Our Eternal Love

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Calvin Smith the CEO of Smith Industries is the youngest known Billionaire in America . He is ruthless and arrogant . Sophia Brown has just graduated she is looking for a job and ends up working under the ruthless billionaire . Will the two end up together?

Romance / Erotica
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The day is here.

This was the first thought that came in my mind as I woke up today. I quickly got out of my bed to take a shower and get ready for the interview I’ve been waiting for so long. With big hazel eyes, I saw myself in the mirror wearing a little black dress paired with white sneakers. I kept my hair open because I think I look cute that way . That’s not the idea though.

I went to the kitchen to look for some leftover food but there was none. So I made myself some pancakes because I don't know how much time it'll take my interview to start and finish. I don't wanna starve amid my interview.

As soon as I finished eating I washed my hands and grabbed my resume from the island . As I came out of my apartment I got a call from my parents wishing me luck for my interview for this big multinational Company Smith & Co.

I was excited and nervous at the same time because working with this company was my dream as they were best in business but the CEO was known to be a cold man and a playboy who basically slept with half of the New York. As I walked towards the building these thoughts were ruffling through my mind. The building was now just a block away . As I moved closer to the building my heart skipped a beat every second .

Finally I reached my destination.

I think I’ll die.

Shut up Sophia I told to myself.

I entered the office building and went straight to reception and asked about my interview. As I was on time I was taken straight to the CEO. As we were walking there my heart skipped a fucking beat.

Oh ! I’m gonna die. Is it too late to go back now?


Finally the receptionist asked me to go in. And as I stepped inside Oh my god. I saw his face and damn he was breathtaking handsome.

"Hello Ms...."

Ms.Brown I replied.

He asked me to sit and I did the same. I couldn’t control my emotions seeing his beautiful expressive eyes and black hair.

Oh he is so hot! Control your emotions young woman !

Reality hit in. He could be my future boss.

Reality can be a real bitch sometimes.

My thoughts were soon cut by him as he asked me about my qualifications and I replied to his question very confidently though I was all sweaty inside.

But thats’s okay . It’s hot in here.

He kept on asking questions and I answering them all.

"One last question Ms. Brown?
What makes you think you’re perfect for this job when there are other candidates who are actually experienced and not just a fresh graduate ?"

Ooh what a burn Soph! My inner thoughts raging.

Putting on a smile I answered , “ Sir I am perfect for this job Because I am not experienced. You can teach me the way you want your assistant to be . Other candidates would assist you like they used to with there other bosses . And I am sure Smith & Co. are different from every other company not only in the big apple but the States too”.

From his face I could make it that he was impressed but maybe I don't know .

Stop praising yourself Brown . I said to myself.

"Well I am impressed with your answer but you’ve to prove yourself in here and I would look forward for you to join the company as my executive assistant from tomorrow.
Must say I loved Your confidence Ms. Brown ."

I was delighted to a whole another level.

“Sure sir , thankyou so much”! I replied.

As I left the room my inner thoughts were resonating .

Are ruthless people known to praise ? I think he liked me ! May be we will fall in love as it happens in romcoms and novels.

Oh God Sophia not again ! My procrastinating self is back . I am such a loser. DUH !

I walked out of the building just to see It was drizzling outside and I didn’t have my umbrella so I hailed a cab. I usually enjoyed walking in the rain but I dont want to get sick and miss my first day tomorrow.
As I sat in the yellow cab I checked my phone and saw twenty missed calls from my best friend. Who apparently forgot to call me and wish me luck but that’s okay. I know she must have overslept as usual. I’ll facetime her when I get back to my apartment I thought to myself.

'Call you in twenty Emma' ,I messaged her.

He is handsome but he is a playboy. And your boss. And you can't jeopardize you job for a night of fun. Always keep that in mind Sophia.

Thank you♥️ for reading my book.

I'd love to hear about your views in the comments below.

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