Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 3

She was literally in daze for few seconds as her eyes stared in the pools of warm chocolate brown ones , his lashes and eyebrows were thick with high cheek bones, straight nose, lips in a thin line maybe due to anger, sharp jawline with perfect trimmed beard. Black fluffy hairs and a giant of a body with all muscles.

He’s so handsome!

But did she cares? NAH!

“What the hell are you doing mister?” She asked threateningly with squared shoulders and straight back.

That man narrowed his warm chocolate brown eyes at her. Glared at her for good few seconds and she knows he’s trying to intimidate her so she didn’t back down either and matched his glare perfectly.

“What does it look like,” His voice deep as his eyes looked at her lab coat and he completed his sentence. “Doctor?”

Riya narrowed her eyes at the man, he was so tall that she had to crane her neck up to meet his eyes. She adjusted her spectacles on the bridge of her nose and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Can’t you see mister! This parking lot is for VIPs.” She spoke in full confidence and in duh tone.

That man bit in his lower lip as if thinking with his hands in his pockets, giving him an extremely good look, but she cares? NAH!

“So, you’re a VIP?” His voice deep as he asked her calmly. Riya scoffed at him. “Any doubt?” She challenged confidently making him turn slightly to look at her bike and then back at her again.

“Yes!” He states the obvious.

Riya clenched her jaw. “Look mister!” She spoke with deadly serious tone.

The man took an abrupt step closer to her and she just stopped herself in a fraction of second to not step back as that man spoke in his deep voice with a hint of mischievousness. “Show doctor?”

The way his his eyes looked at her, the way he was standing close to her and lastly the way his voice came out was intimidating and she unknowingly took a step back. Her confidence flattering a little.

“I meant, this parking is mine for today as I’ve already parked my bike here, you can park your car somewhere else. And be on time from tomorrow so you can get this parking first!” She ranted all this at his face and walked past him feeling excited and scared at the same time.

Few feet away she slowly turned around only to find that man still staring at her and she abruptly turned around feeling her cheeks turning red. How embarrassing?

He’s such a creep! She thought as she waited for the elevator to come. She saw that man also coming in the building as he moved straight towards the VIPs lift.

Both the elevator door were beside each other’s as that man looked at her and she glared back in a questioning manner. “Why aren’t you using the elevator which is for VIPs?” He asked her calmly with a raised eyebrow.

What excuse she can use now? “I feel it’s better to live and behave equally with others rather than showing them that you’re superior then them. That’s why I’m using this local elevator!” She spoke the last part while making an ugly face.

“You know, you could’ve been this thoughtful down there in the basement where your tiny bike took the complete area of a whole car parking.” That man spoke as a matter of fact.

Riya glared at him with a poker face. “It’s your first day mister, so better behave or I can get you out of this building with the flick of my fingers.” She warned him and to emphasise she flicked her fingers in front of his face making his eyes to narrow at her as he abruptly grasped her fragile wrist in his large hand and jerked her closer.

“Watch you tongue doctor!” He warned and her heart was drumming wildly at their closeness as she immediately pushed him away and he let her go. She took two steps away from him feeling intimidated and angry at the same time.

She saw a flicker of anger swirling in his brown orbs and on cue her elevator dinged open. Taking it as and advantage her mouth decided to get her in trouble. “Watch your back! I’ll surely get you kicked out of this hospital!” She threatened and just like that step inside the elevator as it closed slowly showing the angry eyes of that guy.

Maybe she exaggerated a little but that man was getting on her nerves, how dare him to pull her close and hold her wrist. And he’s handsome that was a complete negative point for him because she just don’t get along with cocky handsome guys. They are so arrogant, that she feel anger whenever she sees a good looking man. It doesn’t means she prefer ugly man. She knows her screws of brain are missing and she can’t help with it.

She went straight to the receptionist desk to check her schedule and luckily she’ll get off early today. She mentally did a happy dance.

She busied herself in her daily routine checkups. It was break time when she met her colleagues in the cafeteria. In her group there are three boys and two girls Salar, Rehan, Moiz, Saudah and Kiran. They all are freshly graduated MBBS doctors and are currently doing their house job here as it is a great thing to get a house job in such a well known hospital.

“Damn! Kiran he was so handsome!” Saudah exaggerated to Kiran and three boys scoffed whereas Riya who just joined the table looked at them clueless.

“Who’s handsome?” She asked while munching her sandwich.

“Our boss!” Saudah chirped excitedly making Riya confuse. “But wasn’t he out of the city?” Riya asked what she has heard from the staff.

“Yeah he was, but he’s back in the city, and can visit the hospital any day now.” Rehan informed them all.

“But I saw him today.” Saudah argued making Rehan to scoff at her. “You consider every handsome man to be our boss!” Said Salar in annoyance.

Saudah glared at him. “Because I’ve heard rumours that he’s so handsome.” She argued making them all to scoff at her thinking.

“Why you got late today?” Moiz asked Riya who was busy in munching her food.

“Oh! Don’t ask me. It’s a long story.” She told him plainly when she knows her story is short but if she tell them that she argued with a guy over parking her bike in the VIP section, these people will drain her blood by bombarding her with questions.

“If you say so.” Moiz smiled lightly and Riya nodded and then Riya noticed something and nudged at Kiran who was looking dreamily at Moiz. Lord, her friends are weird.

They were still talking and having their lunch when a young nurse, who’s Aliya came running towards them.

They all stood up looking at her panicked form. “B-boss is here and he’s calling everyone in the m-meeting hall right now.” She informed them while panting and they all shared scared glances at each other. And Saudah was giving them triumphant look. ‘See I told you so!’

As they all are new here and started working when the boss was out of the city but they had heard rumours of their boss being strict and perfectionist. Only lord can have mercy on them now.

They’ll straightened their selves, proper their clothes and wore their lab coat as they went to the meeting hall.

Meeting hall is large with a long table where almost everyone can sit but this is the sudden meeting so their weren’t many seats free so the elder doctors sat down while the younger ones remained standing. Everyone was anxious and at the brink and Riya didn’t get it why everyone is making a big fuss out of it. He’s a boss, agree but he’s a mere human being!

She was still in her thoughts when the main door opened and a man walked in with power and respect oozing out of him. Everyone stood to greet him and her view of the boss’s face get blocked.

Then he motioned at everyone to settle down as soon as everyone was back on their seats, her view got clear and her breath struck in her throat.

When her grey eyes met with the chocolate brown ones!

I’m dead! Was her only thought. Because the guy with whom she argued earlier wasn’t anyone but the mighty Zaroon Jawaid.

Her boss!


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