrecking.

The person let out a loud laugh making her eyes to broaden to that of saucers cause she knows that laugh all too well.

"M-Moiz!" She stuttered in almost disbelief.

Moiz who was laughing at her words came forward to show his face in light. He was smiling at her, and she didn't know whether she should be scared about it or laugh at it. And her being weird in head gave him an awkward loud laugh which made his smile wiped off his face.

And it made her to shut her mouth abruptly followed by awkward silence.

"What a pleasant surprise Moiz." She spoke chuckling, trying to sound normal and casual, wishing from her heart that he would just say 'Oh! Riya, what a pleasant surprise, long time no see, eh!'

"You shouldn't have tried to expose me Riya. Everything was going so smooth. Why the fuck you tried to interfere in my business!" Moiz roared making her flinch back as she stared at him shocked, every emotion of her was replaced by utter anger and her hands clenched into fists.

"Your business!" She spat venomously with clenched teeth. "You were selling organs of dead patients of my hospital in black market and you are daring to ask me why I interfered?" She roared but only ends up earning a harsh slap on her face which took away her breathing for a minute.

Her face was turned to the side with the impact of the slap and it was so brutal that her lower lip busted and blood oozed out of it. Her hair strands escaped her bun as they covered her face.

Slap was one thing. But this bastard whom she considered her friend once, just slapped her was another thing.

She felt hurt! Extremely hurt, not because the fact that no one ever slapped her not even her parents. But the fact that people can be so deceiving.

Her jaw was taken in a lethal grip as he made her face him harshly. "You are a top-notch bastard, I've seen in my life and then again I've only seen two including you!" She hissed at his face. According to her the only top-notch bastard was Hassan but now she found a second bastard to join him as well.

She knows she has to keep her mouth shut in order to face this bastard. But she just can't do it. She wants to beat him really much right now.

His grip on her face tightened, his fingers dig roughly in her cheeks making her to hiss in pain, but she didn't look away from his eyes.

Her gray eyes bore into his with full on challenge and the thing that she wasn't scared of the whole situation at hand was amusing for Moiz.

"To whom you mailed the copy of my organs transplant details?" He asked angrily. But she kept her mouth sealed shut.

"You know, I really like you because of this fucking mouth of yours." He mused pulling her face closer to his, making her heart to drop down.

"I'd love to see, what this fucking mouth of yours can do?" He hissed near her face, his eyes looked at her form, making her resolve to break. He won't do anything! She tried to tell herself but as soon as he ordered his men to leave them alone, her eyes broadened in terror.

He undid his belt in front of her making her lips to quiver. She immediately looked away knowing where this is going. Tears started to form in her eyes. "Moiz! Stop this!" She hissed as a tear fell on her cheek.

He laughed at her humorously, he grasped her jaw in his hand once again and roughly made her face him. "Why are you scared Riya? Aren't I am a top-notch bastard?" Moiz mocked making her jaw clench.

"You are far more worst than a bastard! Let go of me-" Her words died down in her mouth when another harsh slap landed on her same cheek making her face to turn to the side due to the impact. Her face became numb due to the pain and swelled, her already busted lip starts bleeding more.

The slap was so harsh that she thought her jaw would have broke.

He turned her face towards him again. She felt as if all the energy drained out of her system with those slaps only.

She felt him undoing her legs and wrists and next thing he harshly pulled her off the chair, and she stumbled badly almost falling down due to the fact her legs were immobile and restricted for hours.

He dragged her to the wall, and she saw he was about to chain her to the wall. Her mind starts working as she bit on his hand harshly, and he let go groaning in pain but before she could reach the door, he yanked her back roughly with her messy hair bun, earning a sharp cry from her.

He punched her in the stomach and it was so damn painful that she lost her breathing for a minute. He uses that as an advantage and cuffed her both the wrists on the wall on either side of her head.

"You are being a bitch now!" He hissed and ducked his face abruptly to kiss her mouth, but she was fast to turn her face away and his lips landed on her bruised jaw. He bites her jaw harshly, his teeth digging in, earning a painful cry from her, as his hands clutched her waist tightly.

Tears of fear escaped her eyes, and she started to thrash violently trying to get his body off of her but it made him bit her harshly on her neck. She was crying heavily now, her heart was beating erratically and her blood started to become cold.

She was asking him to let her go, but it fell on deaf ears. She felt his hand creeping inside her shirt from behind, she was crying hysterically now and then a loud booming of door burst opening was heard and next thing Moiz was off of her body.

Then a loud cry of Moiz reached her ears and her eyes abruptly opened as she stared in front of her. Her gray eyes washed with relief when they met with the chocolaty brown ones but her eyes abruptly landed on Moiz.

Moiz was facing her with mortified expression because the person that was standing behind Moiz is facing her, and has his dagger dug in Moiz's stomach.

Riya's crying seized abruptly, her large gray eyes looked at the dagger that was in that person's hold but was dug deep in Moiz's gut. A sharp cry escaped Moiz's lips and Riya flinched abruptly when that person twisted the dagger still inside Moiz's flesh.

A horrified scream escaped Riya's lips, and she visibly trembled badly in her place when that person pulled the dagger up in one go till between Moiz's collarbones. The dagger just ripped opened Moiz's flesh into two between his chest. He didn't take out the dagger, he twisted it in Moiz's stomach and pulled it up till his throat as the dagger was still in his flesh, cutting him open like a scissor do to cloth.

Moiz's mouth was opened wide and his eyes holds the same expression as hers, terrifying.

That person holds Moiz's hair and pulled at it harshly. His brown eyes met gray petrified ones, and he blurted the statement to Moiz but it was for her as well.

A claim!

"You shouldn't have touched what's mine!" Zaroon hissed, his eyes still on those gray horrified ones as he took out his dagger from between Moiz's chest and slit his throat with his sharp blade in one go.

Riya screamed terrified as blood spurt out of Moiz's neck onto her face. Her body shake horribly as Moiz's eyes became lifeless and his body fell on the floor.

Her gray eyes were glued on the dead Moiz when she felt him taking a step towards her. Her blood froze as her gray eyes shot up to his, and he gave her a beautiful smirk.

His smirk was so terrifying with those bloody hands that her vision starts to blur and her body gave up on her, the fear was too much for her body to take in. But before she could completely fade into pitch darkness of escape. His words rang loud and clear in her ears.

"He shouldn't have touched what's mine! He shouldn't have!"

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