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Calvin bent down and settled between my thighs and bent my knees upward. He stroked my ankles, calves and then moved his hands to the insides of my thighs and planted a soft kiss there. I was breathing really hard. He hooked a finger in the side of my panties and gave it a jerk and tore them. I gasped. I could see the lust in his eyes like he wanted to devour me. He spread my ankles wide and held them in a tight grip and inched his mouth towards my wet core. I could feel his breath on my lower lips. I jerked my hips forward. I was dying for just a touch. Calvin Smith the CEO of Smith Industries is the youngest known Bad Boy Billionaire in America . He is ruthless, arrogant and an asshole. Sophia Brown, a hopeless romantic, is waiting for her prince charming. She has just graduated she's looking for a job and ends up working under the ruthless billionaire . They belong to two different worlds but somehow feel a connection. Will they embrace this connection or bury it deep down within themselves?

Romance / Erotica
Magic In Ink
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The day is here.

This was the first thought that came in my mind as I woke up today. I was on time so I lay in bed for some time to procrastinate about what I will do if I meet my celebrity crush one day. Well, the procrastination went for a long time and when my gaze went towards the clock , I realized that I was a little late for my very important interview so I quickly got out of my bed to take a shower and get ready for my interview at Smith & Co. for the position of Executive Assistant for the very popular Mr. Calvin Smith himself. I’ve been waiting for so long to just get an interview. I don’t know if I’ll stand a chance to get the job or not. It’s not like I have any great experience before. But I just graduated in Business and management and this would be my first actual job, that is if I get it. Smith & Co is the perfect place to work as it will provide me with extraordinary experience of business and it’s management.

Mr. Smith is a very famous businessman and I googled him yesterday to prepare for my interview. I knew he was famous for his exceptional business management skills and innovative marketing schemes but what i didn’t know was that he was a playboy and very popular among the ladies. He is also very handsome and has features of a Greek god. I barely stopped myself from drooling as he could be my future boss and there should be nothing more than a boss - assistant relationship between us because he is a man-whore and falling for him or even being involved with him could be a big mistake. And I will not do anything that will take me away from my dream of being the best in the field.

I have never been interviewed in my entire life and I had no clothes which were suitable for an office environment that too for Calvin & Co. So I went with a basic black knee length dress with a white jacket to look professional and paired it with white sneakers. I had dark brown curly hair so I straightened the ends only because of shortage of time. I left my hair open because people tell me that I look cute when I leave them open.

That’s not the idea though.

I have beautiful blue eyes and a fair complexion with a healthy and clear skin so I hardly apply any makeup but this day is important so I applied a thick layer of eyeliner and a light shade of lipstick so that it looks that I have put some effort. I put my lipstick and my phone in my purse and went out of the room.

I went to the kitchen to look for some leftover food but there was none. So I made myself some pancakes because I don’t know how much time it’ll take my interview to start and finish.

I don’t wanna starve amid my interview.

As soon as I finished eating I washed my hands and grabbed my resume from the island . As I came out of my apartment I got a call from my parents wishing me luck for my interview. They live in Canada and visit me whenever they can. I also try to visit them as much as I can but earlier with the classes and part time job I did at the diner down the street kept me busy a lot so I visited only on holidays. But we try to stay connected with the help of internet. We regularly call each other to stay updated.

I was excited and nervous at the same time because working with this company was my dream as they were best in business but the CEO was known to be a cold man and a playboy who basically slept with half of the New York. As I walked towards the building these thoughts were ruffling through my mind. The building was now just a block away . As I moved closer to the building my heart skipped a beat every second .

I think I’ll die.

Shut up Sophia!

Finally I reached my destination. The office building was extravagant.

I can’t believe I’ll be working here if I get the job.

It was like a 7 star hotel building. Most of the building was made up of glass and the words Smith & Co were written in huge bold letters so that the astronauts could read them from space. I laughed at my own stupid joke.

This is neither the place nor the time to crack such lame jokes.

You are being interviewed for your intelligence not your ability to make a fool of yourself. So try not to make a fool of yourself in front of him. I took a few deep breaths to calm my racing heart and to collect my thoughts.

I entered the office building and went straight to the reception. A middle aged woman with warm brown eyes and a cheery smile stood behind the desk and greeted me warmly when I approached her. She checked my name in the long list which she had and directed me to the waiting room where all the interviewee’s were waiting for their turn. A young blonde was calling out the names and directing them to the office which I assumed was Mr. Smith’s. After some agonizing minutes, which felt like hours, she called my name and escorted me to his office where the interview was being held.

Oh ! I’m gonna die. Is it too late to go back now? I don’t think I can go through with this.


I knocked on his door and after a few seconds a smooth manly voice asked me to come in. I entered the office and closed the door silently. When I lifted my face to see the source of that voice, air was knocked out of my lungs and I couldn’t breathe for sometime. I shamelessly devoured him with my eyes. I’m grateful that he was reading a file and wasn’t noticing my expressions. He offered me to a seat in front of him without looking up. The pictures didn’t do justice to him. He is so sexy that my panties are soaked.Now I understand how he got so many women and still get them under him.

I wish I could get under him.

He had a well built body which gave away the fact that he worked out quite often. I’m sure he would atleast have a six pack under that well fitted expensive branded suit. Even an eight pack wouldn’t be shocking. I could tell he’s tall though he’s sitting behind the huge mahogany desk. His face had sharp features and had silky black hair.

I want to run my hands through them.

I bet you could just cut veggies on his jawline. The man oozed of power and confidence. He could easily get the attention of the whole room. He had such an aura.

When he finally looked up at me with his cold sea green eyes, I couldn't look away. He pinned me with his strong gaze. I could stare at those eyes all day.

He knew I was checking him out and drooling at him. I could tell that he knew how unprofessional I am. How could I be so shameless. I'm not gonna get this job now. Oh God, why can't I control my hormones.

Instead of lamenting myself further for my stupid actions, I decided to just go through with it though there was no chance in hell that he would hire me.

“Hello Ms....” He raised an eyebrow.

Sophia Brown I replied.

" Ms. Brown, I would like to take a look at your resume."

" Sure" I placed my resume in front of him on the table.

He picked it up and went through it, his eyes sweeping casually giving nothing away about his thoughts.

Oh he is so hot

Control your emotions young woman !

Reality hit in. He could be my future boss.

Reality can be a real bitch sometimes.

My thoughts were soon cut by him as he asked me about my qualifications though they were in my file and I replied to his question very confidently though I was all sweaty inside.

But that's okay . It’s hot in here.

" Why do you want to work here? "

" I'm setting my foot in this new world and want to learn and experience everything that is out there. And I would like to learn from the best so I want to work here."

" What are your goals? "

" I would like to be a big name in the marketing world someday just like you. I want them to know me for my work."

“One last question Ms. Brown?

What makes you think you’re perfect for this job when there are other candidates who are actually experienced and not just a fresh graduate ?”

Ooh what a burn Soph! My inner thoughts raging.

Putting on a smile I answered , “Since the job description didn't mention the need to have any experience so I'm sure you're not looking for someone experienced but someone who is good at this job. Sir I am perfect for this job because I am not experienced. You can teach me the way you want your assistant to be . Other candidates would assist you like they used to with there other bosses . And I am sure Smith & Co. are different from every other company not only in the big apple but the States too. And I can assure you, I'm just the person you're looking for. You'll not have any complaints with my work. I have great management skills and you'll be very happy me."

He raised an eyebrow at my last line and a small smirk grew on his face and I immediately realized my mistake.

I mentally face palmed myself.

" I meant you'll be happy with my work, Sir. " I answered honestly. I was sure my face looked like a tomato because of the embarrassment.

I didn't want to say a double meaning sentence like that but it just came out.

" Of course you did , Ms. Brown. "

From his face I could make it that he was impressed but maybe I don’t know .

Stop praising yourself Brown . I said to myself.

“Well I am impressed with your answer but you’ve to prove yourself in here and I would look forward for you to join the company as my executive assistant from tomorrow. Must say I loved Your confidence Ms. Brown .”

I was delighted to a whole another level.

“Sure sir , thank you so much”! I replied.

" Report tomorrow morning at 8 sharp and my temporary assistant Kiara will teach you the basic ropes of the work you are expected to do. "

" Again thank you so much for the opportunity sir. I promise you won't be disappointed. I'll be here on time."

He just gave me a quick nod and stood up to shake my hand. The jolt of electricity that I felt go through my body at his touch didn't go unnoticed but I avoided it considering it as static electricity.

As I left the room my inner thoughts were resonating in my mind. I felt really happy, I couldn't believe I got hired at this prestigious company. My happiness knew no bounds because in the back of my mind I was thinking about seeing my hot boss everyday of the week.

BTW, Are ruthless people known to praise ? I think he liked me ! May be we will fall in love as it happens in rom-com's and romantic novels.

Oh God Sophia not again ! My procrastinating self is back . I am such a loser. DUH !

I walked out of the building just to see it was drizzling outside and I didn’t have my umbrella so I hailed a cab. I usually enjoyed walking in the rain but I didn't want to get sick and miss my first day tomorrow.

As I sat in the yellow cab, I checked my phone and saw twenty missed calls from my best friend who apparently forgot to call me and wish me luck but that’s okay. I know she must have overslept as usual. I’ll face time her when I get back to my apartment. We face-timed almost everyday and pour our heart out to each other.

"Call you in twenty Emma" I messaged her.

My mind drifted back to my handsome boss again.

He is handsome but he is a playboy. And your boss. And you can’t jeopardize you job for a night of fun. Always keep that in mind Sophia.

Thank you♥️ for reading my book. What do you think will Sophia do? Fight her feelings or give in to them.

I’d love to hear about your views in the comments below. Also leave a like if you're enjoying the book so far.

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