Cardiologist with Gun (Mafia love story #3)

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Chapter 9

"Lovvveeeee...." She slurred.

Zaroon looked at her groggy state, who is in the after effects of anaesthesia, and he couldn't believe his ears, she just called him love or is he imagining things.

He softly removed her large spectacles and placed them on the couch beside her. Her beautiful gray eyes looked more exquisite as they were looking at his intense brown ones making his heart to beat at an abnormal pace.

Her hand slowly raised up, and she caressed his stubble jaw making him inhale sharply as he closed his eyes at the soft touch, but next second his eyes shot opened wide cause she just slapped him, lightly! Like a little shove to the cheek but why in the world she would do that.

"W-whyyy are you sooooo handsome?" She asked angrily making a wide smile to appear on his face making him look a lot younger. He holds her small beautiful hand in his large one and gave a kiss on it, making her gasp loudly as her eyes broadened and her mouth was agape in shock.

She immediately snatched her hand and slapped him on his cheek again, lightly! As, you'd do in teasing. "Youuuu naughty boyyy." She mused while grinning, her pearly teeth on display.

From which angle he's a boy, he's a grown up man!

"You should sleep love." Zaroon spoke softly making her brows to furrow.

"Don't call me that!" She warned with drowsy eyes and angry face, her lower lip was jutted out, giving away her anger, and she looked adorable.

"Why love?" Zaroon mused, he placed his one hand beside her head and got closer to her face. His fingers playing with the loose rogue strand of her hairs.

"C-cause it makes my heart to beat fasterrr and my cheeks to blushhhh. It creepy!" She told him honestly warming his heart and the last part she spoke in a hushed tone, making him chuckle at her.

What's creepy in calling your love, love!

"It's lovely! Not creepy." He mused as his eyes took in her features. He was extremely close to her, and she was not in her state to grasp what's happening. His eyes roamed at her face, taking every detail in and damn she's the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

"You are lovelyyyy." She spoke groggily and then giggles like a child.

"Am I?" He asked amused as his eyes dropped to her pouting lips and then his eyes met her gray ones.

"You areeee." She mused wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, making his breath to hitch.

They were so close that if he say a word there lips would brush and how can he stop that from happening. "Will you kiss me then?" He asked huskily, his lips brushing against hers, itching to claim that mouth of hers.

His pupils were dilated, and he was heaving heavily, his muscles tensed, and he literally stiffened and growled in approval when one of her hand moved in his hairs, and she clutched his hairs tightly.

"I-I..." She rasped her lips caressing his and then her eyes narrowed, and she pushed him away.

"Why the fudge would I kiss you?" She snapped rather annoyed and placed her hands on her mouth, in a way to hide her lips.

Zaroon stared at her for a second or two. He wasn't expecting her to push him like that and break that beautiful moment of his life. But she just did that! First she made the aura all hot and bothered and then in a blink of an eye, she pushed him away.

Only Dr. Riya can do this!

"That's awful of you." Zaroon said seriously making her eyes to widen as if he just cursed at her and big tears started to form in her eyes and just like that she was crying like a child making him all panic.

"I'm not a fudging child!" With that said she wailed loudly making him want to laugh at her cursing which he found really cute.

"No, of course you're not a child. You're a woman right?" He asked her as if talking to a child.

She looked at him with her teary eyes and pouting lips which made her lower lip to pucker, and he felt the urge to do something sinful, but he controlled himself.

"You think I'm a woman right?" She asked him with hiccups making him want to crush her small frame in a bear hug.

"Yes, and I don't think, I know it, love." He mused caressing her cheek.

Riya's eyes twinkled as she holds his large calloused hand in her small ones. "Will you marry me then?" She asked enthusiastically just like a child making his eyes to widen.

There are rarely one in a million occasion which left him stunned with wide eyes and this was literally one of them. He swears to God, if she had asked the same thing while being in her senses, he would've married her right at the moment.

"You are not in your senses, love." Zaroon tried to tell her softly but it only made eyes to water as she hid her face behind her palms and starts wailing like a child.

"No one wants to marry me!" She cried out like a baby as if not getting her favorite chocolates.

He immediately holds both of her wrists to see her face, and she struggled to hide her face just like child. Her skin felt soft under his touch.

"Just now, you didn't kiss me then how are you going to marry me?" He played the smart card making her wailing to cease abruptly as she sniffed and looked at him like an innocent fairy.

"If I kiss you, then you'll marry me?" She asked while wiping her tears. Her lab coat moved away from her front, and he could see a plain green shirt draped on her body. His demon wants to just get a glimpse of her body to imagine all her curves, but he restrained himself and kept his gaze on her face.

He shouldn't have said this but his heart won against his senses, and he nodded his head. Her small hands slowly raised up as she cupped his face making his muscles tense, but then she immediately withdrew her hands while rubbing them together.

"Your subtle is like thorns!" She complained but then continued. "But I've to marry you, so I must kiss you." She spoke as if telling her own self.

"Come closer." She spoke lowly in a mere whisper and if it wasn't of him being so close to her, he could've never heard it.

He inches closer to her, heart filling with anticipation and certain part of his brain demanding to claim her lips without any mercy, but he restrained himself yet again.

"Closer." She spoke huskily making electricity to shot in his body at her deep throaty voice, and he got closer and just when she was about to move forward to join their lips together, a loud knock was heard and Riya jumped in her place and cupped her mouth, eyes wide as if she got caught doing something really wrong.

"Don't tell anyone, I was about to kiss you!" She warned him threateningly making him to laugh but the frustration was bigger. The knock was heard again but a lot louder.

"Stay here, love and don't you dare move from here!" He warned her as if she's a child, and she put a finger on her lips with wide innocent eyes just like kid, and he smiled at her before going to open the door.

A wide smiling Anisah stood there, grinning ear to ear. "Michael woke up." Her words were like a relief to his soul as he went to Michael's room to check on his best friend who's more like a brother to him.

But unfortunately according to doctors Michael lost his memory of past two months which was devastating for Anisah. Zaroon along with Ibrahim, Asad, Amir and Jhangir informed almost everything that happen to Michael, so he must be aware of his enemies.

After that Zaroon went straight to his office to find a girl sitting with a groggy looking Riya. That girl has resemblance to Riya, and he can predict she's her sister. "Dr. Salar called me to come here ASAP. I'm Riya's elder sister, Shifa. What happened to her?" Shifa asked concerned.

"It's nothing serious, she was trying to capture the black sheep of the hospital all alone and that person injected her with anesthesia and fled away. Your sister is really brave ma'am." Zaroon informed her softly making her jaw drop.

Zaroon looked at Riya, who looked almost unconscious laying on the couch with flushed face. How he wished he got that kiss man!

"This is pure stupidity of hers!" Shifa spoke little angrily. Shifa looked at him for a second or two as she didn't know his name and Zaroon decided to introduce himself.

"I'm Zaroon Jawaid, a Cardiologist and Dr. Riya's boss." His words made Shifa's eyes to widened, and then she blurted out without thinking.

"So it's you, whom she cursed day and night, eating my brain." Shifa mumbled but Zaroon heard it.

"So, I'm on her mind all the time?" Zaroon asked smirking.

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