SACRIFICE (Book Two: The London Crime King)

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Alexa’s visit surprised me tonight. From six o’clock this evening, stationed, omnipresent security sent updates via text message with her precise whereabouts and intoxication levels. According to the men, she’s rather fond of a rustic looking old dive bar in the vicinity of Heather’s bed-and-breakfast, often killing time inside those reggae-inspired four walls, alone and unidentifiable. However, the men hadn’t notified me of her departure, or the fact she skulked into Club 11 without forewarning.

When entering my office earlier, furious and unappeasable, courtesy of Brad’s tardiness, I found a beautiful woman throned behind my desk. Learning to channel festering acrimony is an impossible task for an unforgiving man like myself and, although Alexa’s the catalytic root to recent tempestuousness, one innocent glance from that woman and every angered, bitter feeling dissolves into nothingness. I forget all the reasons why I should hate her; I overlook our indefatigable arguments and stupid, impetuous mistakes.

Even though there’s no denying how much I love Alexa, tonight, when escorting her to The Grape and Vine, I prevaricated and obstructed her innocuous conversation. Her connection to Jace Williams left me in an equivocal and indeterminate position. My uncompromising, double-standard, pertinacious behaviour was paradoxically unjust. I had, in a sempiternal state of bereavement, welcomed the hands of coquettish women, on more than one occasion. If I wanted to speak candidly, against Alexa’s knowledge—ignorance is bliss because some things are better off not knowing—I cannot enumerate the times I bedded another, as womanising, granted unsatisfactory, habitually became a favourite pastime.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, knowing I am no longer the preponderant male in her life, but I love her too much to exorcise the characterised desire to kill Jace and lose her. I had to show leniency and make an exception—one free pass. If the cunt so much as looks at her the wrong way, castration will be the least of his problems.

I pass Alexa a furtive glance. Blinking back tears, she stares out the Bentley window, imperceptibly shaking her head, tapping the floor with on-the-warpath taps.

On the backseat, amber liquid saturates the hand-stitched leather, trickling and staining the Mulsanne’s cream carpet.

I touched my inflamed cheek, tracing fingernail indented grooves and sore, bloody cuts. She fights a mean game, I’ll give her that, but she’s putting my forbearance to the test.

The driver parked outside my apartment building and climbed out to open the door for us to exit. I stepped onto the pavement, hands in my trouser pockets, wondering if she’ll continue to push my buttons or walk without a fuss.

Alexa rose from the backseat, avoiding my eyes and traipsed behind me. Gripping the gilded handle, I opened the main door, passed through the regal burgundy and gold Victorian-style lobby with the subtle elegance of all-encompassing Italian marble, and held a brief conversation with Jen, the middle-aged receptionist, who prefers working the night shift to avoid restless clients and tenant demands.

Again, Alexa remained tight-mouthed, but her emitting jealousy escalated. I see the cogs rotating inside her head. She wants to ask a question, though, self-respect denies it. I could tell her Jen’s an irritating nut-job who’s more than likely admiring my woman’s legs, rather than my backside; however, Alexa’s possessiveness, in secret, pleased and galvanised me. Since finding out about her involvement with Jace, I can’t help but wonder if she’s torn between two men; call me senile, but I crave assurance.

Inside the elevator, I pressed the penthouse button and stared at the floor to evade her disparaging eyes in the mirror.

Doors separating with a resounding chime, I stormed ahead, paying no heed to security, keyed my front door, placed my phone, gun and wallet down and headed straight for the coffee table to roll a well-needed joint. “What I said...” I paused, hunting for an acceptable approach. “I was wrong, Alexa. It’s not an excuse, but I forget how much Bajramovic affected you...” Because, with me, you lowered those walls and dropped your guard.

From the first moment I pursued Alexa, even when timid and inexperienced, she participated, carnal and bold. With me, it came naturally, to let me pleasure her to the point of no return and vice versa. Sometimes, I overlook how far she’s come and the shadows she left behind.

“I trusted you, Liam,” she clipped, and I nodded. “My foolish- self let you fuck my mouth—”

“Don’t speak like that,” I fumed, swiping loose strands from my brow. “That wasn’t us, and you fucking know it.”

In the past, when a woman bowed to my command and talked filth in my ear, it turned me on, got my cock hard, ready. Alexa was different. Her innocence, a breath of fresh air that lured me in like a moth to a flame. Of course, I love it when she’s naughty. What man doesn’t appreciate their woman forward and demanding? I won’t tolerate self-disrespect. She’s worth more than vulgarism and a cheap fuck.

“I don’t believe you fell.” Collapsing on the sofa, I opened the coffee table drawer, tossed Rizla papers on the side.

Her grazed knees bothered me. It’s the aftermath of her afternoon with Jace, or something happened tonight under the supervision of my men that she’s not telling me.

I licked and sealed the joint, popped it between my lips and matched a flame. “Sit with me.”

Alexa passed me a crystal glass filled with Macallan, fixed her raised dress and sat with elegance on the coffee table. “How many women have you been with, Liam?”

As aforementioned prior, some things are better off unknown. “Does it matter?” Withholding truths isn’t for my benefit. Alexa will over analyse futile details and overemphasise the magnitude by convincing herself that she’s no different to the women of my past.

Her eyebrow arched. “We established once it’s more than fifty.”

I coughed into a tight fist, an uncommitted response.

“To be honest, I don’t want to know. Much like yourself with me, I hate the thought of you with someone else. But I am mature enough to digest there were others before me.”

She placed a comforting hand on my knee. “What I did with Jace is no different to how you behaved with those women, Liam. I had no plans of returning to my old life and, in a moment of weakness, I lost myself in the arms of another man.”

“It’s incomprehensible though, Alexa. You hated the closeness of males. I was the only man you let in.” I cupped her cheek, and she nestled her head to my palm, warmed by my fondness. “I fear that he means more to you than you care to admit.”

“It meant nothing,” she argued in a calm, restrained voice. “It was one night of meaningless sex...” Her uncertain eyes wavered, confirming any reservations I wrestled. “If anything, what I felt for you heightened. I realised how much of an effect you have on me, how the thought of loving another tore my heart.”

I breathed out a stream of smoke. “Help me understand.” Masking my irritable features, I urged myself to rein in abhorrence and gave her a chance to explain. “Why did you leave me that night?”

Alexa seemed to be at odds. “I was taken,” she explained, chewing her thumbnail. “One of Flamur’s men picked me up outside of Club 11 and knocked me into unconsciousness. I woke up in a foreign place, alone but practised. I knew what to expect and prepared myself for the worst.”

Practised, she said as if intrinsic to captivity and enslavement.

My blood simmered.

Flamur’s death was too easy, painful, but sudden. He warranted more than kidney failure and uncomfortable infections. It’s okay, though. Someday, it’ll be time for me to join him in those eternal fires of Hell. I’ll ensure he gets his comeuppance.

“Jace and Summer were kidnapped, too, but separated.” Her head nestled on my thigh. Imbued, I captured her neck, stroking fine hair strands aside. “Nobody hurt me, Liam. I promise you.”

Yet she’s lost a concerning amount of weight and models a permanent scar beneath her eye. “How did you escape Bajramovic and his men? Unscathed and intact, nonetheless.” It’s a trick question. Something about her story doesn’t sit with me.

“Jace, first and foremost, is a father, Liam. He raised Cain to find his daughter, helping me as an unpremeditated part of the action. As I am sure you are aware, Summer didn’t survive...” Yes, the daughter’s tragic story unsettled the streets of London. Nobody, not even merciless bastards like myself, condones the suffering of an innocent child. “Jace killed everyone, called the police and left the compound with his daughter’s dead body in arms.”

Instinct told me to probe. “And you?”

“Liam,” she whispered, hands touring my body, finishing at my chest. “I’m sorry.” Crawling onto my lap, she sat astride my legs, enveloping her arms around my neck. “I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions and disbelieving your grief. You told me, the night of your birthday, how much you loved me, and I ridiculed your pronouncement the second I chose to ignore you and run away. It’s unforgivable.”

I hate the sullen look in her eyes. “Don’t do that.” Leaning forward, I stub the joint in the ashtray, unclasped the blonde mass from her head and unravelled those wild, untamed curls that I love to run my fingers through. “There she is.” Holding her face, I thumbed faint mascara streaks from her cheeks, cataloguing her beautiful smile and those mesmerising hazel coloured eyes, the green speckles, enhanced from aloft lightning.

“I know that we’re miles apart,” she said, inching in to kiss me, “but I love you, Liam. I’ll only ever want...” Her gaze drifted past my head. Long, red-painted fingernails sank into the back of my neck, and I bit back a hiss. “Who the hell is that?”

Nonplussed, my eyebrows snapped together. I glimpsed over my shoulder, and sickening dread passed through me. On instinct, my hands gripped Alexa’s thighs, tight and unyielding, preventing her from leaping out of my arms and running away with more conclusions. “No, Alexa—” Bristling in disgust, she fought to climb onto her feet. “She’s no one.”

“Really?” she scoffed, pointing a condemning finger at Blaire. “She appeared from one of the bedrooms, Liam. I might not be the brightest spark on the block, but I am not dumb enough to believe that woman didn’t just roll out of bed.” I stood to my full height, picturing my hands around Blaire’s throat. “Don’t envision murdering her on my account. By all means, Liam, invite her over for a threesome—”

“Stop,” I growled, seizing her jaw, fingers digging into her hollow cheeks, “talking like that. It’s not you.” Her rounded, glassy eyes were the final knife to my heart. I’m going to lose this woman. “Blaire shouldn’t be here.” Infuriated, I glared at the girl. “Why aren’t you with Nate?”

“Nate promised if I behaved then you’d continue to let me live here.” I am going to skin the motherfucker alive. “I am sorry for interrupting you, Mr Warren. I had a nightmare, so I came to get a glass of water.” His insubordinate behaviour earned him full time babysitting duties. That prick can get his ass over her to deal with her. “May I proceed?”

“May she proceed?” Alexa barked out a laugh, dumbfounded by Blaire’s acquiescent tendencies. “Why is she addressing you like that, Liam? He’s not your master.” Her fierce eyes held many injurious promises. “Every guestroom offers en-suite bathrooms, Blaire. You had no reason to interrupt us.”

“Blaire,” I said in a tight voice, rubbing my tired, irritated features. “Get a drink and go back to your room.”

While the girl busied herself in the kitchen, I stood in an awkward state of silence. I prayed to whatever God that he felt pity for me, hoping Alexa didn’t ask questions.

How do I explain the night I roused to another woman in my bed? A woman who laid naked in my arms, kissing and touching, head descending to my aroused cock—the same woman, in my sleepy haze, I believed was Alexa. It’s not a lie, but I wouldn’t blame Alexa for disbelieving the absurdity of that occurrence.

Alexa’s vexation sharpened. “Well, isn’t she comfortable?”

I persisted in silence until Blaire locked her bedroom door. “Why does this keep happening to us? Every time I get you to myself, something or someone disturbs us. I want a few yours with you, Alexa. No bullshit. No drama. No unwanted visitors.” I reached for her hand, but she side-stepped. “Just us, baby.”

Tears sprang to her eyes. “I know...” I thought she’d try and leave, but once more, she surprised me this evening, unzipping the red dress and exposing herself to me.

I marvelled at her beauty, her slenderness and mile-long legs that I love to wrap around my waist when driving into her. Yes, she has scars and indisputably a few health problems to tackle, but to me, she’s perfectly flawless. “Do you still want me, baby?”

Swaying with alluring statuesqueness, Alexa ascended the few steps to the intersecting hallway, and like the lovesick fool that I am, I began undoing the buttons of my shirt, entrapped by those captivating eyes. “Mine,” I rasped, dipping my head to sink my teeth in that plump lower lip. “Yours.” Discarding the shirt to the floor, I fisted her hair and elongated her neck, tongue stroking from the base of her throat, stopping to taste Cîroc from her lips. “Always.” I fused our mouths, devouring her with a raw, desperate kiss. “Understand?”

I backed her up against the wall, knocking a pointless rose-scented potpourri dish off the sideboard, dispersing perfumed dried petals and spices across the floor.

“It’s going to take more than idle words to assuage me, Liam.”

I know what she needs. “I promise to love you—only you.” I meant every word. “No woman compares, Alexa.” Grabbing a handful of her ass, I lifted her into my arms, wrenching those long, slender legs around my waist. “All I ask in return is reciprocation.” Your love and loyalty, I thought, leaving open mouth kisses to her shoulder.

Pressing myself against her, I ground my hard length, painstakingly, desperate to be inside her, to remove all memories of Him and remind her that she belongs to me.

“Take me to bed, Liam,” she whispered, and I moved us from the wall, conveying her to the master bedroom. “Lock the door behind us.”

The second I closed the door, she claimed me, lips consuming mine, tongue lazily stroking inside my mouth. How I managed to lose the remainder of my clothes without dropping her is beyond me, but I achieved, stumbling to the king-sized bed, falling atop her awaiting body.

Beautifully naked, she stretched beneath me, thighs slackening, welcoming and accommodating. I wanted to worship her body, take my time, leave no part untouched, taste and ravish, but she had different plans, hands pulling my shoulders, urging me to expedite.

“Liam,” she moaned, and I muffled a chuckle, extending an arm to grab a spare phone from the bedside drawer. “Can’t that wait?”

Shrouded in darkness, I turned on the lamp, tapping a text message to Nate, ordering him to collect Blaire. As the girl, for a fathomless reason, spellbinds him, he can take accountability. I saved her from premature death or a life of sexual slavery, but it’s time to let go, concentrate on important matters like this exquisite woman in my arms. “I love you.” Chucking the phone on the floor, I crossed my arms and slid them underneath her head. “So fucking much.” It hurts, I thought, nibbling the shell of her ear. Never in my life have I felt such a strong, intense ache for a woman. If we survive the odds, I guarantee a satisfying denouement.

“You better, asshole,” she teased, neck adjusting to get comfortable on my forearms. “I’d hate to dismantle a vital muscle.” I snorted in the groove of her neck, and she slapped my backside. “What? Are you making fun of me again?”

“Alexa...” I lifted my hooded eyes, staring at her for longer than necessary. “A vital muscle?” I hummed, tracing her eyebrow with the pad of my finger. “Is that the best you could muster under pressure?”

Her arm extended between us, taking hold of my strained shaft. On a meticulous upstroke, she swept her thumb across my swollen crown, smearing pre-ejaculate along the underside. “I thought my recent vulgar irritated you?”

“Out there, before others, you behave accordingly to ensure inferiors have to crane their necks to regard such importance.” I slipped a wayward curl behind her ear. “Epitomise an amalgamation of elegance, beauty and polite courteousness, but the eyes,” I whispered, brushing my thumb over her lips, “contain all that’s precariously nefarious. With one sharp glance, you can bring the fainthearted to their knees.”

As always, when broaching a conversation with serious advice, Alexa listens, intent, absorbed and engrossed.

“If you fail to conduct yourself in a certain way, how will subservient subjects take you seriously?” I seized her throat with an iron grip, lowered my head and kissed the valley between her breasts.

“You cannot demand respect from those who stare you down, Alexa. Now,” I sucked the flatness of her navel, kissing the sting I put there, “when in the bedroom with me? No-holds-barred, baby.” Burying my head between her thighs, inhaling her sweet scent, I formed a suction on her delicate clit and suckled, watching her body arch from the mattress. “Understand?”

“Yes,” she said, breathless, propping onto her elbows to watch me pleasure her. “You better not stop.”

“Spread yourself,” I ordered, and she parted her legs, bearing herself for me. “Good girl.” I sucked her folds, separated them with my thumb and forefinger, flattening my tongue to her throbbing heat. Tasting glistening arousal from her sensitive flesh, I stroked and licked her cleft, increased the speed, worked her into a panting sweat, and then decreased the torture, bringing her to the euphoric edge.

Alexa’s head fell back on a moan, thighs trembling beside my head. “Liam,” she groaned, hips rocking, seeking more. “Please.” Dragging a finger between the crease of her sex, smearing lubricant onto her puckered hole, I witnessed her cheeks clench, preparing to evade. “What the Hell are you doing down there? Stay away from my backside, Liam. I don’t care how much I love you; I am not participating in any anal play.”

Fuck, I was only teasing, but now that she mentions it, I wouldn’t mind burying myself in that tight hole. “One day,” I said roughly, twisting my tongue around her swollen clit, “you are going to let me fuck you here,” I pressed the tip of my thumb at her forbidden entrance, “and you’ll enjoy it.”

“Highly doubtful,” she said, sounding both unsure and curious. “Are you an amateur, or experienced?”

I am no novice. In fact, Kathy Pearl was one of many who favoured anal sex.

When I returned my gaze to Alexa, the vulnerability in her searching eyes shamed me. I laid a kiss to her inner thigh, crawled over her body, cupped the back of her neck and stole a kiss, assuring her that I had no regrets or doubts regarding her—none whatsoever.

Kneeling between her opened thighs, I smoothed my palms along her arms, draping them around my neck. “If you aren’t interested in anal sex, then it’s not up for discussion. I am satisfied, Alexa. You,” I emphasised, “being here, with me, is more than enough.”

For a split second, she doubted me, but her frown receded, a contented smile taking its place. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

I growled, low and throaty. “How do you want me, baby?”

She bit her lower lip with a devious spark in her lust-filled eyes, splayed her hands on my chest and licked her way south. Curving her spine, hand applying faint pressure to my sac, she massaged and caressed my heavy cock. Eyes wide and glassy, capturing mine, she parted her lips and engulfed my length. I sucked in a harsh breath, body tightening, the cords of muscle in my arms flexing.

Leaning over her, I grasped a handful of her ass, squeezed, thrusting my hips, encouraging her to quicken the pace.

My jaw hardened, fingers bruising the rounded swell of her ass. “Killing me.” I was hard and hot in her hands, pre-cum leaking onto her tongue. Bounding her hair around my wrist, I tugged at the roots. “Stop.” I didn’t want to cum just yet. “Come to me.”

Alexa released my cock from her mouth, licked and savoured the taste of me from her lips. I yanked her legs, and her back fell to the mattress, a short-lived giggle rocking her chest until she discerned my serious expression. “Liam—”

My mouth stole hers, intoxicating and fiercely passionate. I positioned my arms on either side of her head, bracing my weight, caging her in my possession. Hips between her thighs, I stroked my cock, rubbed the engorged head along her wet lips. “Pass the condom.”

Alexa rummaged through the bedside drawer, went to pass me the foil packet.

“Roll it on,” I rasped, and she fumbled to sheath me. “Good girl.” Braced above her, I sank my teeth into her shoulder, lined myself up. In one, firm shove, I entered, stretching her to my wanting. A cold shiver danced along the length of my spine, body breaking out in goosebumps.

Curling her fingers around my military chain, she pulled me in, treasuring a long kiss as I began to move, meeting her unhurried thrusts.

Alexa mightn’t know it yet, but this is it for us. Her. Me. Our longevity. I, Liam Warren, fell in love. I hadn’t foreseen or anticipated this rare beauty, but now that I have her, I don’t know a life without her. She brings out the best in me, makes me a better man. Her unfaltering devotion, however mystifying, fills the hollowness in my chest, the acclimating emptiness as a consequence of continuous disappointment and subliminal neglect.

“Liam,” she breathed into my mouth, fingers tousling my hair, her spine anchoring. “Oh, God.”

Gripping her hips, pinning her down, I pushed deeper, cock hitting that oversensitive, aching G-spot, earning myself a stuttered moan.

A trickle of sweat dripped down my back, body building-up for release. I’d never let go until her pleasure, though. I prioritise her needs, her aches and desires.

I nipped her lower lip, jackhammering my hips, pounding into her tight cunt. “Fuck,” I rasped, giving her long, hard thrusts, filling her. “Baby.”

We interlaced our fingers, and I steadied our attached hands above her head. Closing my mouth around her taut nipple, twirling my tongue, I bite the peak, light but effective. I secured my hand to her wrists, keeping her arms raised, my other palm exploring her body, curving beneath her knee, opening her to me. Pressing down on her inner thigh, I amplified the speed and rode her fast.

Dragging in a shuddered breath, she clung to my shoulders, the heels of her feet pinching my backside, compelling me to fuck harsher.

I withered my grip, shoved my knees into the backs of her thighs, widening her for the taking, cock thrusting in-and-out of her tight cunt at a violent pace. “Fucking hell,” I growled, fingers matted in her sweat-slicked hair, mouth leaving sucked blemishes on her throat. “You’re making me cum.”

Alexa climaxed on a breathless whimper, body convulsing in my arms. I couldn’t handle the sight of her coming undone—it threw me over the edge. Shaft jerking as uncontrollable shudders tensed the muscles in my back, I groaned, fought to keep my eyes open, but it was impossible. My eyes shut on their own accord, semen emptying in three, penetrating spurts. “Alexa,” I panted in her ear, body weakening. “You have no idea.” No fucking idea how much I love you. “Christ, I think I died.”

She laughed into my mouth, sweeping loose hair strands off my forehead. “I concur.”

I brought her wrist to my mouth, pressed a soft kiss to her pulse. “You should sleep.” I didn’t want her to leave. She belongs here, in my bed, in my arms. I eased out, semi-hard cock slackening between us. Snapping off the condom, I soared to toss it down the toilet, returned to her side and dragged her boneless body into my hold. “Come here.”

Alexa waited until I settled, rolled onto her side and nuzzled her cheek to my chest.

Wrapping her in my embracement, I rested my chin on her head, listening for her breathing to even out.

“Liam, what you said earlier.” She tilted her head to look at me. “You’re the only person worthy of reverence. For you, I will demonstrate paramount respect and lead by example.” Draping a leg across my waistline, she straddled me, fixing the military tags on my chest. “I mightn’t crane myself for others, but I’ll break my neck to regard you.”

My heart faltered. I held her hips, smoothed a hand down her spine. “Have I mentioned that you are perfect?” She sucked her upper lip, refraining a satisfied smile. “Soon,” I continued, finger drawing an imaginary line down her chest, pausing at her navel, “once we fix this mess you are in, we are to show the streets of London what you’re made of. Understand?”

She held my wrist, kissed my palm and fingertips. Eyes crashing with mine, she sucked my pointed finger, slow, an erotic demonstration. “You better put your money where your mouth is, baby.” Taking the base of my cock, I jacked, slow and spine-tingling. “You woke me up.”

Alexa descended my body, her hand sheathing mine, helping me work my cock. “We should sleep, though.”

I cracked a wolfish smirk. “Don’t be a tease—” She sucked me into her mouth— “fuck,” I growled, grappling the sheets with white-knuckled urgency. “I changed my mind. Get up here and ride me.”

We aren’t sleeping tonight.

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