Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 4

Zaroon Jawaid a self made millionaire is well known name in his profession, let it be in his real life or in his mafia world.

He was just seven, when he used to hear his parents arguing and fighting and as the years passed, he used to see the battered body of his mother every other morning when his father came drunk and angry at nights. They were a good family once, his father has his own small cafe and earned enough to stay happy and healthy but Jawaid got friends with a gambler, who brainwashed Jawaid into greed by telling him about, how he won millions just with in few games at a famous casino. Jawaid also decided to give his luck a try. His wife Nimra tried to stop him but he did all the gambling secretly and just on his first day lost ten millions. All their savings went away along with Nimra’s gold jewellery. Jawaid was devastated and that is when first fight happened between the couple. In next days Jawaid lost his cafe along with each penny in order to win but lost every time. He got in debt and for that their house was taken as well. Nothing was left and Jawaid started drinking but didn’t left his gambling.

Nimra used to work as chef in small bakery to feed her son and herself. Everyday after loosing Jawaid would come and beat Nimra to brink and take away her earned money for his bottles of alcohol.

In all this, fire started to develop in Zaroon’s heart and hate starts building towards his own father. There were moments where he wants to kill his father but he was just a kid at that time. A ten year old kid. Often times when he didn’t have money, his best friend Michael would give him his savings. Once Nimra was so sick but Zaroon didn’t have money for the medicines at that time Michael sold his expensive watch that was given to him by his grandfather and he gave the money to Zaroon for Nimra’s medicines.

Michael and Zaroon became friends in nursery class and on the first day of school. From then onwards they’re inseparable. But Zaroon’s parents were unable to pay the fees of that school so he dropped out in fifth class and joined the government school. But it didn’t effect their friendship. Michael was hefty rich and always helped him but with his own money because he didn’t like to ask money from his parents.

He was 15 when he decided to stop this beating once and for all. He made divorce papers from his mothers side and shoved it in front of his father, and he like a drunken man signed those papers and he told his mom that his father wants divorce from her. His mother cried but eventually signed the papers.

Zaroon was the happiest that day. His mother loved her husband so much that from so many years she took in his beating and torture just on the name of love and Zaroon couldn’t bear to see his mother like this, so he took the action. It was far better to get her mother divorced from this so called father rather than killing him with his own hands. By that time Zaroon was aware of Michael’s training. As best friend forever whatever Michael trained there, he would call Zaroon every night and will teach everything to him. When Michael was training there so did Zaroon but here, even tho he didn’t have the money to buy guns and stuff but he worked overnight at restaurants washing dishes so he could earn for their food and he also bought his first gun, with his savings. He also kept his study going because his mother wants her son to be a doctor and he’s going to become that only.

After his parents divorce, her mother’s health got better immensely. He rented a small two room apartment. His mother also stitched clothes to keep the house going. They were content. Zaroon was clever to keep their home secret from his father because if his father knows he would come often to disturb their peace. But what got Zaroon shocked was his father married an other woman, who’s rich. He kept this news secret from his mother and just after three years he found out that his father along with his wife got murdered. He didn’t felt remorse, neither he tried to find the culprit. He did take his mother to the graveyard so she could see her ex husband’s face for the last time.

After sometime he got scholarships in top university and he did his MBBS. Her mother was the happiest. Ibrahim, Michael’s cousin was also in the same university but was studying business. They got closer and often Zaroon, Ibrahim and Jhangir go out for fun. They often miss Michael and Amir. For Zaroon these boys were like his own brothers and he can kill for them and give his life for them.

After doing MBBS, he did specialisation in cardiology and after that his good days started. He became the youngest best cardiologist of the country. He owns number one hospital of the city and not only that, he himself believes in hard work.

Michael came back from his training and that is when real life started. They became the undefeated Mafia. Zaroon and Michael were always stick together and it was just impossible to break them. They kept each other’s back.

Michael was the face and heart of Al-Aqrab and Zaroon was the brain. He never showed his Mafia personality to anyone except his enemies and they knows not to mess with him.

He is caring, loving and jolly person to his loved ones but there’s a dark side in him as well. He’s cunning, manipulative, cruel and killer, who torture his enemy with such extreme tactics that the person begs for death himself.

Everyone in the underworld knows that Michael’s right hand guy is the worst and most heartless killer. The ways of his torture can make a normal person hysteric and dying with seizures. The dead bodies are unable to be recognised after he’s done with them. But no one knows who this guy is, because he’s hidden in the perfect personality of the youngest successful doctor.

What’s the fun in knowing someone from their outer cover. Have guts enough to face their inner demon.

Zaroon’s and Michael’s personality is almost similar but Michael shows what he is and Zaroon kept his reality hidden for the sanity of others.

Because who can predict that the ruthless killer of Al-Aqrab is the gentleman, Cardiologist who saves lives.

Over the time he got good hold of his worst side, he sometimes believes that some part of his father resides in him and he won’t deny it. He kept his temper in control but his wrath only comes out if someone triggers his buttons and only lord can save that person then.

But he’s always calm. Getting him angry isn’t easy because he controls his temper well.

As much as he’s a killer. He’s religious as well. Nobody can understand his philosophy of such devotion. You sin and then you pray? But it’s his belief. He surely kills but he never did any other forbidden thing in his life. This, how he is!

He never touched a woman because in his eyes that rights belonged to his wife only and he will not snatch it away from her. And he was unable to find a woman who can interest him till date. He’s a man who like intelligent, untouched woman just like him.

Just a day ago he came back from his mission, yesterday he went to meet Michael to provide him the details and today he decided to check on his hospital.

He was about to park the car in his usual section but a girl was parking her bike there. So he honked at her she turned with a hand on her face. Headlights were falling on her harshly and he didn’t bothered to turn it off. Who in their right mind would park a bike in cars parking place.

The girl slowly lowered her face and his eyes stared at the kid, well she looked like a kid. Her tactics and those shooing gestures angered him as he came out to face her. But went straight towards her bike. She pulled his shirt to face him and when his eyes met her crystal grey ones through those large spectacles. He was stunned for a second to see such beautiful eyes. She was small and barely reached his shoulders.

She ranted and he just listened and she appears funny to him and then she left. Scoffing at her being VIP drama he parked his Audi somewhere else and went to catch the lift. The security guard greeted him panicked. No one is aware of his arrival. He saw her waiting for the lift but when she threatened him, he lost his patience and yanked her to him with her elbow and he saw a flicker of fear in her eyes and then she pushed him and went in the elevator not before blackmailing him. Threatening ZAROON JAWAID!

He walked through the floor and everyone of the staff looked at him scared. He went straight to his office and reads the folder of the new employees. And he found her picture in one of the form.

“Riya Adeel!” He mused with narrowed eyes as he read her information. She’s 24 years old and eye specialist. She looks more like 20 and is so young to be an eye specialist. And the irony of her wearing those squared glasses being an eye specialist.

He informed the staff of an urgent meeting and everyone gathered in the meeting hall. He went in his strong posture and as soon as everyone sit down after greeting him.

His eyes met hers and he saw it.

Fear! She knows, she’s dead. He really felt like laughing at her face. She threatened to get him out of the hospital and stole his parking area. Lets see who’ll get out of the hospital now!


Who’s shocked with Zaroon’s personality?

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