Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 8

"I need you, love." He whispered huskily as he inches closer to her making her breathing sparse. His eyes were so hypnotizing and his words were blowing her away and his cologne, Damn! As soon as she felt his hot breath on her lips, her senses got alert, and she pushed at his chest with all the strength she got.

He stumbled back, too occupied in her gray orbs to grasp the reality when she made a run for the door, she turned the knob and took a step out but decided to turn around and give him the piece of her mind.

He was still in his place looking at her while smirking. "S-sir, I suggest you t-to have an appointment with psychiatrist, cause you've lost your mind!" She blurted out flustered and with that she ran away from there and his laughter echoed in his office.

She was almost jogging to her office, when she bumped into someone. His things fell on the floor and Riya immediately crouched down to help the person while mumbling. "I'm sorry."

She holds the file in her hand and it was the liver transplant documents. Her eyes looked up to met with that of Moiz's and her brows furrowed. She gave his file back and asked questioningly. "Whose are these?" Her voice soft.

Moiz smiled at her awkwardly as he rubbed the nape of his neck. "It's one of my friends." He informed looking at her keenly.

"Why your face is red like a tomato?" He asked looking at her cheeks and his words somehow made her more flustered as the thing that happened in boss's office racked her mind.

"Oh! It's nothing, I've to check on patients. Will meet you and gang at lunch." She informed and moved past him towards her office but little faster.

As, soon as she was in her office, she closed the door shut and breathed in deeply. She drinks the whole glass of water in one go and sat on her chair holding her cheeks, and then she removed her squared spectacles and literally fanned her hands on her face to lower down the hotness of her cheeks.

Oh, Lord!!

That was so intense and scary. Why in the world, sir would say such thing. Either he has lost his mind or he's totally whipped by her charms. She doubts the second option!

Maybe he was high on some drugs!

Few days passed in a blur. Riya tried her best to ignore her boss as much as she can. She'll work like a mystery woman, always cautious and hiding from sir and neither he tried to confront her. Of course, he can barge in her office and demand the reason of her behaviour, but he never did.

It simply means, he was on drugs or wasn't in his senses, when he said all that and now he forgot it. Well it's good for her if it's the way she thinks it is.

She had done Anisah's surgery and it was successful. At the time of Anisah's gauze removal, Riya was nervous because she has to face her boss but luckily he was too engrossed in holding the picture of Michael whom she knows as Anisah's husband to show it to the girl when she opens her eyes for the first time.

Riya wondered where this beast of a man is because he loves her wife so much then why not here when she's seeing for the first time. Maybe these are some family matters that's why her boss also looked tensed these days.

Riya didn't miss the love that twinkle in Anisah's eyes as she looked at her husband's picture for the very first time. There love is truly beautiful.

After, that day she didn't see much of her boss but within a week or two, Michael was brought to hospital at the brink of death. Her boss was devastated and Anisah was a crying mess.

Riya couldn't help but felt worried towards the family. Their family was big with cousins and elders. It was told by the Doctors that Michael went in coma. It was so heart wrenching to watch family's devastated state.

Riya couldn't stop herself from thinking how hard it is for Anisah. But Anisah instead of being so young was so strong. When everyone was loosing hope, she kept her hopes high.

In those days Anisah used to stay in the VIP room with Michael not once she went back home, so Riya would often go and chat with her in her free time to keep Anisah company and boost up her hope.

Riya was relaxed and was good knowing that her boss forget all the scenario that happened in his office cause everything felt normal now. He's always too busy, rarely at hospital whereas the security of the hospital was tripled and Riya can't stop herself from thinking that it's because of Michael. She got to know he's a Sheikh, the heir of Sheikh Empire but still the security was too much, it's not that she complains but the gruff guy who always stayed rooted at Michael's door looked scary, and hell serious.

Even the nurse Aliya was scared to go in Michael's room because of this serious statue guy.

Months passed and gradually she forgot the encounter that appeared in her boss's office. Her schedule was back to normal and not that hectic one, and she was really glad about it.

Riya on the other hand was really suspicious about something. A lot of organs transplantation was happening in their hospital but the number of transplant patients were less than the organs being implanted.

And weirdly she's doubting her own friend Moiz. Today, she knows Moiz was in the operating room for surgery and it's the best time to search for an evidence in his office, because in no way she can put forward her doubt without an evidence.

She entered his office sneakily and searched all the files but found nothing, then her eyes landed on his laptop and opened it to find out there's password needed, luckily Riya was hacker in her teen days and hacking this device wasn't much difficult. She wasn't interested in tech, but she did hacking for fun at that time, not knowing it could come handy at some point.

Her eyes widened when she found a complete file of transplant organs being black marketed.

She wished it to be a lie but the evidence was in front of her. She immediately sent the file to her mail but also picked up the laptop and decided to inform sir about it. She opened the door only to gasp out in horror.

Because Moiz was standing at the door and when his eyes landed on his laptop in her hands. His eyes narrowed, before he could do anything. She screamed on top of her lungs. "HELP!" He immediately pushed her in, making her fall on the floor along with his laptop, which broke.

He closed the door immediately and came towards her with angry eyes. Riya was scared but she won't show it. Moiz crouched down and tch at her as he caressed her cheek with his knuckles making her to slap his hand away.

"You are beautiful Riya and I really admires you but this didn't mean you can fucking interfere in my business!" He hissed at her face coldly making her eyes to widen.

"I'll not tell anyone, I-if you stop this illegal work." She tried to negotiate with him but it only earned a laughter from his side.

"So naive of you Riya!" With that said he stood up and took something out from his drawer that was beside the door. Riya stood up and immediately picked up the showpiece to hit him on the head, but he was fast as he inserted that needle in her neck, making her eyes widened as that substance dropped from her hand, and he injected the liquid in her body completely.

Her body was about to drop down, but he caught her in his arms before she could fall. He laid her down on the floor slowly, caressed her cheek, picked up his laptop and other important files as he left from there.

Riya was there cold on the floor for three consecutive hours before Salar walked in the office and find her laying on the floor unconscious. He immediately called for help but the one who came in the office first was none other than Zaroon.

His eyes widened seeing Riya on the floor out cold and his blood boiled as he realized its Moiz's office.

He immediately crouched down and checked her vitals. She's fine, and then he check the emptied injection to realize she was sedated.

He carried her bridal style all the way to his office and told Salar who was trailing beside him to not to worry as she's fine, and he told him to find Moiz.

Zaroon closed the door behind him with his foot as he laid the frail girl down on the couch of his office. She looked pale.

Zaroon knows all to well when Riya started to avoid him more like ignoring just after the second day of his confession, and he let it be to give her some time. But then Ibrahim's kidnapping and Michael's accident everything happened so fast, and he just couldn't think anything else other than finding the bastard who was behind Michael's accident.

Zaroon was well aware of Riya's small visits to Anisah to boost up her hope and gradually with time, Riya became normal as if she forgot his words or didn't take it seriously.

Michael's enemy was one thing but there was another fucking situation that he was handling. Someone from his hospital was selling organs of the patients who died in his hospital. He was fucking pissed off and frustrated with all the tensions.

It was not difficult to find the person who happens to be Moiz the new doctor. Zaroon didn't take immediate action because he didn't only want to catch Moiz but also the mafia that's behind him, so he waited but it looked like he's not the only mastermind in his hospital, this little fox is also keeping eyes on Moiz and tried to collect evidence but that bastard sedated her and ran away.

He'll surely find him and will torture him to death.

"Aghhh....Zaroonnnnn." His thoughts broke when he felt a slight touch on his hand and heard the slurring voice of his precious Dr. Riya.

He knows all to well the after effects of anesthesia!

"Lovvveeeee...." She slurred.

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