Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 7

Riya was extremely edgy and angry all this month because her boss made sure to give her the punishments of her doings. Her schedule was hectic like, crazy hectic without any rest. She would home late at night and would be back at hospital in the early morning. She even started to think that she should live in this hospital only and It'll save her time.

Not only this, almost everyday she felt as if someone is drilling holes in her head with their intense gaze and when she looks, her gray eyes always meet the chocolate ones. Sometimes she thinks he's a creep or a serial killer.

She still remembers when her boss came to the office wearing sunglasses and it became the amusement of the day as he was wearing those glasses in his office also and Riya knows what's the reason, his eyes must be red and swollen. She was laughing in the corner, and he faced her with a clenched jaw, making her shut her mouth immediately.

Poor Shifa was the only person who heard Riya's banter against her boss.

The only thing happened good in this month is, the staff was provided with facility of pick and drop and the best part is they didn't even have to pay for it. It's really relaxing to travel in a posh bus and when the air conditioner is on. It's really help full for the female staff because a lot of them do night duties.

She was busy in checking one of her patients when her door opened without a knock making her brows furrow as she immediately stands to look at the person, who was none other than her cruel boss.

"Doctor check this patient and be in my office in next twenty minutes." Zaroon spoke in his deep voice making her to nod immediately. No manners! A person should knock before entering but who's she talking about here.

She checked the patient and prescribed the medication as she hurriedly made her way to her boss's office.

She stopped at the door, took a deep breath, straightened her clothes and knocked once and then twice, hearing a gruff come in. She turned the knob and walked in. Only to find two more people in the room. A beautiful girl was there along with a large hulk of a man who looked like a beast. Her eyes landed on her boss who matched the same muscles as that of the beast.

"This is Dr. Riya an eye specialist. She'll do your checkup." He told the girl and that beast softly, making Riya's eyes widened. He spoke softly!

The girl was hesitant and scared but the beast of a guy cupped her face so lovingly that she was completely awed by their love. They looked like beauty and the beast. Whereas, certain someone was looking at her keenly.

Riya was stunned to realize that the girl was blind and yet her husband who is good-looking and appears filthy rich loves that girl so much. She wished that they live happily, and she'll find someone who loves her like this.

Riya took the girl to the attached checkup room and did her checkup. The girl is beautiful and Riya came to know her name is Anisah. Riya was extremely happy by heart when she realized that Anisah can get her sight back with surgery.

But what got her confused was that why her boss wants her to do the surgery instead of an experienced doctor. The reason of her working with the newbies except of being an eye specialist was because no one wants to get their surgeries done by a young doctor, according to patients young doctors are less experienced like seriously she can't understand this philosophy. She smashed her brain in the studies just to be put behind because she's young but now her boss wants her to do the surgery. It's surprising and she kinds of like it.

Maybe her boss isn't that bad!

When Anisah and her husband left. Zaroon told her to follow him in his office which she did without a word. This is the first time she's in his office and damn it looked like the office of a business man not any doctor's. A big glass wall was the best thing of his office.

"Sit Dr. Riya." He told her making her take a step forward as she sits down, and he also sat down on his chair. His hands on the table, fingers intertwined together, he looked intimidating.

"Doctor, the people you just met is my family. I want you to do the best for them." His tone didn't set well with her. How can such a beautiful girl like Anisah can be his family but that beast of a guy can surely be his family.

"Look sir," She was cut by his words. "Show Doctor!" She pursed her lips in a thin line and adjusted her squared glasses on the bridge of her nose. He smirked after saying those words. He always does this. "I treat all my patients equally, and the best I can. So your statement wasn't necessary." She completed her sentence and stood to leave.

"Did I tell you to leave?" He asked in a serious tone making her stop at her place as she sat down without a word but with a clenched jaw.

Zaroon stand from his seat and folded the sleeves on his shirt slowly and his muscles and veins of the arms flexed as he took slow steps towards her. He looked dominating. He always wears a button up shirt with dress pants. And this time the first two buttons of his shirt was opened.

He came to stand beside her chair and leaned on the table, crossing his arms in front of him and his muscles flexed again, taking her attention, and she cursed at herself for observing even his tiny details.

Zaroon saw her wearing a plain kurta with tights, she looks beautiful even in her simplicity. Her hairs were in a bun, and he so wanted to open her hairs and see them, how long they are? He wished them to be really long cause he always has a fetish towards long hair, he wants to touch her hairs and caress his fingers in those silky locks.

"Are you married?" He asked all of a sudden making her eyes shot up to meet his, and she frowned. Which sort of question is this?

"No." She stated sternly. "Can I leave sir?" She asked immediately not liking the way he was standing so close to her and the way his eyes bore on her form.

"Are you engaged?" He asked again making her eyes to narrow at him. She abruptly stood up and glared at him.

"No! This is my personal life, it's better if you don't interfere in it." She stated sternly and tried to leave but Zaroon wasn't done with her.

Her wrist was taken in a firm grip, and she was yanked back, and she landed on his chest. She looked so small in front of him. She abruptly took a step back but in a single second her hips were pressed against his glass table and his hands were on each side of her body on the table as he crouched a little to face her and was literally hovering over her.

All her senses of reality blocked as she looked at his chocolate brown eyes with her gray widened eyes. "W-What are y-you doing?" She stuttered with her hands on her chest.

This wild tigress can stutter as well, a smirk appears on his face as he loved their proximity so much, Her flowery scent made his hands itch to touch her. "You have a boyfriend?" He asked coldly making shudders to pass down her body.

"I-I -this is personal!" She spoke sternly with little courage. Her mind was all jumbled due to his closeness. His cologne was doing things to her brain, and she was unable to think properly.

He lowered more so there face will be close, and she moved back, feeling extremely flustered and scared, his body got closer making her heart to beat in her ears.

"I'm asking again, love. You have a boyfriend?" His voice was cold and she felt scared. His endearment just blew her mind away.

"N-no!" She stuttered making a beautiful smile to appear on his handsome face as he patted her head like she's a baby.

"Good because you're mine now." He stated as if it's nothing shocking but plain statement as if she's a chocolate, and she's his to eat.

"W-What?" She breathed with disbelief written all over her face.

"I like you Dr. Riya and you've completely destroyed the sleep of my nights." He stated sincerely as his eyes twinkled making her heart to do weird flip-flops.

"S-sir.... I think y-you need a psychiatrist!"

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