Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 6

"Yes, I'm a smuggler. I'm linked with Mafia SKULL!" She told him with utter seriousness to her face but in a hushed tone as if she's telling the top secret to him.

Zaroon looked at her for good two minutes as the car was stopped at the traffic signal. "Tell me if you need any drugs, we have all sort of variety, weeds, marijuana everything. Just say a word." She told him in a hushed voice and the facial expressions she was using literally can make anyone believes her words and for a second he was shocked when she took the name of SKULL gang. Poor soul don't even knows that there's a real smuggling gang named SKULL.

"I need aphrodisiacs." He told her seriously, making her eyes to narrow. "What for?" She asked looking deadly. He barely controlled a smile that wants to escape his lips.

"To drug you of course! You know what those drugs are for?" He stated amused making her jaw to drop and her eyes to widened and a slight panic started bubbling in her heart, but she hides it.

"How dare you!" She seethed in anger as Zaroon gave her a slight glance and then continued to look ahead at the road.

"I can dare far better things." He informed as a matter of fact, with a scary smirk and now she felt completely creeped out.

"Stop the car." She spoke hurriedly looking outside from the window, she removed her seat belt and was about to literally jump out of the car when his hand grabbed her wrist to keep her in place.

He stopped the car with a screeching sound on the side of the road, which was almost empty.

Her widened eyes looked at his hand and then at him. She immediately bit on his hand making him hiss as he let go of her wrist. She took pepper spray out from her bag, hold it in one of her hand as a weapon and with other hand she tried to open the door, but he yanked her back with her arm and next thing she sprayed that pepper spray in his eyes making him scream out in pain.

"FUCK!" He growled loudly as his hands went to his eyes. And she turned to open the door but it was locked and didn't open up, he child locked it.

She slowly turned to face him and her heart pounded in her throat. She just made his eyes sting, he's in pain, he's angry, and she's stuck with him. She's dead!

"Give me water, for fuck's sake!" He roared, and she immediately took out the water bottle from her bag and gave it to him.

"What the fuck woman, pour it in my hand." He said angrily, and she hurriedly open the cap of the bottle but didn't pour it.

"First tell me you won't say a word to me after this." She warned and negotiated making him growl.

"You Fox!" He roared angrily, his muscles flexing under his white shirt as he snatched the water bottle from her hand and pour water in his hand and splashed it in his eyes while cursing all the time.

She was silently trying to unlock the door but it wasn't working. She was scared and who wouldn't, she just hurt the creep, and he'll surely kill her now.

After couple of splashing he opened his eyes and blinked several times to adjust his sight because it fucking stings like a bitch. As soon as his eyes looked at hers, a gasp escaped her lips as she looked at his blood shot red eyes.

His nose was flaring and his body was tensed. His red eyes almost look demonic making her gulp. "Look-" She tried to calm him when he roared.

"FUCKING SHOW!" His voice thunderous and for a second she saw his eyes as cold as ice and it sent a chill down her spine.

"I-I'm Sorry." She muttered under her breath praying to the lord for her safety and just like that with her mere sorry, his anger subsided.

"It's okay!" He spoke gruffly taking out some tissues from the box as he wiped his eyes.

She was literally shocked at his answer. "Just like that?" She asked with disbelief making him to glare at her, and she shut her mouth completely.

She looked at him, who was hissing and wiping his eyes, and she really felt bad for doing this to him, and she knows his eyes will sting awful for few hours now.

Unknowingly her hand raised on their own accord as she took the tissue from his hand and started wiping his eyelids while blowing lightly to ease the burning sensation. Her doctor instincts were kicking in.

Zaroon's mouth was opened a little as he gaped at her. What in the world is this girl? First she hurts him and now she's all concerned.

Her face was really close to his, and she wasn't aware much about it as she was completely indulged in her work.

He like it!

Her brows were creased and her large gray eyes were boring in his red ones, and she was biting in her lower plump lip making him gulp and his heart started racing faster.

"You are beautiful." He complemented making her frown as she came out of her doctor instinct, and then she realized how close she's to him and then only she registered his words and abruptly moved back, looking away from him.

Her cheeks tinted red, and she looked out of the window. Zaroon also straightened up and started the car again. Clearing his throat he spoke up. "What's your address?" He asked calmly this time.

She softly told him the address and he speeds the car towards the destination. They were silent in the whole ride.

When he stopped the car in front of her building he gave a look to the surroundings and then looked at her building. It's completely not safe for her to be late at night. He noted that in mind.

"Thank you." Her voice was curt as she opened the door which luckily wasn't locked and came out of the car but then the doctor instincts dig in, and she crouched down and looked at him through the window.

"Wash your eyes several times with cold water and you'll feel better." With that said she turned around and a soft smile appeared on his lips.

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