Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 2

Riya was extremely happy cause today she bought a new scooty for herself from her savings. Finally she won't have to go by bus. Finally she'll have her own tiny bike.

What a joy! She smiled in bliss, looking at her scooty. Shifa was amused at her younger sister who was admiring her bike like they are diamonds. "You do know you've to ride it on your own!" Shifa nudged Riya as she mumbled it to her.

Riya scoffed at her sister. "Of course I know how to ride a bike. It's easy peasy. Let me show you." Riya mumbled with over confidence as she sat on her black scooty, wore her helmet, adjusted her squared glasses and then turned the key.

The engine started as she mumbled all the prayers under her breath and applied a little speed and the scooty went flying further but she was fast enough to apply break and it stopped.

She immediately hopped off the scooty and then walked back along with it where Shifa was standing and laughing her lungs out.

"That wasn't funny!" Riya blurted annoyed but Shifa couldn't forgot the sight of Riya flying on the scooty and her face was hilarious.

"I should've made a video!" Shifa laughed while saying that making Riya to scoff at her as she locked the scooty and went inside the building to get ready as today will be one hectic day as their boss will be returning to his hospital.

Riya hurriedly got ready and both the sisters ate their breakfast while talking about her bike.

Riya then took her keys and left for work that to on her scooty. She has taken a class or two on learning about driving a bike but as she didn't get much time so she left it and decided she can learn while driving.

What an unprofessional thoughts of a doctor.

Now she was driving towards the hospital but at turtles speed, cause she's still learning and it's better to learn first before speeding like crazed psycho.

Within few minutes she reached the hospital. She was about to park her scooty at the bikes parking area, in front of the hospital but the sunlight was falling so harshly on those bikes that she couldn't afford to let her pretty scooty under those scorching rays of sun. So she decided to park in the basement where only cars were allowed.

She's breaking the rule, but she cared? NAH!

The basement was far better and cool. Her pretty scooty can chill here until she's on duty. She looked for the parking but there wasn't any except for one, which was for vips staff as it's mentioned above that parking area.

She's one the staff, who the hell gonna check if she's vip or not? She consider herself vip. That's enough for her.

She happily parked her scooty in that parking, completely taking the whole area of a car just for her tiny bike. She took out the keys and removed her helmet from her head as she locked it with her bike with a lock.

"Perfect!" She mumbled as she patted her scooty as if it's her pet.

She literally flinched and then jumped in her place by the loud honking of the car just behind her.

She abruptly turned around only to be blinded by the flashing headlights on her face. She immediately covered her eyes and adjusted her glasses and then yelled. "WHAT?"

The person in the car didn't said anything, maybe he didn't heard her or whatever cause that stupid person flashed his headlights twice at her and honked again.

The girl removed her hand from from her face. Intentionally narrowed her eyes at the car as if telling the man get the hell out of here.

But that person wasn't having it as he honked his car again making the girl to clench her jaw as she realised the person wants her to get herself and scooty away from here. Like she'll oblige? Her foot!

She casually leaned on her scooty. Put her hand above in the air and then she shooed the car away as if it's a cat.

The honking stopped for few seconds and she smiled in victory but just as she was about to move away from her bike to go in the building. The honking start again but this time more furiously. The person literally didn't care about his car as he was damaging the vocal cords of his poor car.

Riya smiled with narrowed eyes at the person as she simply pulled her glasses down to the tip of her nose in full action, looked at the car with her grey eyes and she shooed the car away once again, just with two fingers in a most chill manner. As if she's a boss.

She couldn't even see anything cause the headlights were blinding her, she can't even say which sort of a car it is, so seeing whom is sitting in there was impossible for her poor eyes.

The honking stopped but when the car still didn't move away from there, she simply did what came in her mind. She took out tissue from her bag, cleaned the floor near her scooty and she simply sat there on the floor in a desi manner smirking at the car.

The flashlights went off and she became blind for few seconds there, she heard the door of the car opening and a large firm came out of the car.

She blinked several times to clear her sight as she adjusted her squared glasses on her small face. She stared to find a man in black dress pants and white shirt coming towards her, she didn't bother to see his face as she immediately stood up.

Someone is pissed off, she thought as the man didn't said anything to her and went towards her scooty, making her eyes to widen.

Before the person could touch her brand new, untouched scooty. She hold his shirt from behind and turned him around with a bit force cause he was a giant. Well not really giant but in front of her, he looked giant cause she appears small and thin in front of him.

As soon as she looked up at the person, who was making her angry, she stilled.

Grey sparkling eyes against chocolate brown ones!

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