Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 12

It was late and Zaroon was about to leave his office when two security guards came running to him. Their faces were ashen, and they were panting heavily as if they have run a marathon race.

“S-sir.” One of them stuttered making his eyes narrowed. He didn’t like to see his men stuttering, it’s the trait of fear.

“What?” He asked calmly looking at both of them in the eyes one by one.

One of them forwarded his hand and what Zaroon saw made his muscles to tense, because he can never forget those squared spectacles. “Where you found them?” He asked tensed, the spectacles were broken. She never removed her glasses before then what happened now.

“S-sir, we were standing near the bus waiting for all the doctors to arrive but from a far we saw a guy holding a cloth in Dr. Riya’s face. Her glasses fell down, and we made a run towards them, but they were fast, they immediately put her in the van and speeds away and there was not even any number plate on the car.” That guard finished looking concerned.

Zaroon felt a strong wave of worry course through his veins after hearing those words. And not only worry there was a dominating emotion of anger. Lord saves the one who wrote their death sentence by themselves cause they shouldn’t have kidnapped Dr. Riya!

Tracking Dr. Riya wasn’t much difficult, because all his employees have his hospital ID cards, which contains chips.

“Go, tight the security all around the hospital, this is the first and last time this is happening.” Zaroon warned the security guards as they nodded immediately and almost ran away while throwing orders.

He went to his office and instead of tracking Riya, he tracked the one and only that racked his mind, fucking Moiz and the location was of his hospital only, so Moiz left his card here at the time of running.

Zaroon immediately tracked Riya and found the tracker to be showing near the outskirts of the city.

He immediately picked his car keys and speeds away. He called Qasim, his best man. “I’m sending you location, be there in ten minutes.” Zaroon stated and by the tone of Zaroon’s voice, he knows the mission is here.

Zaroon parked the car away from the almost old, rusty building. He took out his gun from the dashboard of his car, filled it fully with guns and turned the safety off.

Without as much of a thought he marched there killing the two guards immediately that were standing on each side of the door.

He moved in and within seconds a quay appeared on his back who is none other than Qasim. “You’re late!” Zaroon muttered.

“Common you just killed two of the guys let me kill two more, and then we are equal.” Qasim mused which made Zaroon to role his eyes.

They reached the first floor in which only three men were standing and Qasim just rolled his eyes. “Just three?” He felt disappointed.

“They are all yours.” Zaroon stayed and marched towards them, hitting one with the punch and the other with the kick in the stomach, and he was in front of the door from where faint crying was coming from.

He immediately burst opened the door and what he saw in front of his eyes made his blood turned cold and his eyes became deadly. His demeanor changed completely and his jaw clenched in pure rage.

Fucking Moiz was kissing Riya’s neck and was clinging to her body. In seconds Zaroon threw his gun away, took out his sharpest dagger and tore him away from Riya, who was crying with closed eyes.

Zaroon stabbed Moiz in the guts and kept the dagger there. Those beautiful gray eyes opened on Moiz’s scream, and she looked at Zaroon and then at the dagger.

Her saw those red brutal marks of slap on her face. Her lip was busted! Zaroon felt his control slipping away, and then he abruptly pulled the dagger up, slicing Moiz’s flesh into two.

Riya screamed but Zaroon was only seeing her beaten up face. His eyes then landed on the bruise on her jaw and neck, a hickey! And that was it!

He placed the dagger on his neck and stated his claim! “You shouldn’t have touched what’s mine!” He hissed and with that said he slit his throat.

Moiz fell on the floor and the utter satisfaction that Zaroon felt was beyond imagination. A satisfied smirk formed on his face and his eyes met her terrified gray ones, and she fell unconscious.

Zaroon moves forward to untie her wrists but the bruises on her wrists made his blood boiled and suddenly he wants to get back this Moiz alive, so he could torture him properly before granting him death.

He undid both of her wrists and before she could fell on the floor, he wrapped his arms around her form and picked her up in bridal style. She was so fragile.

He carried her out of the basement only to met with the leaning Qasim on the door frame, who looked at Zaroon with a smirk but it soon faded away when his eyes landed on the beautiful girl that was in his arms.

His eyes looked at the beauty in disbelief for a good two minutes before Zaroon growled. “Stop fucking looking at her!” Qasim abruptly looked up from the girl to Zaroon with disbelief still swirling in his eyes.

“Fuck!” Qasim muttered under his breath and moved forward to open the gates. Zaroon saw the three dead bodies on the side as he moved forward and out of the building.

Qasim didn’t say anything at all. He saw the look in Zaroon’s eyes, and he’s all to well aware of it.

Zaroon places Riya softly at the back seat of his car. He then closed the door and looked at Qasim, who gave him a nod and get in his own car speeding away. Zaroon also speeds to one of his guesthouse. He can’t take her to his home, where his mother is.


Riya felt her body crushing in pain. It felt as if her body was completely beaten up to death. She slowly groaned and her hand immediately raised to hold her throbbing cheek and in seconds she shot up on the bed with eyes wide, looking around her frantic.

A horrified scream was about to leave her mouth but that person placed his large hand on her mouth and other hand snaked to the nape of her neck. Making her scream to die down in her throat.

Her large gray eyes stared at the chocolaty brown ones. He was close, so close to her, sitting beside her on the bed.

Her hands shot immediately up as she tried to move his hand away but it was impossible. His hold was firm, not hurting and yet her small hands were unable to move his hand away.

“Not a single voice!” He warned, his voice felt so chilling that she wants to run away from there immediately.

She nodded immediately just to get his touch off of her, and he let her go. She didn’t waste a single second to get off the bed and run towards the door. Her mind was in chaos, nothing looks sensible to her right now, all she wants to do at that moment is to get away from the killer as far as possible.

She twisted the doorknob and the door slightly opened, only to be shut back harshly with a loud bang.

She felt his presence behind her, and she tried to hide in the door, but he abruptly turned her around and slammed her body on the door, careful enough not to hurt her.

Riya’s eyes were closed out of fear as she placed her hand on her mouth to stop her sobs. “P-please don’t k-kill me.” She stuttered and he smiled. Even tho he was smiling at her adorable form but it creeped the hell out of her.

His hand raised to caress her rogue hair strands aside from her face, and she flinched abruptly looking at his hand as if it’s the death itself. There was no blood on it anymore but that didn’t mean he didn’t kill Moiz.

“I’m not going to kill you love.” He spoke softly caressing her cheek making her to flinch again.

“I-I w-will not tell anyone t-that you k-killed M-Moiz. Just l-let me g-go.” She muttered, and she felt him taking a step closer to her, making her breath hitch as she straightened, so their bodies won’t touch.

“You can tell anyone you want, it didn’t matter.” He spoke casually, his eyes drinking in her quivering lips.

“You remember I told you once that I like you, now I think you’ve had enough time to think.” He spoke smoothly making her brows to furrow, where he’s taking all this?

“I want to marry you and I’m not taking, no as an answer!” He spoke angrily this time making her eyes to broaden in fear.

“W-What?” She stuttered badly, with disbelief running in her eyes along with a broad portion of fear.

His free hand slammed on the other side of her head, and he lowered his face down so that he could come face to face with her. “What that Moiz did! I don’t want this fucking shit to happen again!” He roared making her whole body to tremble.

Her mind was completely blank to think of anything at all because of the extreme terror.

His calloused hand softly touched her chin and she flinched. His muscles tensed under his shirt, and she gulped, her mouth dry and eyes wide.

“You have a twenty-four hours to answer me in yes, because love,” An evil smirk appeared on his handsome face and his aura became terrifying with in a blink. The temperature of the room was filled with dreading vibes that escaped from her trembling form.

His thumb sensually caressed her lower plump lip and he kept his thumb on her lower lip only, as his eyes looked at her before he completed his statement, that sounded like a death statement itself.

“You don’t want to see the real me! Cause if you do, you’ll be traumatized for life.”

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