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When bitter&sweet meet

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Betrayed by the two people she loved., she decides to move away for a new beginning. She always did things by the book and never went wild in her life. After one night, one stupid drunk night, she met a stranger. She felt ashamed after a one-night stand. She was glad never to see him again. Until...

Romance / Drama
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°1•Beautiful day


I can’t believe the day has finally come. Here I am, ready to get married to my beloved fiance. We’ve been together since high school. I know, cliche, right? We’ve been friends first. Davis, Katy, and I were inseparable. We still are. Back then, he was already friends with Katy. I got mixed with them right after I met them.

“You’re so beautiful, Tory. I can’t believe you’re getting married today. So tell me, how does it feel to become Mrs. Davis Thompson?” Judy, my other bridesmaid, asks me as she interrupts my thoughts.

I’m so happy she’s here to help me prepare myself. I don’t understand why Katy isn’t here yet. She was the one who was supposed to do so. It’s the first time she’s been late since I met her.

“I’m so happy. I can’t believe it,” I answer as I look at the clock above me.

Oh boy, in less than an hour, I will become Mrs. Davis Thompson. I can’t believe it. I’m so nervous right now.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

The door opens. Finally, she’s here. "Katy, you’re late, and you’re not ready, but what’s going on?” My eyes widen as I look at my best friend.

“Yeah, I get right into that. I have to do something first. I’ll be back right back.”

What, she’ll be right back? I frown. What was that look she was giving me? I look at Judy, and she has the same expression on her face as I do.

The door opens again. I think it’s Katy, but I’m wrong. It’s only my mother. “Here you go, honey. The glass of water you’ve asked me for. I put a straw so you won’t mess up your makeup.”

“Thank you, mother. I needed that.” I drink all the water, sipping on the straw.

“I just saw Katy go to see Davis, wasn’t she supposed to be here helping you get ready?” My mother informs me.

“That’s weird. I’ll go and see what’s going on. In less than an hour, I’m getting married.”

“Wait. If the groom sees the bride before the wedding, it’s bad luck.” My mother reminds me.

That’s true. I didn’t think of that.

“It’s Davis and me. I’m sure we will be fine,” I say as I step out of the room.

On my way over there, I don’t see anyone. They must be all seated while waiting for our wedding to begin. I can’t believe I’m getting married today. Okay, focus on what matters for now, and that’s to find them and see what’s going on.

Before I knock, I notice that the door isn’t closed correctly. Before me, I see Davis and Katy talking. I’m about to ask them what’s going on and why they can’t wait until after the wedding.

The unthinkable happens before my eyes. They kiss straight on the lips as if it’s normal for them. They didn’t even notice me looking at them.

“Da-Davis, how could you?” Tears fell down my cheeks. “Katy, you’re my best friend. How could you?” I raise my voice so loud it can wake the dead.

Pathetic, right?

Davis starts to advance toward me. I don’t allow him to touch me as I step away from him. Katy doesn't say a single word while I look at her.

“I’m pregnant, and Davis is the father, and before you ask, how long since we started this? It’s been two years already, okay? Now you know everything, and he can finally leave you so we can be together.” She realizes what she said to me as I see the expression on her face change, and that’s regret.

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. I flee the room while having a panic attack. I hear Davis calling my name while Katy tries to catch up with me.

“There you are!” I see my father walk toward me. “Tory! Tory?” He says my name with worry when he sees my condition.

He doesn’t waste time as he takes my face between his big hands. “Breath, darling, breathe. Look at me. Look only at me, and breathe. That’s it, nice and easy, breathe.”

When my panic attack is over, I don’t wait; I jump into my father’s arms. I can’t help myself from crying. “Easy darling, what’s going on? Why are you so sad? It’s your wedding day.” When he says the last part, I can’t stop the tears.

“Davis, do you know what’s wrong with my daughter?”

“The wedding is off! That’s what's going on.” I finally manage to say it before Davis can display a single word.

“Tory.” Davis tries.

“Don’t speak to me. You broke my heart. You both did,” I say to Davis without looking at him. “Daddy, can you please announce to the guests that it won’t be a wedding today? I… I can’t deal with this right now. I’ll explain later to you and mom.”

“What did you do to my daughter?” I manage to stop my father before he goes to Davis and demands some answers. Then, he understands when he sees Katy go to Davis instead of me and the way she looks at him with love and concern in her eyes.

“Guys, what are you doing here? The wedding is about to start.” My mother comes to us as Judy follows close by.

“Rose, there will be no wedding today. I’ll explain everything to you when we’re back home.” As he says this, he isn’t looking at my mother. But at the two people, he’s disappointed with, and then I see his expression change.

I arch my brows. He smiles. My father smiles in a moment like this.

“Change of plans, we are going to go now. Let Davis and Katy explain the situation to the guests.” My father pins his eyes on Davis. “You owe at least that to my daughter.”

I grab my father’s arms as if my life depends on it. “Is it okay for me to go back home with you guys?”

“Of course, you can. You don’t need to ask.” My father kisses my forehead.

I inhale deeply, hearing my father’s words. I don’t have the strength yet to go to the apartment I share with Davis.

“Judy, can you please grab the things I left here and bring them back to my parent's house?” I ask her.

Please say yes. Say yes, please. Please.

She nods her head. “Of course. Don’t worry about it.”

I sigh with relief to hear her say that.

“Tory?” Katy tries to talk to me.

A couple of things are happening in my head. The most accurate is that I want to punch her square in the face. I’m not a violent person. I think that says a lot. Besides, I would never hit a pregnant lady. Her a lady, yeah, right! Was she a lady when she slept with Davis all this time behind my back? Two years, two years, and I didn’t see it coming. Like I said earlier, I’m pathetic.

“Don’t say my name like we’re friends.” I snap at her. “We aren’t friends anymore. A real friend would have never done what you did. You slept with Davis for two years and then got pregnant.” I say to her as I look at her belly, where their baby is growing.

I can’t hate the baby. He did nothing to me. He’s innocent in this story, just like me. “I hope you have a healthy baby.” I don’t say more and leave with my parents.
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