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Love is a powerful force that sometimes pulls out the monster within us...especially when our love doesn't love us back.

Romance / Thriller
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@Bukimina_sutoka P.O.V

She walked down the hall every day, books clenched, head down. She never ever talks to anyone. “Freak” “fake” “hoe” the students mock her, afraid of what they don’t understand. She moved here from some small town. She never talks so that was the most anyone got out of her. She sits in front of her computer 24/7 doing lord knows what. While everyone thinks she is this “freak” I find her absolutely beautiful.

The way her smile shines and her eyes deep and blue just like the depths of the ocean. Her hair is silky and her voice soft and smooth. Shy and soft like a marshmallow. She lives down the street in the small blue cottage house with the tandoor and yellow Toyota parked in the driveway. She wears the same dark blue hoodie and a simple pair of jeans every day. Her hair up in a ponytail with a yellow headband and orange hair tie on her wrist “just in case.” She puts on her circular frame glasses with just the right amount of rosy pink blush on her cheekbones and tip of her nose.

I have tried countless times to show her my true feelings but she always runs away. They say she’s just soulless, lifeless. I think she’s bright and happy they just don’t see the side of her I do. She dances around her room music blaring singing the most beautiful song. Although at school she’s a lifeless soulless beast. She’s a completely different person. She goes by @SoUlLeSs-_- online I guess what people say has finally gotten to her.

I’ve been watching her for a bit and she never blends in no matter how much she tries. I try to reach out to her but she never sees me. I’m trying to make her see me. Why won’t she see me?? I message her on twitch while she’s streaming. “Hey cutie” she looked at the message and didn’t respond why won’t she respond. I’m extremely sick and tired of being ignored by the one person I want to see me. Just see me. I log off, that’s enough for tonight. I go and watch her stream.

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