Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 5

The meeting went extremely dreading, and she was on the edge all the time. His voice was deep and authoritative as he informed the staff about his perceptions and rules. Specially the new hired staff.

Damn! He was really demanding.

Saudah who was standing in front of Riya was giving that look to them, which said 'I told y'all he's handsome!' It only made Riya to roll her eyes at her along with boys, but Kiran was also crushing on the boss. Like her friends are crazy.

All the time he made eye contact with almost everyone in the room except for her. It somehow calmed her nerves, but she was still on the edge, thinking that any time he'll announce that she's fired.

She was glad he didn't know her name yet.

Almost all the staff was nodding at the end of his every statement like scared robots and when finally he dismissed them. She was the happiest but guess what? That happiness last just for few seconds.

"Doctor Riya Adeel, you aren't dismissed yet." Riya's breath hitch and her eyes widened to the size of saucers. He knows her name! Fudge! She closed her eyes in complete despair and exhaled a long breath.

Moiz, Salar and Rehan gave her a look 'what's happening girl!' While Saudah and Kiran gave her a look 'You'll be spilling everything to us soon!'

Once everyone left the meeting room. She took a deep breath, straightened her back, squared her shoulders and turned around confidently to face him but only shrieked out in horror cause he was standing just an inch away from her. She abruptly took two steps back and placed her hand on her chest to calm her heart.

"What is this behavior sir? You want to give me a myocardial infarction?" She asked him confidently while glaring at him.

Zaroon was amused, No! he was extremely amused. He thought she'll say sorry and will be scared after knowing who he is, but she's pretending all confident and normal.

He likes it!

It was clear, she isn't scared of his intimidation. She's strong. It didn't skip him how she referred to him as sir.

"Cardiac arrest would be better." He spoke amusingly, making her brows to raise and her nose scrunched up.

She looks adorable! Wait what?

"You want to kill me, just because I showed you a reality card in the morning?" She asked little angry and her words made Zaroon's eyes to narrow.

Only if she knows who he is. She will never speak in his presence anymore.

He placed his hands in his pants pocket and took a step closer to her, making her tense.

"Look doctor, I don't like those people who disrespect me. Watch your tongue when you are talking to me!" He warned her seriously, the depth of coldness in his eyes didn't let her say a word as she nodded slowly but like usual her tongue wants to get her killed.

"Umm sir... my tongue is small. I can't see it with my eyes. If you can provide me with a certain mirror, I'll surely watch my tongue before talking to you." She spoke all that innocently making his jaw to clench, because she's literally being sassy.

In next second her arm was taken in a death grip, and he yanked her to him, making her hands to land on his chest.

A gasp escaped her lips as she immediately removed her hands from his chest as if burned. "You aren't taking me seriously, little girl!" He warned her.

Riya tried to get her arm free but it was impossible. "Look sir, if you cannot retort back with good answer, didn't mean you can try to intimidate me!" She hissed trying to claw at his fingers that were like stone on her arm.

Zaroon was amused at her, her face was close, and he can see her gray large eyes up close. Her eyes are really beautiful with those thick, long lashes, perfect button up nose, high cheekbones and man her lips looked really luscious and lower one was more plump than the upper one and few brown rogue strands escaped her hair bun.

She's beautiful! And her squared large glasses makes her look adorable!

"Leave me!" She hissed and that is when he came out of his haze and let her go. She glared daggers at him.

"Do check your schedule doctor, there's slight changes in it and you are dismissed." He muttered coldly As he turned around.

Riya rubbed her arm, where he was holding her tightly as she cursed at him under her breath and immediately left the room.

She didn't want to admit it, but her heart was drumming in her ears. He really scared her, like if you can't come up with a good comeback, you try to intimidate other! Huh! Brainless!

She went to the reception to check her schedule again and to her utter mortification, it was doubled in work, without any gap for rest.

She already hates him!

As soon as she entered her small office, her gang was already their waiting for her to spill the details, and she groaned in annoyance and was about to turn back when Saudah holds her hand and brought her in and everyone looked at her expectantly as if she's going to tell them the tales of Aladdin or Sindbad! Like what the fudge man!

After she dictated the whole scenario, their remarks were irritating.

"You are in deep shit!" Rehan muttered.

"I told you once, your tongue will get you killed!" Salar mocked.

"How filmy!" Saudah spoke dreamily.

"You are lucky, he talked to you alone." Kiran muttered.

"Are you alright?" Moiz asked.

Riya glared at everyone specially her female friends who've literally gone insane. She admits he's handsome.

But he's a fudging moron!

She gave a small smile to Moiz and nodded her head in affirmation at him.

They all left to do their works. Riya also did her duty whole heartedly. Even tho she was so tired after the end of her shift, but she's fine with it, after all. It's her work. She had already informed Shifa that she'll be late.

After work she went to the basement but didn't find her bike anywhere and it made the poor soul panicked. She asked the security guard and was informed that she parked her bike in the car parking area that too in VIP parking slot, which is the violation of rule and for that they will keep her bike for a week, after that she can have her bike back.

She was fudging pissed!

Her poor baby bike.

It was extremely late at night, and she was unable to find any bus or cab. She wrapped her veil around her head like a hijab and waited at the bus stop.

Her friends already left in the late afternoon. She never worked this long because her shift always end in the late afternoon so traveling at night alone never crossed her mind, but as she stood at the bus stop now, she was scared. She was never out alone at night. There was not a single woman that stood there, she was alone along with three men, who were also waiting for the bus.

Suddenly a car, not any car but an Audi came to a stop in front of her but her eyes were looking at the end of the road for her bus.

All to familiar honking made her jump in her place as she looked at the car and then at the person sitting in. She clenched her jaw as her boss tilted his head to face her. "Come doctor, I'll drop you!"

Huh! Gentlemen enough! She wanted to smack his head on the dashboard of his own car. It was all because of him that she's late, standing at the bus stop all scared.

"Thank you! But I can manage." She gritted through her teeth and was unable to stop the sass, that rolled off of her tongue.

Zaroon can easily tell that how scared she's standing there alone waiting for the bus. And he was aware what happened to her bike. After, all he did that.

"Look doctor, it's late. Don't be stubborn and let me drop you." He spoke softly this time and her mind started playing all the worst scenarios of him speaking softly. Why? What are his motives? He's her boss agree, but what if he kills her and then throw her in the forest. What if-

Her thoughts were stopped when he spoke again. "I insist." He spoke calmly.

She slowly looked at the man that was standing behind her, and she panicked a little, finding him smirking at her.

It's better to die of the hands of your boss, rather than a stranger. Well practically her boss is a stranger too, but he's her boss.

She immediately opened the back door of the car and sat on the back seat.

Unknowingly Zaroon found this action of hers so ladylike and respect demanding. She didn't sit in front seat with him because she's a good girl. But he didn't fucking like it. Weirdly he wants her to sit beside him. So he didn't start the car. Riya looked at him questioningly.

"I'm not your driver!" Was his curt reply making her to clench her jaw. She came out of the car and slammed the door shut harshly, and then she came to the front seat and sat down and again slammed the door harshly making him flinch.

She wore the seat belt and crossed her arms on her chest in complete annoyance. "Now sir, if you can start driving, cause I'm already so late." She spoke with controlled anger.

Zaroon frowned at her. Why she's always angry like a vicious leopard, ready to claw anyone that comes in her way.

"You take drugs?" He asked out of the blue making her eyes widened and jaw to drop at his words.

What the fudge?

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