When bitter&sweet meet

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Betrayed by the two people she loved she decides to move away for a new beginning. She always did things by the book, never went wild in her life. After one night, one stupid drunk night, she met a stranger. She felt ashamed after one night stand, she was glad to never see him again. Until...

Romance / Drama
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°1•Beautiful day


I can't believe the day has finally comes. Here I am ready to get married to my beloved fiance. We've been together since high school. I know, cliché right? We've been friends first, me, Davis and Katy were inseparable. Back then, he already been friends with Katy. I got mixed with them right after I met them.

"You're so beautiful Tory, I can't believe you're getting married today. So tell me how does it feel to become Mrs.Davis Thompson?" Judy, my other bridesmaid ask me as she interrupted my thoughts.

I'm so happy she's here to help me prepare myself. I don't understand why Katy isn't here yet, she was the one who supposed to do so. It's the first time she's late since I know her.

"I'm so happy, I can't belive it." I answer her as I look at the clock above me. Oh boy, less than an hour, I will become Mrs.Davis Thompson. I can't believe it. I'm so nervous right now. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Then the door opens, finally she's here. "Katy, you're late and your not ready, but what's going on?" I ask her surprisingly.

"Yeah, I get right into that. I just have to do something first. I'll be back in a jiffy."

What, be back in a jiffy and what was that look she was giving me? I look at Judy and she have the same question on her face as I do.

The door opens again and I think it's Katy but I'm wrong, it's my mother. "Here you go honey, the glass of water you've asked me. I put a straw so you won't mess up your makeup."

"Thank you mother. I needed that." I drink all the water sipping in the straw.

"I just saw Katy go to see Davis, wasn't she supposed to be here helping you get ready?"

"That's weird, I'll go and see what's going on. In less then an hour, I'm getting married."

"Wait, if the groom see the bride before the wedding, is bad luck." My mother reminded me.

True, I didn't thought of that. "It's me and Davis, I'm sure we will be fine." I say as I step out of the room.

On my way over there I don't see anyone, they must be all seated while waiting for our wedding to begin. I can't believe I'm getting married today. Okay, focus on what matter for now and that is to find them and see what's going on.

Before I knock, I notice that the door isn't closed properly and before me I see Davis and Katy talking. I was about to ask them what's going on and why it can't wait after the wedding.

The unthinkable is happening before my eyes. They starts kissing, like it's something normal for them to do and they didn't even notices me looking at them.

"Da-Davis how could you?" I start to cry. "Katy, you're my best friend, how could you." I say panicking. Pathetic right?

Davis starts to advances towards me, I don't give him the chance to touch me as I step away from him. Katy doesn't says a single word to me as I look at her.

"I'm pregnant and Davis is the father and before you ask how long we started this, it's been two years already, okay? Now you know everything and he can finally leaves you so we can be together." She just realises what she said to me as I see her expression on her face changing and that's regret.

I can't breathe, I can't breathe, I leave the room hurriedly while having panic attack. I still manage to hear Davis and Katy try to catch up with me.

"There you are!" I see my father walks in front of me. "Tory, Tory?" He says my name with worry when he sees me panicking.

He don't wastes his time as he grabs my face between his hands. "Breathe darling, breathe. Look at me, look only me and breathe. That's it, nice and easy, breathe."

When my panic attack is over, I jump into my father arms and start to cry again. "Easy darling, what's going on, why are you so sad? It's your wedding day." When he says the last part, I cry harder than before.

"Davis, do you know what's wrong with my daughter?"

"The wedding is off, that's what going on." I finally manage to say, before Davis can say a single word.

"Tory." Davis try.

"Don't speaks to me, you broke my heart, you both did." I say to Davis without looking at him. "Daddy, can you please go and announce to the guests that it won't be a wedding today. I, I can't deal with this right now. I'll explain later to you and mom."

"What did you do to my daughter?" I manage to stop my father before he go to him and demands some answers. Then, he understand when he sees Katy go to Davis instead of me and the way she look at him with love and concern in her eyes.

"Guys, what are you doing here? The wedding is about to starts." My mother comes to us as Judy follows close by.

"Rose, there will be no wedding today. I'll explain everything to you when we're back home." As he says this he isn't looking at my mother but at the two people that he's disappointed with and then I see his expression changes.

He smiles, he smiles in a moment like this. I think surprisingly.

"Change of plans, we are going to go now. Let Davis and Katy to explains the situation to the guests. You owes at least that to my daughter."

"Is it okay for me to go back home with you guys?" I don't have the strength yet to go to the apartment that I share with him. Judy can you please grabs my things that I left here and brings them back to my perant house?" I ask her. Please say yes, say yes. Please, please.

"Of course, don't worry about it." I'm revealed to hear her say that.

"Tory?" Now, it's Katy who's trying to talks to me.

A couple of things is happening in my head right now. The most accurate is that I want to punch her face and I'm not a violent person and beside I would never do that to a pregnant lady. Her a lady, yeah right! Was she a lady when she slept with him all this time. Two years, two years and I didn't see it coming. Like I said earlier, I'm pathetic.

" Don't says my name like we're friends, we aren't friends anymore. A real friend would have never done what you did. You slept with Davis for two years and then got pregnant." I say to her as I look at her belly, where their baby is growing.

I can't hate the baby, he or she never done anything to me. He's innocent in this story, just like me. "I hope you have a healthy baby." I don't say more and leave them with that.

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