Carter's Beloved

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Luna, a rich businesswoman who achieves great success in life in a young age. She seems cold and feisty on the outside and gets under people’s skin with her attitude. With her mother murdered in a young age, she believes her father, a powerful tycoon, caused that her mother’s death. Luna wanting to inherit the family business for an ulterior motive keeps her under the target of her step-family who would do anything for her to leave. With tensions rising and allies being made, she hires someone who she remembers from her tragic past. Someone that she loved to see in the worst of times, but he doesn’t recognize her. What will happen when their friendship blossoms into something more than that? With a killer on her back, can she have enough time to confess her love for him and find the criminal?

Romance / Thriller
Age Rating:

Beware Flywaymen, for they are ILL-Dressed and ILL-Mannered

The black sedan pulled to a halt in front of the hotel. The car door opened and stepped out a beautiful youthful woman with a tragic history. Stepping inside would make her remember all the horrors that had once happened to her she longed to forget.

The bottom of her wine red dress skimming across the floor as she hesitantly made her way inside. Emotions bottled up, she seemed cold at first but deep down warmer than anyone.

The hotel door opened, and she hastened towards the conference room where the most despicable people awaited her. Madison Walker, a young entrepreneur who had stumbled upon the gold mine early in her career. The CEO of a luxurious clothing company valued higher than many ordinary people’s assets combined.

The light was dim, and only a few people were to be seen wandering in the shadows. It was a quiet night, perfect to make wrong things right.

She reached out for the cold door handle and paused for a moment to catch her breath. Slowly, turning the handle, she walked inside.

Silence fell over the people who sat inside. Her eyes peered over the male tycoons, searching for the one. He sat on the table’s head. Looking at him made her blood boil.

“Madison, we should take a seat.” Daniel, her secretary whispered urgently to her. Nodding lightly, she reached out for the luxurious chairs which were taken out for this important meeting which involved not so innocent people.

Businessman, politicians, conglomerates and policemen sat in front of her. All who bribed millions to be in the influential positions that they were in today. Millions embezzled just for their dirty works to be covered up by someone else. Being in the company of these people made her feel sick to the stomach especially knowing that her father was one of them.

Mr. Walker Johnson, a man of affairs who had the political and corrupt world at his fingertips.

“Madison, my dear, I haven’t seen you in a while. I wish I could have seen you blooming into the beautiful lady you are.” Johnson spoke gently as he smiled at his daughter.

“Father, I don’t think we have that kind of relationship to talk so casually. Let’s discuss the things I came here for.” Madison responded formally. While the conversation of investors came up, she looked around her.

Her stepbrothers sat across her, glaring so harshly as if drilling a hole through her head. These were people who forced her to leave this place and make her own future in a young age.

“Well, if that’s what you want.” Johnson mutters and nods his head towards Collin and Samuel, her stepbrothers who seemed to await what he has to say. Johnson stands up and all the eyes shift away from Madison and on to him.

“I have been managing OHS Corporations for the past 30 years, I’ve seen both the good and the bad throughout the years and raised my children on how to face the hardships of the business world.” Johnson explains and Madison rolls her eyes.

How about adding how you treated your daughter and wife and had an affair for the last 40 years of your life while deceiving your lovely family and when the cat was out of the bag, killed your wife so the horrible news wouldn’t get out and you would stay well-respected?

“,The time has come to give my company to one of my talented children. However, this is where the problem comes in. I have 3 deserving children who have worked hard throughout their lives and made their own names by creating their own businesses. Madison made a wonderful mark in the fashion industry, making Winmor one of the best fashion brands.” He exclaims as the resonating sound of clapping fills the room.

I smile at the people, nodding my head, trying to look most polite as possible. Hearing him tell the world of my achievements makes me feel furious, knowing that the person who’s pretending to be a proud father is a murderer and thief.

“Also, Collin and Samuel have made a top gaming company which produces games that people of all ages enjoy!” He exclaims proudly, and I flinch. Gaming company which was built on the foundation of milking political figures to get funds.

“So much talent made me contemplate a long time before I decided. I will give each of my children 3 months to prove themselves, whoever is most beneficial to the company, earns it.” Johnson finishes and an eerie silence falls over the room.

I smirk and look at Collin and Samuel who seem to look like children who have just gotten their candy taken away. They must have thought they would inherit the company in my absence, but looks like Father changed his mind.

I never thought I would get this opportunity to take OHS Corporations right in front of my brothers’ eyes, but karma’s a bitch. I never wanted to inherit the company, knowing what terrible deeds were done to achieve success, but when life gives you an opportunity, take it.

In that moment, I decided that I will try my hardest and own this company. When I have it, I’ll use it to destroy my Father and step-family using its connections.

“Meeting adjourned.” Johnson adds and walks towards the exit with his assistant in following. Collin and Samuel chased after him, trying to get a word in.

Chatter broke out across the room as people gushed over the competition to become the owner. I stood up and walked out.

“Oh my god, I did not expect that. Madison, will you compete for the company or let your brothers take charge?” Daniel asks me curiously.

“I will, but I have an ulterior motive in mind.” I grin mischievously as Daniel shakes his head. When we arrived at the house, I’ll be staying in, I remember someone.

“Does Carter still live here?”ere…

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